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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It’s Tuesday, one day closer to Friday!!!

Last night’s AD meeting lasted 5 hours!!! I was beat when I got home, but was determined to get up early and hit the gym. I woke up at 5am and made it to they gym by 5:15! I did an easy 3 mile run, free weights, and an intense ab workout.

Intense Abs:

50 basic crunches
50 bicycles
50 double crunches
40 toe touches
2 minute plank
15 walking pushups
1 minute
jujitsu sit ups

When I got home, looked what I found on my doorstep! I was so excited when Honest Foods contacted me to try some of their new bars.

Picture 291 

Picture 298

Picture 294

Choco Peanut Butter, amazing!

Picture 297

I couldn’t wait to try some in my oats this morning. I also couldn’t wait to add in some Fresh Cranberry Sauce that I got this weekend at Fresh and Easy. 

Picture 299

I made some Pumpkin Oats, topped it off with Cranberry Sauce, 1/4 HF Cranberry Lemon Zest Bar, and a dollop of Oikos Yogurt.

Picture 301

Super Yummy! 

Picture 300

Thanksgiving Challenge Update…

This far I have been kicking butt at my Thanksgiving Challenge. Most of the food I have had to buy has been for our dinner party and a few extras here and there. My goal was to spend $150 on groceries this month and so far we have only spent $65.64. This week we have a fridge full of leftovers, and then this weekend we are having an early Thanksgiving Dinner with my family (and I am not cooking). I have full confidence that we can make it through!

POTM Update

I have already beat my measly little 48 miles from last year, and am at 60 miles!!! My goal is to run 100 miles before Thanksgiving and not gain a single pound! POTM participants how are you doing out there? We are in our third week and I haven’t heard from too many of you. The Operation Beautiful prize is still up for grabs, I haven’t had anyone send me a story of how they are spreading the OB love out there! If you have done some Operation Beautiful while out on your runs please email me you story.

I am going to have a fun lunch post some come back soon :)


Runeatrepeat said...

Those bars look so good! You are rocking the POTM :)

Ali @ Food, Fitness, Fashion said...

Those bars look great and so does your breakfast!!! Have a great day!

Rose said...

Loooove love Honest bars!

Niki said...

Your oats looks supper good! POTM is going great!!

Taylor said...

You are on a roll with that challenge! I'm waaaay above you and my goal was to spend $100. Whoops!! Enjoy the yummy looking bars :-)

Anonymous said...

i really want to try those bars- i saw them at whole foods! and sounds like a great ab workout, i kind of want to copy it :)

Amy said...

Those bars look really good! I've been enjoying Kid's Organic Cliff Bars lately and some that I made myself.

I am loving POTM!! It pushes me to run that extra day or finish out the extra mile. I ran the most last week that I ever have because of it, too (23.5). Can we do one in December, too, or extend it through Christmas? That might help some of us stay motivated throughout the holidays since many of us probably don't have races next month! Just an idea.

See you at the starting line on Sunday! I'll be in the back. :)

Lindsey (EatReadRun) said...

I'm working on my POTM running, but have been so busy that I'm not averaging as much as I would like to each week. But at least it's helping me to make running a bigger priority each week. Hopefully it will pay off during my Turkey Trot 5K race!

The bars look pretty yummy!

The Linz said...

Good job on the early morning workout. I think that's the hardest thing to do and you rocked it! I am right on track for my POTM - my goal is to bust out 50 miles by the end and I'm already at almost 30. I might even surpass the goal. Thanks for setting it up - i love myself a good challenge!

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

That cranberry sauce looks delicious! I am doing the POTM but like Lindsey I have been busier than I anticipated and good ol' Northern AZ threw some bone chiling wind at us last week! But I am still pretty close to on track with my goal of 45 miles. I think I can make it or at least get pretty close.

Also, I am running the Girls on the Run 5k this weekend. I am not sure if you have heard about Girls on the Run (it is a GREAT program!), but I am hoping to spread some OB love with my running buddy. Hopefully, I will have a story to send you after Saturday!

Have a good week =)

Jamie said...

Hi Bobbi!
I'm doing better than I thought at POTM challenge. I really had no idea how many miles I would rack up, but with 2 half marathons in the mix, my mileage is already up to 70! I'm pumped! Thanks for throwing out the challenge. It's been fun to see what everyone is doing out there! :)

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Those bars and cranberry sauce both look great!
I've piled on 160+ miles and I can't wait to do more! This was such a fun challenge

Jenna said...

the honest bars look sooo good!
i love your breaky mix!

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Slowly I'm gaining more miles! Still going and training for 5k.

Marissa said...

Fresh and Easy totally rocks!!!

Katie said...

Those bars look too good! Chocolate and PB are my two fave things especially together!

RunningGroomes said...

Thank you so much for organizing POTM. It has been such a blast! It is a great source of motivation!

Lauren said...

Killer workout!

I've been trying to remember to update my miles every day. I actually just did this a minute ago.

I'm up to 69! Whoot whoot! I'm going to try to hit 100 before Thanksgiving but I may need to pick it up a little.

Sorry I haven't had the opportunity to spread the OB love. I do my runs on a treadmill and no one else would see but me. Oh well, maybe that's not a bad thing to remind myself some days. ;)

Hope you had a great day Bobbi!

Annamarina (Running Tails) said...

Great job with your POTM! I ran a marathon the first week so I had a lot of miles then, but I rested for over a week and am still doing low mileage to fully recover. I love the challenge though and it is definitely keeping me motivated to run!