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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Gloom

I love waking up early to run, especially when it’s the PERFECT running weather!!! The June gloom in sunny CALI is in full force, while it might not be the best beach weather it sure makes for some wonderful running weather!

food 032

Fast Jill and I ended up running 4 fast miles! I also did my pushups,sit-ups, and squats! So far the challenge is going pretty good I hope I can keep it up!

I decided to have a nice warm bowl of Pumpkin Oats this morning to warm me up. I miss my morning oats and have been dying to try some of this wonderful Apple Butter that the sweet Lauren sent me!!!

food 026

I tried a little before I stuck it in my oats and OHMY this stuff is AMAZING!!!

food 031

In the mix:

1/2 cup  oats

  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 a banana
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar

  • Stirred in:

  • 1/4 c pumpkin
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • Toppings:

    • blackberries
    • cashews
    • Newman’s Own Organic Dried Cranberries
    • 1 spoonful apple butter

    food 028

    food 029

    food 030 

    Ok I think the lack of sleep is starting to hit me, I am going to lay back down for a bit and try to get a power nap in before I go into work! A girl can dream right:)

    I have a long day today, tonight is our school talent show so I will be at school all day until 8pm! I will have to grab dinner somewhere in between!

    Question: Do you have any crazy talents? Were you ever in a talent show in school?


    Jessica said...

    I'm going to have to try those pumpkin oats sometime!

    I was always in the talent show for dance - I was a ballet dancer and I loved it! I was injured though when I was 13 and never truly bounced back.

    just me said...

    i love apple butter! have you been to julian in sd? they have the best apple butter ever!!!

    Mica said...

    Mmm, apple butter is the best!

    Hmm...a talent? Let's see...I can juggle. Does that count?

    Stacy said...

    I totally agree! I love running in the june gloom mornings. Perfect temp and no sun in your eyes!! Love San Diego in june!

    Brandi said...

    i love gloomy weather for running - I don't get so dang hot!

    apple butter on oats sounds ymmy - enjoy the talent show! I was never in one, but they were always fun to watch :)

    Fitzalan said...

    My crazy talent would be that I can juggle...like a circus clown. It is always a fun bar trick to breakout with pool balls. I taught myself in high school. I went to an all girl's boarding school...what can I say-I have way too much free time.

    And I have been a bunch of talent shows growing up doing a bunch of things, mostly making a fool of myself.

    Happiness Awaits

    Niki said...

    What great running weather! I'm jealous! It's all heat and humidity here no matter what time you go!!

    You should try the punpkin butter in that brand. It's awesome!!

    I don't have any talents but I was in a talent show in elementary school where we did a dance routine!

    fittingbackin said...

    Yum! I bought oatmeal last night at Trader Joe's and plan to try it for the first time. These mix-ins give me great ideas!! (yes i'm 27 in less than a month and never tasted oatmeal!) Talents.... nope! I think I may have done one in elementary school with my clarinet? haha

    Anne said...

    Yummy pumpkin oats! That apple butter looks delicious, too :D

    I don't have any crazy talents, but I play the harp--which is pretty unusual :) I've played harp in a talent show before. It was fun!

    Natalie M. said...

    crazy talents? Nahhhhhh but I'm a heck of a dancer! Don't let a song come on that I seriously enjoy.. uh oh!

    Nobel4Lit said...

    That looks really good!

    jane said...

    i totally agree with you about the running weather. sure, i love when the sun is shining and i can lay out or read, but i usually prefer 50s so i can get in a good run!

    i don't have any weird talents. is that sad? haha

    Matt said...

    Lol I think my only talent is running!

    Lauren said...

    So happy you loved the apple butter!

    Hope you are having a fantastic week!!!

    Fitnut said...

    I laughed a little when you mentioned gloomy June weather. I live in Alberta Canada and it snowed here this past Saturday! First time it snowed here in June in 30 years.