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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Salmon and Sangria with the Pappa

*Thanks for all the sweet comments on our scary situation last night, you guys are the best!!!

Tonight Hubby and I drove down to Palm Springs, which is only 30 minutes from us, to meet up with my Dad and Step Mom for dinner. We started with some delicious Sangria and then looked over the menu.

Picture 901

The restaurant my Pop chose was called Zini Cafe Med an Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine the perfect flare of European Style.

Picture 898 

I decided to try the Handkerchiefs; Thin Sheets of Pasta that wrapped up a delicious piece of Salmon with Cannellini beans and Pecoriono.

Picture 902

First we all shared a plate of brochette, it was a little small for the four of us I am glad they brought out bread.

Picture 906

Picture 908

I had one half it was quite tasty, but the olives were a little to salty for me. 

Picture 909

We sat outside on the patio, this place is so quaint and truly reminds me of a European cafe.

Picture 904

Doesn’t it look like a set from a movie? 

Picture 914

My Dad is the best, he always gets me a little something every time we meet. He knows my love language ;). He bought me a wonderful Cook Book that I can’t wait to read. Thanks Daddy! 

Picture 910

Dinner was divine! I have never had anything quite like this before. I loved the thin layered noodles, and this was the best Salmon I have ever tasted in my life!

Picture 911

The Salmon was so full of rich and wonderful flavors! 

Picture 913

I had another glass of the yummy Sangria with dinner.

Picture 900

Hubby got the Marguerita Pizza, which I had a bite of and it was soooo good! 

Picture 912

After we sat and chatted for 3 hours(we could talk forever) we went across the street to get some Cold Stone:). 

Picture 915

I ordered a kids cup of Peanut Butter Ice cream, 1 Reese’s PB Cup, and Banana! I ate it with my taster spoon, it helps me to enjoy it more one little spoonful at a time.

Picture 916

It’s almost 11pm and I (unlike everyone else in the world ) have to work in the morning! I am going to try and get up a little early and start my pushup and sit up challenge and pray for a less SCARY week!!!!

Anyone else out there working tomorrow?????

Good Night! 


Anonymous said...

Since it will be just us girls tomorrow, we will probably do some "mommy and me" yoga at home and then I will put Snuffy in the jogging stroller and hit the bike trail (on foot not bike):)

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

sangria's was my new drink for the summer. dinner looked great!

Easy Losing Weight said...

Wow the food looks awesome! I had Salmon tonight at Mimi's cafe here in Las Vegas. But that salmon looks even better. Love the wine!

Emmett said...

I love dinner outside when its nice out.
I have to work on Monday, I am a casino dealer, holidays don't matter much for us. It frustrates me.

Kristin (Kristin's Nibbles) said...

That salmon looks amazing! I have never seen anything like it either, but I'd love to try something like it!

The coldstone looks good too, but when does coldstone NOT look good? lol


Leianna said...

That must mean you read the 5 Love Languages book, which I got for a wedding present, it's so good!
Dinner and coldstone looks like a fun evening!
No work for me tommorrow, just moving across states!

Rosey Rebecca said...

I love three things in this post: Sangria, that pizza, and Coldstone. YUM!

brandi said...

i'm working today! :) you're in good company!

i'm glad you guys had a fun night out after your crazy wake-up call. I'm glad that they were checking on you, though!

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking dinner! You guys deserved a night out after last night's fright!!

Great idea getting the kid's size at Coldstone! I always get the regular small and it's a bit too much for me...but I just can't stop eating it!

Lizzy said...

Your dad sounds like such an amazing man! :) Dinner looks amazing and very full of amazing flavors! :) Hope you have a good week, fortunately i don't have to work, but hopefully your day goes by real fast!

Mica said...

That salmon and sangria look like good stuff!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Booo that you have to work today.
That sangria looks yummy!