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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rice Bowl for One

I am not a big fast food eater, but one thing I love is RICE BOWLS! Today for lunch I decide to make healthier alternative to Jack In the Box’s “Rice Bowls”.

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I layered the bottom  with some brown sticky rice and topped it off with the following:

  • black beans
  • corn
  • red peppers
  • cilantro
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • lime juice

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I also had some organic blue corn chips for major dipping! 

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Tonight I am staying HOME! I have some major catching up and planning to do. We are throwing a TOCOBERFEST Party at our house on Friday night, and I need to set the menu.

We will have a Taco Bar of course and some Pumpkin Ale :). All I need is some good baking ideas???? This is our first time throwing a party like this and I hope to make it a yearly tradition, a time to have fun and WELCOME the FALL!

We still have a pumpkin that needs CARVING TOO!!!!

Do you carve pumpkins? Do you make faces or other crazy designs???


Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Whole foods came out with a pumpkin chocolate brownie recipe you should try! Maybe even add a little chili to perk it up

Tricia said...

Don't have much to say other than, yum!:)

Lizzy said...

that rice bowl looks awesome. reminds me something you can get at KFC but way healthier and i'm sure WAY tastier!

Lindsay said...

That rice bowl sounds so good! I love dipping chips into rice bowls.

Diana said...

That lunch looks awesome!

I've never carved a pumpkin! We don't celebrate halloween though, so it's just not a part of our culture :)

Anonymous said...

great lunch! i've carved pumpkins before (hard not to in NE) but i'm not creative enough to do something crazy!

Katie A. said...

Yumo! Great lunch!
And yes, we totally carve pumpkins still! It just seems so fall-like! Good luck with the party planning! :)

Amanda (modernation) said...

YUM! I usually find that fast food favorites made at home are so much tastier than the drive thru option. Love it!

Anonymous said...

yummm!! i carve pumpkins when i'm home but havent at school :( i love the ones wiht faces... classic but cute!


Lauren said...

This bowl looks spectacular. I love eating just about anything out of a bowl. There is something about piling your food into one big mess that makes every single bite heavenly.

Tocoberfest sounds like such a BLAST! I wish I could join you, but instead, I will just wait in excitement for the recap! ;)

Have a great productive evening hun!

Angie Eats Peace said...

The bowl sounds yummy!

Mica said...

Mmm, I am a big fan of rice bowls! You are a lady after my own heart with this post!