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Sunday, June 7, 2009

NHerShoes Readers Challenge Results+Challenges!

NHerShoes Readers Map

The map above has a pin point representing a location for each reader all over the world! So many different places are represented!!

People from at least 10 different countries are reading this blog:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • New Zealand
  • Czech Republic
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Cayman Islands

Most popular reader locations:

  • Philadelphia, PA – 23
  • Boston, MA – 7
  • New York City – 7
  • Chicago, IL – 6
  • Orlando, FL – 12
  • San Diego, CA – 3
  • Pittsburgh, PA – 7
  • Washington, D.C. – 8
  • NC – 6
  • Atlanta, GA – 3
  • OH –8
  • Texas-7
  • Ohio-10

This was so much fun! I had 259 readers participate in my challenge and I want to thank each and everyone of you! Hopefully this will encourage some of you to comment more:)

All right my next challenge for you all is the pushup and situp challenge!! Veronica and I are going to be working on our core for the next 6 weeks and you are more then welcome to join us!! I know some of you have expressed some interest so here is what we will do for the next 60 days!

200 situp challenge

100 push up challenge

Alright are you in? I am going to do both tests tonight to see where I need to start!

Eating some yummy leftover Turkey Chili and working through  the to-do list half way finished!!!



MaryAnn said...

I love the map! How cool that so many people responded to the challenge (and read your blog!) Amazing! I am definitely in for the situp and pushup challenges! I've been thinking about starting this for a few days now. Thanks for the reason to begin them!

robinbb said...

I am in on the pushup and situp challenge. I started the pushup challenge in my last training cycle but quit when I went on vacation, so I will do the test tonight as well.

Terecita said...

Sounds great! I'm in for the challenges. I really suck at push ups so this shall be interesting.

Wow!! What an amazing following you have on your blog! So awesome!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

That's quite the representation!

Love the pic of you and doggy! So cute! my puppers do the same all of the time. :-)

I will read up on the challenge and I think I am in :-)

Have a great eve!

Mrs. LC said...

haha I was going to the the tests/ officially start tomorrow for the push up and sit-up challenge tonight, too! There's also a 200 squat challenge I'll be doing too:


Matt said...

LOL I can see exactly where I am on the map!

Niki said...

The map is so neat!! That's awesome how many readers you have!! I am starting week 2 of the push up challenge tomorrow so I will be a little ahead but am so in!!

Anonymous said...

<3 the map! and im going to test myself for the challenges tmrw because it sounds so awesome (like everything you do)!

Julie said...

that's so cool that there are reader from all over the world!

I gave you a shout out in my post, becasue I talked about the 100 push ups too!


Clare said...

I'm totally in for the challenge! I think it sounds awesome (and hopefully it'll improve my pathetic attempts at pushups)

Amy said...

Hey! I'm one of the Ohio readers ;)

I'm totally up for the 100 pushup challenge. I think I can do 10 at the moment, although my shoulders are SUPER sore from wakeboarding last week. So I might have to wait a couple days to start it! Are you starting tomorrow (Monday)?

Cecile said...

I'm totally in for the challenges. I just did the intial tests. Ugh. My abs are gonna be sore tomorrow. Full sit-ups are so much harder than crunches. I only managed to do 20! I was a bit more successful with the push-up test and eeked out 16. What about you?

Natalie M. said...

I think I'm totally in for the challenge! I just have to attempt the initial test tomorrow evening since I've walked about 6 miles today and I have absolutely NO energy left... well maybe to take a hot shower and hit the sack lol. Thanks for posting this challenge Bobbi! I'm geeked to try it

Melody said...

I'm in on the challenge! It sounds great! And Jon is going to do it with me, so it'll be the both of us. Oh, and I didn't read on Wednesday, so I missed your challenge. (That'll teach me to miss a day). I'm a reader from Redlands, California. :-)

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

The situp + pushup challenges are on my 101 in 1001 days list so I'm definitely in!

I just set my alarm a few minutes earlier to be able to start tomorrow off right :)

Alison said...

I'm definitely in for the challenges. I just did the initial test and am looking forward to getting stronger.

postcollegecook said...

I attempted the 100 pushup challenge a while back, and got about halfway through before my dedication fizzled.

This would be the perfect time to try it again!

It was SO hard at first, but after a couple weeks I was feeling so much stronger.

Croughwell said...

You forgot Hawaii on your map! I am already on week 3 for both challenges but can already do 200 sit ups.

Denise said...

Yea for Philly readers!!

Fitzalan said...

Got a short little 2 miler scheduled today (had some knee trouble for the past week or so, so I haven't run and figured I should start light). After the run I'm going to go do the pushup/situp initial test. It'll be interesting!

Happiness Awaits

Courtney @ Peace.Love.Healthiness said...

Wow, Bobbi! I love, love, love reading your blog - you always accomplish so much in ONE day! I just need an OUNCE of your energy!

I love your board with all your bibs! Ahhh!


HealthySDLiving said...

I'm in for the challenge! At the moment I can barely do 5 pushups though so this will be fun! lol