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Friday, October 10, 2008

Some R & R

Friday is here, and I am so excited because I need this weekend to recover from the madness of the week! Last night it was hard for me to go to sleep because I was a little overwhelmed by all the things I need to get done this weekend. Took a couple deep breaths, hubby comforted me and fell right to sleep.

Woke up to the grey skies, I asked for Fall and I think it's coming:) Normally would be running but I am still in my taper week. Last night I did my hour of aerobic kickboxing and felt good to be back in the gym. I missed boxing, when I was training for the marathon I didn't make it to boxing as much.

Took my break and went to the local health food store yesterday (is it sad that I enjoy grocery shopping on my break?). Look at all the yummy foods I found. I got some pumpkin finally so I am going to try some of Kath's Pumpkin Oats this morning:) Also a few new bars, to have in those emergency hunger moments.

I have a funny story to tell that I think you will all enjoy so much . Last night after OMTL study, Hubby and I had to stop by my Moms house to get her bike that I am going to barrow for the Tri. No one was home so I called my Mom and she said that I could just go through the back door. I asked her if it was open and she said no and that I would have to go through the DOGGY DOOR! She told me that she had done it before, and shes taller then me. I thought there is no way I am getting through that door, but if she did it I could do it. So we went to the back and there was this door, tiny as heck. I thought to myself there is no way my left butt cheek is going to make it. I got down on all four and started putting my head though (at this point I am laughing my tail off because I can't believe I am doing it). I then slide in sideways, bring my legs around and make it! WOW, I felt kinda like a burglar, all I needed was the black mask. Ok maybe this story is not as funny written, but it was a pretty funny site!

Back to other important information. I plan on catching up on some reviews this weekend about some great granola products and hempmilk I have tried this week so stay tuned. Today I have work, then a free dinner with our Sunday School team, yea for a free dinner.

This weekend I can not wait to catch up on some reading and cleaning. I miss sitting down and being still. I know that in a recent post, I spoke about it being very challenging for me to be still. It is a true art, and I am daily trying to master it. I would love it if through all the business of the weekend I could find just one hour to be still, and relax. How do you all relax? When and where do you relax the best? I hope to one day get this down (dreaming big:)).


Simple and Divine said...

Sad? Bobs... It's our CRACK. Nuff Said. (Plus, how can we resist when we have dealers on every DAMN STREET! ;) ) YEEUHHH!

And [PS] Your burglar move was PURETTTY mayjuh. MAYJ. UH.

Happy Friday, kidster!

Meghann said...

LOL.. if I could only tell you how many times I snuck home at my parents house through the dog door. Oddle rnough it was the only door the dog wouldn't bark at when someone came home after curfew (which I never did :))

I relax by the pool with a good book :) It's hard for me to sit still for very long though, I usually end up in the pool instead of being next to it.

Feel free to come race in Florida anytime :)

Lance said...

I love the story of using the doggy door! Where are the pictures????

Christine - IE Mom Blogger said...

Hey Bobbi! Just found your blog. Been reading it for a while this morning. You are an amazing person...glad that I am getting to know you better!

Rylan & Skylar's mom