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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Running Reflections

I am not sure what is worse running in the heat, rain, snow, or WIND?! I absolutely hate running in the wind. Tonight after work I went for a 5 mile run, because I didn’t wake up early enough to run with Fast Jill and Mr. Rick. The first 2.5 miles were great and then when I turned back around the wind was right in my face!! I still manage to run a 8:30pace :), so nice to run alone sometimes.

Today while I was running I started to reflect on all that is going on my life and I got a little emotional. I love ALL that I do, but sometimes it just hits me hard and I have to BREATHE!! I prayed a lot and that always helps so much. I thought to myself life is for living and I need to just keeping running hard and fast, not folding when things get tough.

The way we handle the good and bad circumstances in our lives shows our true character. I am not going to lie, some times I just need a good cry and then I am good to go! Love all of you for always encouraging me and holding me accountable to live a healthy and well balanced life!!!! Runs like this are soooo needed.

When I got home I had anticipated making dinner and the Hubby said, “Get changed love, I am taking you out to dinner”. Love spontaneous dinner dates! Hubby and I went out for Sushi, one thing I can enjoy on the detox.

I ordered the Veggie, Avocado and Tofu Roll, it was sooo good!

Picture 490

Picture 491

After we came home I planned out all that we will have for dinner and dessert at our TACOBERFEST and managed to write up my Breathe post for tomorrow. We didn’t get a chance to carve our pumpkin, but there is always tomorrow :).

Time to curl up in my warm cozy bed with Hubby and Boscers!

See you all in the morning!

I will be dreaming off all this goodness….

Picture 489

Picture 488


Kay said...

I love a good cry too!
I agree wind is the worst, but rain...rain is my favorite weather to run in, but I guess that comes with the territory when you live in the Seattle area.

Lauren said...

I do the same thing sometimes when I am running by myself. A few weeks ago actually, I was running along and all of a sudden I started thinking of how proud I was of myself and where I've come in my life. Then, I started to cry. And I mean really cry. It was a little emabarassing because I tihnk people started to get concerned as they saw some random girl bawling her eyes out running on the road. LoL. It was so uplifting though.
You are amazing girl and I love you to peices!!!

Ps- GO Phillies!!! :)

Coco said...

i just came across your blog and read your "about me" section and i am so inspired! i am currently recovering from an eating disorder and am finally learning to treat my body with kindness and love again. God bless you and great job in maintaining a healthy body weight the RIGHT way!

Katie A. said...

I am sooo with you there Bobbi! I has cried a few times on a run and it feels almost as good as finishing the run!
Oh, and last night! This wind that is hitting us in Cali is just awful! Same thing for me! First 3 miles out were great, the 3 home on the way back were brutal! I can do rain and cold weather, but WIND blows!
Happy Thursday! :)

Angie Eats Peace said...

I have definitely felt that way before.
Running really puts things in perspective for me, and I have definitely gotten emotional more than once.