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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kinda Like Sushi

Morning friends, sorry I was MIA last night I was one busy girl.

Yesterday's lunch was a new favorite, I made a WW Flat Out Wrap with a little brown sticky rice. Adding the sticky rice made me feel like I was eating sushi ;).


I also had some cantaloupe (probably the last one I will have for a while) and a piece of a chocolate chip cookie.

Yesterday I busted out my new product, “Funky Monkey” at lunch, to try with all my co-workers.


I thought it was a little different tasting, because I have never had FREEZE-DRIED fruit. It reminded most of us of pineapple lifesavers, with a hint of lime. The texture takes time to get used to as well. One of my co-workers said it reminded  her of cup of cup of noodle soup, the freeze dried veggies on top..LOL. I am not sure I would eve purchase this product on my own but I think that it would be great for hiking and camping!

After work yesterday I headed to x-country practice with the kiddos. We hit the track(indoor) and did 10x200’s. We warmed up for 10 minutes, stretched and then did ten 200’s slow and 10 200’s fast. We also cooled down for ten minuets as well. They said that they like our speed days, it mixes things up. So true, I love and hate speed training but I know it will make them all better runners!

Last night I also got to watch the first night of TBL with my girlfriends + we ate THAI Food, couldn’t have been a better evening!


I slept terrible last night, and didn’t get up to run with fast Jill!!! I can’t believe I slept through my alarm. I did manage to make a wonderful green monster this morning.

Picture 102

Ok this post is getting long, and I have about 10 minutes to get ready for work+pack my lunch!!!!! Hope you all have a happy HUMPDAY!!! Tonight is my first evening free, I can’t wait to catch up on life :).

What is you favorite free time activity?!

Right now I am having a lot of fun playing Rock Band with the Hubby!


buffmuffy said...

oh wow that looks like an awesome wrap! i bet it would have tasted amazing in a nori roll just like sushi too!
love the cookie part on the side too :)
the freeze dried fruit sounds weird. lol.
my fave free time activity... probably relaxing right now but when I'm not constantly busy it would definitely be being outside doing anything.

Lacey Nicole said...

TBL is baaaaaaaack! so exciting.

sorry you didn't sleep well :( hopefully you can catch up soon. i'm still in awe about your 5k!!!!! do you have any other races coming up this fall?

Samantha said...

OMG the Biggest Loser is my favorite show ever! It is very motivating for me since I am also on a weight loss journey. Sometimes your body just wants you to sleep and I know you will make it up later. Favorite relaxing thing is reading with a glass of wine....heaven!

Lindsay said...

The freeze dried fruit sounds sort of strange, although I do love pineapple lifesavers! I'm so glad TBL is back! My favorite free time activity is playing with my dogs and spending time with my hubby.

matt said...

Favorite free time activity = running ;)

Leianna said...

Love your flat-out sushi wraps, yummo!
Never had freeze dried fruit either, sounds good though!

Jessica said...

Love the flat out/sticky rice idea! Jillian was wild last night. Love her! My favorite free time activity is spending time with my hubby. :)
Great blog!

Devan Geselle. N said...

Free time activity??
working out.. hah. or shopping :)

RunToFinish said...

what a great night, coaching and time with friends!! I really envy how you manage to balance it all and just enjoy your life. If I can just get my job to slow down I feel like tha tmight be possible again

angieinatlanta said...

How fun to watch BL with your friends! I love that show but my girlfriends aren't quite as obsessed as I am. It was just me, Jillian, and Twitter last night!

Kristin (Kristin's Nibbles) said...

Yum, Thai food! I love to read in my free time, or watch one of my fave shows... like Top Chef!


Niki said...

My favorite free time activity now is wedding planning!

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I feel like school has stolen all free time :-( But if I ever get some I plan on going back to old school video games for some childhood blast from the past

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

I'm a nerd and love to read in my free time! I love books!


You all have some fun activities!!!

Lacey Nicole- I have a sprint-tri coming up in october, 10k in November and full marathon in Santa Barbra in December:)

Jules said...

Free time? What's that? Haha!

Let's see, when I do manage to find a few minutes to myself, I enjoy catching up on my blog reading and book reading.

Kathleen said...

Your wrap looks yummy!

In my free time, I love to read. I grab my books, tea and a good spot and could read alllll day!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Reading is definitely my favorite free time activity.

carascravings said...

Some of my fav. free time activities are playing "Settler of Catan," which is a great board game, if you haven't heard of it.
Love to make pina coladas with my hubbie and snuggle up with a good flick.
And I also adore baking!