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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update On September Challenges

In answer to a few questions from last nights post, I am a program reservation associate at Forest Home( I register peeps) and Bosco is some kind of Terrier mix, we rescued him when he was 2 months old from the pound.

Just a little update about my September challenges:

#1. Pushups and Sit-up Challenge: Staying STRONG
#2. Not changing my Pajamas so often: I did it!
#3. Unplugging unnecessary electronics during the day: Need to work on
#4: Jillian’s “Making the Cut”: I love her book, I just am TOO busy!
#5. Losing those summer 5 pounds: down 2!

How are all of your challenges going?!

Morning Eats

Egg Sandwich:

  • one egg
  • spinach
  • 1 light laughing cow cheese
  • Cherrie tomatoes
  • 1 Sandwich Thin

Picture 097


Picture 096

All together…

Picture 095

It’s going to be another busy day in the office, I have a Father Son Conference on Friday so lot’s to get done. Tonight I have speed work out with my x-country kiddos, and a benchwarmers meeting….busy busy Bobbi.

Time to get ready!!!!

Question: What do you look forward to today?

My Answer: My first cup of coffee when I get to work!


Kathleen said...

I look forward to having only one class today and then the rest of the day off...granted, that time will be spent studying for a Linguistics test tomorrow but at least I'm not on campus!

Anonymous said...

definitely looking forward to the moment at the end of my jazz dance class. i often dread going there but i know by the end of the class i'm feeling pumped and happy!

Katie A. said...

I always look forward to leaving work and picking up my pup at doggy-day care! (aka grandma's house). Oh, and my long run on schedule for tonight - I really need a good run! Happy Tuesday! :)

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I'd have to say my Chai Tea I'm sippign right now at my office desk.

Mandy said...

I am looking forward to my Zumba class tonight!!! I haven't been able to go since July! And I'm going with another local blogger! Fun stuff :)

Leianna said...

Work actually, I love my new job at a Hospital!

HealthySDLiving said...

Your breakfast looks wonderful! :)
I'm looking forward to having a drink with an old friend today after work!

Steph said...

Way to go on those challenges! It feels great to accomplish goals!

Natalie said...

love your positivity :) I'm looking forward to a bagel sandwich for dinner (on a bagel I made!!) and seeing two girlfriends tonight to chat and catch up!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are doing really well with your September challenge. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

great breakfast, its awesome you set monthly challenges. What do you mean by changing pajamas less often?

RunToFinish said...

wow down 2lbs...I really need to follow what you are eating more closely!

Niki said...

I am looking forward to my home made mac and cheese tonight (recipe from cooking light) all the TV shows! Last episode of BB, start of Biggest Loser, and 90210!

healthy ashley said...

Today I'm looking forward to a 7 mile run I'm about to conquer. Your breakfast is gorgeous!

Kristin (Kristin's Nibbles) said...

Your breakfast looks amazing! Colorful and flavorful I'm sure =)

Good luck with your challenges!


Anonymous said...

Every morning I always look forward to eating breakie; it's my fav. meal of the day and I always anticipate it before I go to sleep...call me crazy!

Kate said...

That sandwich looks amazing!

I am not looking forward to much today, as I am snuffly and have a cold. I'm looking forward to feeling better tomorrow!

Lauren said...

Good question! Today, I looked forward to taking my lunch break in the beautiful sunshine, reading my favorite book at the moment..."My Sister's Keeper." What a great little escape in the middle of my workday.

Hope you enjoyed every moment today girl!

fusionjaz said...

Say Bobbi when are you switching over to Wordpress? They have Reply thread capability for Comments. The switch-over goes over smoothly and just took a short amount of time. I just switched and all old blogs with pics looked the same. Hope you won't delay too long. Couldn't get my same UserID though. So made one close to it. At least make a log in for now.

Katie D. said...

I'm looking forward to eating a marshmallow walnut brownie that I baked for my retiring co-workers party!

And our Wednesday night service at Church!!