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Monday, December 14, 2009

hybrid circuit/interval/speed combo

Good Morning and Happy Monday everyone!

Check out my weekend Holiday Festivities.

In honor of my Finish Strong Series, my friend/blogger Shannon sent me this awesome workout.

You can set out for a one or two mile courses (and warm up with a mile if you wish) depending on your time.  If you want to up your ante, make each .25 a little faster than the last!

Run .25 miles
First break, dips
Find a bench, stairs, curb and do two sets of 8 dips
Run .25 miles
Second break, walking lunges
20 total; or 2 sets of 10 with a break in between
Run .25 miles
Third break, abs of your choice for one minute
Run your heart out to finish the mile!

If you're doing a two mile course, repeat, but add different arm, ab, butt/leg exercises.

Thanks Shannon!

This morning I made Cranberry Pumpkin Scone Oatmeal. Let’s just say I am in heaven :).

bobbi 178

I basically topped my normal whipped banana oats with a ton of goodness!

  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Walnuts
  • 1/4 Vegan Pumpkin Scone
  • Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • and a splash of Rice Nog!

bobbi 179

When I wake up in the morning and I see my tree all lit up, it makes me SMILE:) I just love this time of the year!!!!

bobbi 177

Time to punch the clock!

How was your weekend, anything festive go on??


marathonmaiden said...

yum to the cranberry concoction! and great workout, i'm going to have to incorporate that into my routine.

nothing too exciting went on this weekend as finals are now but i can't wait until next weekend when i get to see my h.s. friends and celebrate with them!

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Your tree looks awesome.
I snuck away from finals studying to watch it's a wonderful life next to a fireplace and my own lit tree--perfect holiday relaxation

sunapeegirl said...

I definitely want to try that workout! It looks great.
Also your tree is so perfect and gorgeous : ) I love Christmastime

findinghappinessandhealth said...

my weekend was super boring & filled iwth studying. your workouts are so impressive

Mary said...

I'm going to be at the boat parade on Sun too! Maybe I'll see you :D

Lauren said...

Goodness girl, I had the same lunch today too!!! :) We are totally on the same meal page lately.

Beautiful tree!!! I love the warmth that having a lit tree brings to the home. :)

Hope you had a lovely day love.

MS Kennedy said...

I was searching for info on Hybrid Circuits and I stumbled upon this interesting workout. I will be sure to try it!