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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Last Day & A Movie Review

Today is my last day at my job. I am sad to say goodbye, but excited for what the future holds. Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement!

Last night I had a wonderful Pilates class and a 3 mile run. This was my first time doing two runs in a day and it actually wasn’t that bad. My legs actually felt a lot more warmed up. If you do two runs in a day does that really help you build mileage? I would think that you would have to do all the miles at once in order to train for a marathon, but I know people cut their runs in half to get the mileage in. I must do some research on this.

After the run went out for Date Night. Hubby and I never go to the movies for two reasons. First reason it is expensive!!! It cost $11 dollars a person, so for the two if us I could get a whole new outfit!!! Recently one of my students gave me two free movie passes, and there was a movie Hubby and I actually wanted to see. The second reason we never go to the movies is because my Hubby has some major ADHD and it’s hard for him to be in a room sitting still and not doing anything else.


We got two tickets to see The Taking of Pelham 123. I was excited about seeing this movie because I am a big Denzel Washington and John Travolta fan. I loved John in Face Off, and I loved Denzel in EVERYTHING!


Hubby and I were little rebels and snuck in dinner. We brought Subway, and I had a foot long veggie, I was a hungry monster!


So I will keep my thoughts on the movie short and sweet because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. Overall I thought it was a pretty good movie, slow at the beginning but then it got more intense and interesting. I think all the acting was good, but it has A LOT of the “F” word!!! I can handle a little cussing here and there but this was another language in the movie. I think this would be a good movie to take the Dad’s to on Father’s Day!

This morning I am bringing the ingredients to make Green Monsters for some ladies at work.So I had two pieces of toast with PB to hold me over.

food 357

I have tomorrow off and only a half day today, and I am going out with the ladies for Thai food! I am already making my checklist for what I will be doing on Friday, shopping with all my gift cards is on the list for sure!

On the Agenda

  • Work 8-12
  • Out to Lunch(I never eat out for lunch)
  • Take Little Bro to get his drivers license!
  • Make Veggie Enchiladas
  • Pot Luck/Pool Party with the Thursday night group!
  • Get ready for Bootcamp tomorrow!

Have a thoughtful and thankful Thursday! Never Give up!

P.S. I failed at the first day of giving up coffee, I am actually rethinking it all together!!!


Jessica said...

I love the idea of bringing Subway to a movie!

Have you posted the recipe for your veggie enchiladas before?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and am starting my own. Hopefully it keeps peoples attention enough to keep comming back.

I totally agree w/ the movie date thing. For us, it would be $10/ticket ($20), plus my guy MUST have popcorn ($5), TWO types of candy ($10), and a drink ($5). That's almost my grocery budget for the week! Not to mention, I don't generally eat the candy or popcorn lol

Jenny said...

i just saw that movie and definitely agree - it was good but a little F-bomb overload for sure!

Have a great last day of work =)!

Amy said...

Hi Bobbi - I asked my runner BF about the mileage thing. He said that cutting your runs in a great way to get mileage in. That said, you still have to do long runs. But it does sound like it would be a great addition to your training! Plus it makes you sound very hard core :)

Janie said...

OMGOSH coffee is a great way to start the day it's just so relaxing! Nothing like a great book and a great cup of coffee!!!

Have a great day!!!

Niki said...

Glad you liked the movie!! Can't wait to see it!

Fitzalan said...

I love that you snuck in dinner!! I always want to do this but my husband is mortified by the suggestion. He says there is no way I could be quiet enough as to not disturb other movie goers. He is probably correct. And I would have no change of getting out of there without spilling food on myself!

Happiness Awaits

Heather said...

The new Runner's World has an article about running twice a day. It can probably be found on their website as well:)

Pearl said...

glad to hear that you liked the movie. have you seen Up? It's SOOOO cute!

Leila said...

thanks for the movie review, I definitely love everything Denzel is in too!

p.s. you didn't fail at the no coffee, you simply did differently :)

Have a great last day!

Girl on Top said...

I saw the trailer for that movie. Glad it turned out great!

Amanda said...

Check out the latest Runner's World! Definitely just read an article about this!!

Anonymous said...

you rebel bringing in your own food haha i do it too shhhhh;) i think that 2-a-days are good as long as you still keep the long run in one fell swoop.

Natalie M. said...

1st.. congrats on the new job Bobbi! I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor.

2nd.. a little fun fact.. was walking down central park west about a year ago.. walked past trump's hotel across from the time warner center and ran smack dab into Denzel Washington wearing a yankees jacket and baseball hat. I laughed and said "dude you rock!" he smiled and said thank you. 2 days later my mom calls me to say.. guess who I just met? I say who.. she says Denzel Washington. I say WHAT? she's like yep.. him AND john travolta.. (apparently they were filming scenes from the movie in front of my parents apartment building)... my mom met the both of them and took pictures. Talk about six degrees of separation! My mom went to see the film on Saturday her verdict? "eh the original was better.. but Denzel was still gorgeous!" LOL

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

You're so sweet! :-)
It is bittersweet to leave a job but following your dreams is so important and I think it's amazing!

I want to see that movie as well.

I am curious about the splitting up of running to train. I think I've read before it's not the same as running longer distances at once.

If you get a sec Bobbi, check out my giveaway :-)

Terecita said...

Hey! Those are the movie passes I get for $6.50. You should really think about those passes since you like to watch movies!

I, too, loved John in Face Off and Denzel in everything!

I hope your brother does well on his driver's test!

Glad you are thankful for what you have. God blesses us in abundance and we don't always remember that!

Tammy said...

We love to sneak Chipolte in! :)

Pandesaldreamer said...

Poppin' in as I found your blog through another blogger, Maritza. You seriously make me want to eat more veggies and fruit. For reals, girl. I am craving them big time because of your blog and that's a good thing!

Glad that you had a great night @ the movies with your Subway sandwiches.

eatingtolivelovelaughtri said...

I think giving up coffee is definitely overrated! : )

Julia said...

Leaving a job for a new one is always bittersweet, but I am super excited for you to start your new career!
It's funny you mention watching Pelham 123 on father's day, because my dad actually grew up in Pelham! (but he's halfway around the world now, so can't watch the movie with him)
When I lived in Tokyo, my friends and I would take bento boxes to the movies and have lunch! haha

Brandi said...

enjoy your last day! what a fun date night! I can't stand movies with a lot of cussing either. a little is fine, but it just gets the point where I don't want to listen anymore.

Jeri said...

I'm just like your hubby when it comes to movie watching, which sucks b/c my bf loooooves movies. Serious ADHD. We compromise by renting them for free from the library, and he tries to hide his annoyance for my 12 bathroom breaks and 3 kitchen trips where I pause the movie. Hah.

Nobel4Lit said...

I'm like your hubs in the ADHD department, which is why we don't do movies very often, either.

Matt said...

Haha that reminds me of high school when me and my friend used to sneak Burger King into the movies. We stunk up the theatre!