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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tea and Friends

Finally sitting down to a warm cup of Apple Spice tea and watching a marathon of Friends!


As soon as I got home from Costco this afternoon I put in my iPod and got straight to cleaning. I didn’t take off the headset until 6pm for dinner and, because I didn’t really have a “real” meal today I couldn’t wait to create a delicious dinner. Hubby enjoyed some yummy spaghetti.

The best part of this CLEAN EATING is that I am getting really creative with different combinations. Tonight I baked up some Butternut Squash with EVOO and a little honey at 450 for 25 minutes. mmm…

Picture 339

I also cooked up some mushrooms and spinach to throw in as well.

Picture 338

I also threw in some grilled tofu I cooked up with EVOO and Oregano. 

Picture 337

All this goodness I threw on a bed of rice noodles. 

Picture 336

This was such a lovely dinner, but I was craving something sweet after. This past week I have really craved SWEETS and SALT!!!! I didn’t realize how much I crave these two things. Now that I am learning more about “good” sugars vs. “bad” sugars it’s really got me interested in learning all about how sugar effects the body (good and bad).

Some of you asked about the book I was reading last night at Borders, here it is, “The Raw Food Detox Diet” not sure who the Author is.

Picture 317 

I am NOT thinking of doing a RAW diet (I do admire those who do) just very interested in it, in how food truly effects are bodies. I want to take a second and make a disclaimer about the DETOX that I am doing. I just wanted to say that I don’t believe in QUICK fix diets, and I am not considering this a WEIGHT LOSS DIET. This Detox that I am doing is to help ME feel better. I want to feel that best that I can, and I know that when I am eating poorly I feel like poo. I also know that it’s ok to eat a well balanced diet that is full of wheat and the occasional sweets too. After these 30 days I plan on sticking to mostly all CLEAN FOOD, but enjoying all FOODS as well. Ok enough said.

Oh and look what Hubby picked from the Garden today!! I have never had a yellow tomato???

Picture 333

Bosco is giving me the evil eye, I think he wants to play :)


I can’t wait to wake up to a CLEAN HOUSE tomorrow!!!! Sleep tight friends!

edited to add: I forgot to tell you all how much the produce was from my last post, $28, you guys are good!


Alyson said...

ohh what a gorgeous dinner, great colors! I've been so inspired to think outside the box with flavor combinations based on posts like this :)

Diana said...

That dinner sounds excellent. Might try something like that soon.
I really admire your quest to become an even better you. God knows you're already fit and healthy, but you're just trying to know and do more. That's awesome.

Island Girl Eats said...

$28 I was right!!! I think that was pretty good value for money.

Bosco is such a little cutie!

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Yellow tomatoes are just as awesome as red ones...enjoy!

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I think I could watch Friends forever

Dana said...

Hey lady! Have been following your blog for a little while now and just saw you in my new "All You" magazine that came in the mail!! Congrats!! :) That's so exciting!!

Lindsay said...

I love waking up to a clean house! I've stayed up late cleaning many nights so I can have that feeling in the morning!

Boscoe is so cute!

Angie Eats Peace said...

This sounds so, so good. I am definitely bookmarking this as a recipe to try.