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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bittersweet Potluck

Today my work was so sweet and threw all of us ladies that will not be returning next year a potluck lunch! I love the banner!


I felt so loved! Everyone brought plenty of veggies and healthy/not so healthy choices to choose from.


I brought my lunch so I had a large salad and chose a few small bites of things that I couldn’t resist!


Like the veggie enchiladas(which I will be making tomorrow), veggie chili, broccoli casserole, and laughing cow cheese!


My boss was so sweet, she wrote me a beautiful card and gave me a Sports Chalet Gift Card!!!  They even got us a cake, I am not a cake fan so I had a little brownie and fudge instead.

It was a cute cake:)



What a fun day, I am going to miss all of these beautiful ladies and I can’t wait to come and visit this summer so I can see some of my students.

After work, I had to run an errand for the Hubby and had one of my favorite Clif Bars, Carrot Cake!


I will not have dinner until late because I have a Pilate class at 6pm and another 3 mile run at 6:30 with the Boot camp ladies! Have you ever done two runs in a day? I know a lot of runners do this so they can get in their miles, but I think this is the first time I have ever done it!

Tonight is Date Night, and because I won’t get done until late Hubby and I are going to grab some dinner(Subway) and sneak it into the theater to go see “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3,” has anyone seen it? I love Denzel Washington!!

Last, but not least a Squat,Abs,and Pushup Challenge Update!

How are you all doing with the challenge??? I am pretty sore after Monday’s pushups and squats but not so much in my abs:( I am going to do my set right now before I go to Pilates! I hope that I get an awesome core workout tonight, and Skinny Bride is coming I am excited!

Stay tuned for tonight’s movie review and Date Night recap!


Niki said...

I haven't done 2 runs in one day but have been thinking about it!! Can't wait to hear the movie review! I've really been wanting to see that movie!

Anonymous said...

i want to see that movie too! i've done two runs in a day before, but i use the morning one as a way to wake up for a harder session in the pm. and my arms are sore from the pushups too, but i can't lie, i love it!

RunToFinish said...

awww what a wonderful banner! i love it when people take time for those things.

back when i never raced I just ran a lot I did 50 miles a week by doing lots of two a days, I enjoyed it at the time

Brandi said...

what a great potluck! that banner is so pretty.

i haven't seen the movie, but it looks crazy!

Matt said...

I've done a few doubles, but they are usually both easy runs. Sometimes the second one is tough and I am pretty stiff but it's still a great way to get miles in.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

awww that's so sweet they had a party for you ladies! Look at all the great eats! And what a great looking cake!

I don't think I have ever run twice in one day but I would totally be up for it :-)

Have fun with date night!!

Lauren said...

*Tear* this post made me bitter-sweet sad. What a great group of people that you work with. It seems that they will truly miss you and are sad to see you go.

It's so hard leaving the comfort of the familiar, but great things are in store when you take a leap of faith.

Hope you and your hubby have an awesome date night!

Pearl said...

congrats on your new job!

Croughwell said...

I am on week 4 on the pushup and it is gettin hard. This is my second week on week 4. I only do the middle column. I did 5 sets of 60 situps.

Alison said...

I'm on week 4 of push-ups and sit-ups. Sit-ups still aren't too challenging. But the push-ups are getting really hard. I keep kicking myself for being able to do so many in the initial test. But I can still do them all.

Anonymous said...

2 runs and pilates in one day? Wow!

Anonymous said...

The spread looks wonderful. The sign they made is so pretty.

Jessica said...

I haven't done two runs in one day yet but then I'm still a novice runner!

That banner is so pretty and I can't wait to hear about your date night! :)

Fitzalan said...

I used to do 2 runs a day a lot. When I am training for a half or a marathon, this always seemed the best for me. I would do shorter run--4 miler in the morning and then hit up the track for speed work in the evening.

My legs, especially my hamstrings, hated me the next day! But after awhile your body does begin to adjust.

One warning (at least for me)---2 a days can get addicting. Once you do them enough, I would mentally begin to think 1 workout a day wasn't enough.

I am 1 day behind in the challenge, so that means I need to do 2 days in a row. I must just make it a priority!

Happiness Awaits

Rose said...

Aw, how bittersweet... looks like a nice time!

Natalie M. said...

I'm really sucking at the challenge as of late! I just don't have the time since I'm in the process of moving and packing up stuff.. arrrrgghh! Once I move out of my apartment next week I believe I will be able to step it up in the challenge significantly. I'm not giving up.