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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing

I woke up to SheDaisy this morning and it made my day!

Love these chorus:

Life is funny, life's a mess
Sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing
Don't worry 'bout a thing, don't worry 'bout it
Life gets sticky, life can bruise
Sometimes you win sometimes your losing

No matter what it brings
Don't worry 'bout a thing

This is sooooooo true, your circumstances shouldn’t determine your attitude!

This morning I had x-country practice with the kiddos and they all loved the HILL REPEATS! I am not sure if that's a good thing?! LOL…I guess I am glad they think that practice is fun, I know they work very hard.

For breaky I made a quick bowl of cereal with BB’s and a Nanner.

Picture 128

Along with a piece of Sheepherders Bread that our neighbor brought home for us, from my favorite bakery in Bishop CA,  Erick Schat’s. I covered it in PB and Honey of course.

Picture 129

Picture 130

Time to head out to work!! Another busy evening planned, teaching kickboxing and our Thursday night group :).

Question: What’s your favorite kind of bread?


Matt said...

I think my favorite kinf of bread is a thick, grainy bagel spread with peanut butter and banana. Or with an egg and cheese!

Leianna said...

Ezekial bread with some almond butter and grapefruit juice for breakfast, my fave combo!

Mandy said...

I love Shedaisy! I work in Nashville in the music industry and heard they're finally recording again... can't wait to hear new stuff :)

My favorite bread... really, any kind of cinnamon raisin bread! I LOVE Ezekiel's cinnamon raisin english muffins... chewy and so good slathered with some AB or PB :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that song! Just like Jason Mraz and "dont worry your life away..." Such a good message :)

Niki said...

I love SheDaisy!! I love all bread! Haha

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I love a bread with sunflower seeds baked in. The best I ever had was sunflower seed bread from the Dakoba Farmers' Market in Georgia

kristin (Kristin's Nibbles) said...

I love banana bread or 7-grain honey bread!!


Lisa said...

I used to get the best zucchini bread from the Farmers Market in Ithaca, NY. Sadly I haven't had it in years.

Dawn (HealthySDLiving) said...

I have a Flax and Omega-3 bread at home that's SO delicious I don't even feel like I need to put anything on it!
Sounds like a great song to wake up to!

just me said...

OHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD!!! You got SCHATS SHEEPHERDERS BREAD!!!! I'm sooooo jealous! Every summer when i used to go up to Mammoth we would seriously go through like, 5 loaves in a week, and then bring home more than we could count!!!!!

Always Running said...

just voted for you for a Foodbuzz award because i love reading your blog :)

Steph said...

Oh I love Schat's Bakery! I've been there so many times. We always stop in when we go to Bishiop or when we're on our way to Mammoth. My brother ate a whole loaf of the cheese bread from there in 1 day!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

I love love love that song! One of my faves.

Anonymous said...

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