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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smoothie Infusion


I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday:( Hate it when that happens. I quickly remembered that it was Thursday and I had a track workout to tackle. I met up with my running buddies and did a mile warm up and then 5X100’s fast and 5X100’s slow. It felt great doing the intervals outside instead of on the dreadmill. I love running in the morning, as I twitted yesterday about how I believe one of the best things about being a runner is all the sunrises.

As I was taking my shower this morning I was thinking about what to make for breakfast. I wanted a smoothie but I also wanted an egg sammie, why not both!

I used 1/2 of a  Vega Smoothie Infusion packet in my smoothie this morning. Along with a banana, frozen strawberries, ice, and a little oats.

Picture 289

I enjoyed my smoothie in my Memphis cup in honor of our trip coming up!

Picture 322

My Egg Sammie had a little honey mustard, a garden tomato, one egg, and spinach.

Picture 319

Picture 320


Picture 323 

Tonight I actually get to come home and make dinner, I am so excited!!!

Have a great THURSDAY!


Anonymous said...

that looks amazing!! nothin like a smoothie & delicious breakfast sandwichh.. have a great day


Jenna said...

That is the worst :( The best is when you wake up on a Friday, thinking it is Thursday! Now that is a good feeling.

Ali (Food, Fitness, Fashion) said...

Breakfast looks so good!!! YUMMO! It will be Friday before you know it! ONE MORE DAY ;)

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I have those smoothie infusions to review, too, but no blender! I can't wait to go him for x-mas break

Anonymous said...

that breakfast looks awesome. thanks SO much for the pumpkin butter recipie.. im so excited to try it!!

eatingtolivelovelaughtri said...

I love the Vega Smoothie Infusion. Sometimes I mix a little bit into my oatmeal for an extra protein boost. Good stuff!