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Monday, July 27, 2009

I am Going to be Honest

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all that I do, but then I just stop and breathe and remember nothing I stress about is truly WORTH making me feel sick over. I read Kath’s newest gather post: Blog, Blog and Away and it made me feel a lot better :)

Today’s lunch was fabulous! Chicken Summer Salad + Veggies + Hummus + Kashi Crackers and Light Laughing Cow Cheese.


I grazed ate at my desk today because I had lot’s of stuff to catch up on, WWR, email’s, Bless Redlands, and much more.

Check out my mid morning snack!! Why have I never tried this? I took one Arnold’s this, PB, and a sliced Gala Apple and made the best sandwich!



My lunch and snack held me over perfectly. When I got home had a light meal before teaching kickboxing. I normally don’t eat dinner before I teach,but I thought I would try something light. One small leftover veggie pizza with no cheese, some kettle chips, and cantaloupe.

monday 007

I felt great, no stomach pains or major gag reflects happenings!! I will have to do this more often. Check out a new Operation Beautiful note I left at the gym :) I know you are all loving my lion mane!!


When I got home I was pleasantly surprised with a wonderful fun package from Danica!!! Thanks girl you are too sweet! I can’t wait to try all these Annie’s Products!!

monday 009

I feel a lot better now that I have cleaned up the house a bit and got a lot done with WWR. I still need to take a shower and pack our lunches and it’s already 10pm…where has the day gone!!

Just to let you all know I passed my first NO SWEETS day with flying colors it was a little tempting when I saw the chocolate bar in my purse that D had given me for my birthday, but I resisted!!

5am wake up call with “Jillian” must get some shut eye!!!

Nite Nite


just me said...

i passed my no sweets day too! i actually made vegan pb chocolate chip oatmeal cookies yesterday for a care package and havent even goten a chance to try them! guess i'll have to wait for brad to tell me if they're any good! hehe

Anonymous said...

Your "applewich" looks great. Gonna try it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the no sweets day accomplishment! That is so difficult for me too...I gave up sweets for Lent this year and it was a challenge! I know I could do it because of the sacrifice Christ made, that's what kept me motivated. But now that it isn't Lent, haha, I am eating them sweets. :)

Taylor said...

HEy! I'm new and I love reading your blog! I have never tried apple, nut butter sandwich either- I must try ASAP! And what a great package you got!

Jessica said...

The apple sandwich looks great!

Congrats on the no sweets day! :)

Mandy said...

i thankfully made it through my day without any extra sweets, too!! I was a little tempted by the hershey's kisses in my drawer...but thankfully resisted!

love your new snackage :)

Redefined Mommy aka Mimi said...

Annie's Mac and Cheese is the best! My 3 year old twins LOVE it. And sometimes when they are not looking (because they are very protective of their beloved Mac and Cheese), I enjoy a few (maybe several) bites as well.

I don't know if I could give up the sweets. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I passed the no sweets day as well. Unless banana softserve is considered a sweet? I am taking it as cookies, muffins, chocolate, etc. :)

Niki said...

I don't know how you give up sweet girl!! I wish I was as strong at it as you!! Haha. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I love Annie's!! You lunch looks great!!

RunToFinish said...

oh man I am so behind because I'm working so much.. you are doing no sweets. maybe I could try to do that from now to WWR...it would be so good for me.

Angie Eats Peace said...

Great job on the No Sweets Day!

Danica's Daily said...

Fantastic job on your first sweets free day! Oh and the bunny gummies/graham cookies do not count as sweets either :D

So glad you got your package - I can't wait to hear whatcha think - enjoy!