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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tears Tears

I am sitting here watching TBL, so many amazing changes!!! MAN, Mike LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Ok enough of that, I am sure this is going to be a big tear fest!

After work tonight I busted out an hour of sweaty kickboxing, the air in the gym was not working! I haven’t sweated like that in a long time. I rode my bike to the bus stop and then rode 2 miles more home! Needless to stay I was STARVED when I walked in the door.

I knew exactly what I wanted to make, in honor of Taco Tuesday I made  another Taco Salad, inspired by KERF!

food 130

I had leftovers from last week, so this was so quick and easy!

The layers:

  • Spinach bed
  • Topped with a cooked mix of bell pepper,onions, white shoepeg corn(the only thing we had in the pantry), tomato, kidney and black beans spiced with oregano,chili powder.
  • 3/4 cup of Ground Turkey, seasoned with McCormick’s Taco Seasoning
  • Kelsey’s corn salsa( I added about 4 chunks of mango)
  • 3 avocado slices
  • 0% Fage blended with an avocado!!!
  • Cilantro
  • Chips for dipping

food 126

Avocado+Fage=The Best Guacamole EVER! Love my Vita-Mix.

food 129

Lunch +Snack Today! (I did have a TJ’s Raw Bar too)

Lunch: Veggie Sandwich, Grapes, 1 Hard boiled Egg, and some Newman’s Own Organic BBQ Chips!


I have found my favorite sandwich combo!!! 2 slices of WW Bread, Tomatoes,Cucumbers,Light Laughing Cow Cheese, 1/2 an Avocado,and Sprouts.


Pre-Workout Snack: 2 Brown Rice Cakes, 2 tbsp PB2, and a half banana! This by far is my favorite pre-workout snack!!! 



3 points for all meals at home
1 point rode my bike to AKB
1 point rode my bike home
1 point took bus
1 point made my own coffee instead of going to SBUX(I was tempted today)

7 points total!!!!

Tomorrow is Raw Wednesday!!!! I plan on having a RAW lunch and a RAW Snack, just don’t know what yet!

Time to finish TBL

Night Night


Janie said...

OMGOSH it was great! My favorite didn't win but wow how great they all looked. I so heart this show!!!

Pearl said...

bobbi - your sammie looks great!

margarida said...

oh my your eats look amazing girl!
looove your blog :)

FoodsThatFit said...

I need a Vitamix!!!! Great idea about mixing the avocado with Greek yogurt!

MizFit said...

off to watch recorded BL so Im avoiding reading anything about it for now.
cant wait for RAW FOOD WED.

Alison said...

Love the taco salad! Your rice cake snacks look great too.

teacherwoman said...

I was so hoping Tara was going to win, but they all looked great!

Anonymous said...

I love sandwiches! Can't wait to see what you end up eating for raw Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I never thought of avocado + Fage. I'm definitely doing that!

Brandi said...

i had a taco salad for lunch yesterday! they're my favorite.

your sandwich looks really good

maria k said...

that guac sounds great! i will have to try it

Anonymous said...

I so need to stock up on sprouts. That is what is missing from my sandwich!

And I'm happy to see someone else likes plain hard boiled eggs. I find them the perfect snack (as long as you don't have high cholesterol)...protein, fat, 70-80 calories, portable.

Happiness Awaits

aNd! said...

I was happy with TBL finale, some amazing results. I was most impressed with the old guy that one the at home competition! Kinda disappointed in the younger competitor results though (the winner's daughter, the two orange team members). Another great "guiltless" guacamole is to throw some cannelini beans in the food processor with an avocado, cilantro, seasoning, tomato, and lime juice! It taste great.

Anonymous said...

bl *was* amazing! so inspirational especially all the older contestants and mike (my fav)looked 100% different. your food is just as inspirational and im going to have to start stealing some of your ideas :)

Jamie said...

Suddenly I can't stop thinking about a taco salad!