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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Salad Repeat

So guess what? I did get in that mid morning nap! I laid down after blogging this morning and had a wonderful 20minute power nap with Hubby! I am still dragging a bit and I can’t wait to get in bed tonight, but I am pushing through.

To keep me going today I had some yogurt, half of an Oatmeal Luna Bar, and a spoonful of PB all mixed together.


I know the Luna Bar isn’t exactly clean food, sorry Heather, but it was better then the alternative! For lunch I had a summer salad repeat!!! I think I could eat these everyday if I took the time:) Romani mix with apples,blueberries,walnuts,goat cheese, strawberries, and some balsamic.


I love putting balsamic vinegar in a spray bottle, it gets all over every piece of lettuce and it’s just the right touch!


I had two ww pita’s with it as well, and a mug of organic tomato soup!


I am ready for this talent show tonight to be over, I forgot to mention that I was the first Napoleon Dynamite! I did a solo dance in 6th grade to a funky “Buffy the Vampire Slayer" soundtrack song! I wore a orange and white jump suit, I so wish I had a picture to show you all!!!


Matt said...

That salad has summer written all over it :)

Steph Runs the City said...

summer salad looks amazing! i always add dried fruit to my salads, but i forget about fresh fruit. ingenious idea with the spray bottle :)

Red Head, Yellow Dog said...

I was JUST thinking this morning how I wish I had balsamic in a spray bottle as I was trying not to drown my hummus wrap in the stuff!! I need to look for that. genius!

jenngirl said...

that power snack sounds amazing!! yogurt and pb is delicious together ;)

Mandy said...

your salad looks soooo yummy!!!!! :)

and yay for power naps! i hope it helped!

Brandi said...

orange and white jumpsuit?!? I wish you had a picture, too :)

Glad you got your nap in! That salad looks great. I'm planning a nice fruity one for tomorrow.

Terecita said...

I love your salad. What a great idea putting the dressing in a spray bottle! I wish I would have thought of that cause I always end up having too much.

And, oh how I would have loved to see your 6th grade performance in your jump suit! That would be great! Maybe one of the BFs have a pic!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

hahaha I love that you had a napoleon dynamite-like performance. :-)

great salad again. I may have to try that combo myself.

have a great night!

Alison said...

Your oats look great!
I've fallen in love with Luna bars over the past year. I don't like all the ingredients in it, but they just taste so good. And are generally healthy.

The Bagley Bunch said...

hahahahaha that is hilarious about Napoleon! You go girl! I had my sis dancing with me in the talent shows...milli vanilli, vanilla ice, marky mark and the funky bunch....so funny!

Hey do you get any old apple butter (from the other day) or do some have less sugar than others?

Want to hook up again next week? Keep me posted girl