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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Tuesday of School

Did I mention that this is our last week of school until SUMMER!! I feel like daily I am not a road trip when I go to school these days.

I have my ice coffee to go!


I have my music to keep me sane!


With all my luggage, gym bag, lunch bag, laptop bag, and purse.


Only one more week of this crazy schedule!!

On to lunch….

Today in celebration of the summer I made the most amazing summer salad!


Filled with apples,strawberries,tomatoes,goat cheese, and walnuts. I also had a WW pita and some yummy tomato bisque soup! Almost felt like I was at Panera Bread:)




Question for the day: What does your car look like going to work, do you have a lot of bags?


Leslie Elizabeth said...

love the summer salad!

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Kelly said...

It must be a teacher thing. I have at least 3 bags every day. One is my purse, one is my school bag (with teaching stuff in it) and one is my bag of food (snacks, lunch etc). On SERIOUS days I also have my gym bag and often another bag I use for after school tutoring. Haha, oh boy!

So jealous it's your last week. I still have 2 more Tuesdays after today. ugh!

Becci said...

I so know how you feel! I usually have my bag with my lunch and a book, my purse, my workout clothes/Garmin/iPod, and my "coffee"...a diet coke! I have tried using one big bag for everything, but it just doesn't work well!

Your lunch looks so yummy!

robinbb said...

I love Panera's summer salads. Yours look yummy!

Julie said...

love love love that song!

Tea Time said...

I am just glad to know that I wasn't the only one out there who carries 3-4 bags to work. I see some women just carry their little purse and that's it! I was starting to feel like a bag lady.

heyitstay said...

I have the same lunch bag design! (Gotta love Target baby!!) super cute :-)

Niki said...

Haha that looks like almost exactly what I'm having for dinner! Great minds must think alike:)

I only carry one bag with me to work, but then again you don't need to much when going to work at the hospital!

Matt said...

Lol I need to get a job first before I worry about bags...

Nice looking salad!

Mica said...

That's a great looking summer salad!

marathonmaiden said...

nice salad! looks yummy! my job is pretty low-tech right now so i just pack a cooler with my food and bring a bag with my wallet, phone etc. if i had a "real" job i prolly would be bringing lots of bags too

Fitzalan said...

Haha, my car is PACKED with bags and mugs in the morning.
I have my work bag, my gym bag and my lunch bag (I finally combined my purse and work bag together during the week and just keep a small little cloth bag in my work bag in case I need a go to purse.)
Then I have a mug of coffee, my green monster and a nalgene with water.

Because I commute with my husband, he then adds his collection to the car. He has his work bag, gym bag and lunch box. And usually a nalgene.

We make ourselves clean the car every day when we get home, otherwise this would turn into a pigsty in like 3 days.

Happiness Awaits

teacherwoman said...

I do have a lot of bags. During the school year I have my book bag, lunch bag, purse, and gym bag, sometimes two different gym bags if I am pulling off a two-a-day!

Julie said...

I carry a minimum 3 bags to work every day (purse, lunch, and backpack for my laptop and work stuff), plus water bottle and mug for smoothies on the go. And then on days when I go to the grocery on my lunch, break that adds about 2 or 3 more...and of course I can only take one trip from my car to apt on the top floor. Quite the skill set to carry all that!


Julie said...

mm love the salad creation!!


Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

What an amazing salad! YUM! I love stuff like that!

MY "car" aka the subway haha I carry a lot! One large bag with my gym stuff, book, meals/snacks and other junk plus my purse. Funny thing is, I hate even carrying a purse yet I still manage to carry a lot. LOL

Red Head, Yellow Dog said...

I totally look like a complete bag lady going to and from work! it's ridic!

that salad looks gorgeous!!

onebodylifechance said...

I always get teased at work for all the bags I carry in and out each day... and they don't know I have one more in my car! I usually walk out of my apartment each morning with my laptop bag, lunch bag, gym bag, purse, and water bottle. I carry all but my gym bag into work usually. So 2 bags a purse, and a water bottle come into work with me. It doesn't seem like an awful lot, but the size of the bags compared to the size of me is a pretty funny sight. :)

Alison said...

Cute bags! I usually carry my purse and my lunchbox.

Love that salad too.

Manderz said...

They call me the bag lady at work! I have the same lunch bag!

Jennifer said...

I am also called the bag lady at work with my purse, laptop bag, lunch bag and occasional gym bag!