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Friday, November 20, 2009

French Friday

I made it to FRIDAY, wasn’t sure this day would ever come! I can’t believe the crazy week I have had, and it’s not completely over.

  • Monday-AD Meeting for Fall Sports Awards
  • Tuesday-Winter Sports Meeting+ Truth Project 
  • Wednesday Teach Kickboxing+ Have Coffee with a friend
  • Thursday- Thursday Night Group (spontaneous date) 
  • Friday-Decorate for Christmas
  • Saturday- 13 mile run + Wedding!
  • Sunday- 10k race+ Leave for Work Retreat in Santa Barbara

When the alarm went off this morning I made a quick decision to stay in bed. I had a little sore throat, which for me is always a sign that I need rest! I have a 13 mile run tomorrow as well as a 10k on Sunday, I can not get sick.

For breakfast I went through the fridge and got creative. I took two Arnold thins and made Apple Cran French Toast!

Picture 330

Picture 331

So simple. I just dipped the thins in one egg + one egg white+ a little soy. Cooked them on the stove and then topped them with Pumpkin Butter+Nuke Cinnamon Apples+Fresh Cranberry Sauce.

I also had some Emergen-C!

Picture 332

    Tonight I am super excited because Hubby and I are decorating for Christmas. Why so early? Well, because we are going to be out of town until December 2nd and when we get home I wanted everything to be out and ready. When we decorate, Hubby and I play Christmas music drink hot coco and just take in all the JOY and Spirit of the Holiday!

    Question: When do you start decorating for Christmas???

    P.S. The Spa Package Winner Will be Announced at Lunch, last chance to enter!

    P.S.S. Check out my latest post at Breathe; Healthy Holidays.


    Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

    We usually decorate the day after thanksgiving! It's so much fun. TGIF!

    brandi said...

    good for you for taking a rest day :) this weekend will be so much fun!

    my family always decorates AFTER Thanksgiving.

    Rose said...

    That's one beautiful breakfast!

    RunToTheFinish said...

    oh that is an easy and yummy breakfast. I never think of that!

    we don't decorate until the day after thanksgiving, that was always my mom's rule

    Katie A. said...

    My thoughts and prayers are with your aunt and family! (((huggs!)))
    We don't usually decorate until the first weekend in Dec, but this year the hubbs and I are doing the weekend after Thanksgiving. We are going to Tahoe for Christmas and want to enjoy it at home for as long as we can!
    Have a great Friday! ;)

    Mica said...

    I think decorating this early is a great idea! Enjoy!

    Anonymous said...

    what a decadent looking breakfast!

    just me said...

    have fun decorating and omg i love your breakfast! um, can i come over and you make me some, now that I'M HOME!!! I'll be here until the beginning of January but i'll be in Sacramento just after thanksgiving for a bit. lets try to get together! maybe a run too!?

    vovo said...

    every once in a while i will leave our 'artificial' tree up all year long and decorate it for each month. jan-new years, feb-valentines, march-st. patty. etc. then the years i don't want to do it we have a real tree. this really confuses the cats

    Marissa said...

    Apples and cranberries go great together :)

    Anonymous said...

    YUMM! i want french toast now!! ..never though about putting it on a sandwich thin! we usually decorate for christmas after thanksgiving

    Ashley said...

    I have a strict policy of no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. This usually means getting a tree the day after :-) I LOVE Christmas!

    Jenna said...

    the day after thanksgiving all the christmas decorations go up!!! so much fun :)

    Anonymous said...

    that breakfast looks divineee.. & i'm jewish but i looove christmas decorations!!

    Anonymous said...

    Are you taking Bosco with you on your trip (or on long trips away from home)?

    Terecita said...

    I like to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Don't feel I should start working on Christmas until after Thanksgiving has passed. This year we will even let Tyler help. And we'll probably have some hot cocoa and Christmas music, too! Makes it so much more fun.And we may even do some Christmas type crafts this year, too.

    Angie Eats Peace said...

    I hope you are feeling better!

    I really don't care for the holidays, so I don't decorate at all.