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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

iPhone On Crack

Look what my boss showed me today, her new iPhone got ran over!!!! It was a sad sad day…hopefully she will get it repaired, but I don’t know I think it’s a
gonner :(.


On to happier news I had a super delicious and satisfying lunch! A Veggie Burger with AVACADO!!! I also added one laughing cow light cheese and some spinach.

Picture 104

With some Costco Kiwi + .50 cent Cantaloupe I got at Fresh and Easy.  

Picture 105

All together…I also had a TLC PB Bar for dessert(this flavor is not my favorite). 

Picture 103

After work I headed straight home, my first FREE night in forever!!!! I planned on catching up on some Athletic Director work, but I got side tracked and ended up playing all night!

When I walked in I noticed a package on the kitchen counter, I LOVE MAIL! I opened it up right away, kind of like a kid at Christmas :). I was contacted a while back about trying out this wonderful electric toothbrush, of course I said yes! My teeth are going to love me!

Picture 106

I love that this toothbrush from waterpik tooth brush has a timer!  Two minutes or 30 second intervals for each quadrant of your mouth, I am a little OCD about my pearly whites.

Picture 107

Then it was on to dinner. I had a small glass of my favorite bottle of wine while I worked up a sweat in the kitchen. 

Picture 108

I decided to try these fresh picked banana peppers from our garden in our dinner tonight. I normally have banana peppers pickled, so I was a little worried about the spice, but it was perfect!

Picture 109

I chopped them up and threw them in my stir-fry along with:

  • baby spinach
  • 1 cup chopped firm tofu
  • frozen peas
  • carrots
  • snap peas
  • green beans
  • 1 tbsp of peanut oil
  • 1 tbsp of tamari sauce
  • and a dash of slat and pepper

Picture 110

I laid my stir-fry on a bed of sticky brown rice :). 

Picture 114

I swear this has to be the CHEAPEST healthy dinner EVER! 

Picture 111

After dinner Hubby and I decided to rearrange our living room. Recently I was asked the question is your home your sanctuary, where you find peace and relaxation? I had to think hard about this question and really lately I would have to say NO. Sadly I think it is because when I am at home I am cleaning, or working and not enjoying time of rest. I find peace when I am away!

So Hubby and I decided to move a couple of things around in hopes to make our home more inviting and relaxing. We really didn’t change too many things, but we moved some lighting around and brought our book case to the front of the living room, because reading brings me peace.

Picture 124 

So, is your home your sanctuary, where you find peace and relaxation?

Alright folks time to call it a night, I have HILL REPEATS in the morning!!!


theskinnyplate said...

Thank is one sad looking iphone. Hope it gets fixed.

Lauren said...

I am totally diggin the Kashi Pumpkin Pie flavor of bars right now. It's the best "dessert" bar I could imagine.

I love the living room arrangement. It looks so fueng shey and totally relaxing.

Glad you got to finally enjoy a FREE night and it sounds like it was much needed and well deserved.

Take care hun!

Matt said...

I think that iPhone is toast.

My apartment is my sanctuary actually. It is a place where I feel relaxed, safe, and at home.

marathonmaiden said...

ouch that iphone looks like it's in pain.

and peanut peanut butter is my fav "flavor"!

and my dorm room is totally my sanctuary, and the physics room in the science center. yup i'm a dork like that :)

seesaraheat said...

haha, I had a veggie burger with avocado for lunch yesterday too! Great minds think alike ;-)

I'm trying to make my home my sanctuary. Slowly but surely I have done some reorganizing projects which makes things seem more organized and easier to find :) I may have to think about rerranging some furniture now hmm...

Mica said...

Mmm, I really like banana peppers! I'm glad to hear that they aren't too spicy when raw.

Mrs. LC said...

That tofu looks great - it looks like it came from a restaurant!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Oh no! How did that happen?! Poor iPhone :(

We have the same coffee table! And I love your couch!

Megan @ Megzz Wins At Life said...

Poor Iphone!!! Love that you have a free night! You deserve it!

Lindsay said...

Poor phone!

Your living room looks so comfortable and inviting.

My apartment is my sanctuary. It's where I feel most comfortable and able to really relax.

RunToFinish said...

my home is my favorite place to be, I love it.

wonder if I can grow veggies on my new balacony..wouldn't that be cool!

fusionjaz said...

On the iPhone, I see that and feel her (hundreds of dollars of) pain.

Please tell your boss she might be able to claim it through her renter's insurance (if she has one. Not sure about homeowners but she can check).

Another option is to call iPhone Tech Support 800-694-7466 for alternatives. If she has the Apple iPhone Warranty service. That may help save her poor iPhone. Seems much too expensive to just write it off as a loss.

iPhone Warranty Info:

Taylor said...

OH NO!!! That is awful. I couldn't imagine if that happened to me!

Amy said...

That phone is sad!!

2 questions for you- what is your favorite veggie burger? And what's your favorite brown sticky rice?


just me said...

i got an offer from them too but i'm using the water jet thing...i can't wait to hear your review on your choice though!