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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She’s Back in the Game!

Tina’s post made me smile a lot today and woke me up with HAPPY thoughts.

food 121 

Going to bed early(10pm) last night gave me the extra boost that I needed this morning to tackle an early track workout! I wanted to ride my bike to the gym, but the weather outside prohibited me from doing that. So I drove my car, which I haven’t touched since last Tuesday!!

Track Workout(on the treadmill)

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 2X 200’s at 6:50 pace(easy 200 jog in-between each one)
  • 2X400’s at 6:55 pace
  • 2X800’s at 7:00 pace
  • 1 mile cool down

Since I was at the gym I also did some weights and abs too. With all the equipment giving me the evil eye, I knew I had to do some. Have I told you guys that I loathe doing weights!! I mean I can do them if I am in a sculpt/kettle bell class, or Jillian’s DVD, but doing them on my own is tough!!


  • 3x 10lb. bicep curl-ups
  • 3x 10lb. military presses
  • 3x 10lb one armed rows
  • 1 minute plank
  • 10 walking pushups
  • 1 minute bicycles
  • 1 minute side to side toe touches

I am getting excited abut running the SDRR Marathon in less then 3 weeks!! I have run a little sense the Boston Marathon, but the longest I have done is 8 miles.My training through out the week will be, 1 Track day, 1 Tempo Run, and Easy Run, and 1 long run. This weekend I will be shooting for 15-16 and then I am going to do a 10 miler the weekend before, I hope this will get me through the marathon??! 

When I got back home I made something new for breakfast, Oat Bran.

food 124

I added 1/2 banana, Blackberries, handful of flax granola, and some Agave Nectar. It wasn’t my favorite thing, I may have to add some oats to in next time.

food 125

I also added a little light Coconut Milk to my cup of Joe this morning…mmmm..

food 118

food 120  
My DD Coffee is almost gone, sad day:(

food 117 

TBL FINALE ON TONIGHT!!!!! You know what I’ll be doing.

Do you watch TBL? Who do you want to win??

I am so wanting Tara to be the Biggest Loser!!!


P.S. Thank You JEN, AKA EatingBender for donating to send me to SD, Ashley has raised $$95.35! Only 25 more dollars to go!


Pearl said...

have a GREAT day!

3T Heppenstall said...

This is the first season that I have really, really watched TBL and I have really enjoyed it. I want Tara to win, too. I have been really inspired and motivated by her. I feel like I can relate to her since I was definitely totally in shape when I played basketball and then I have slowly been letting myself go. I am motivated to not get to the point where she was at.

Jordan said...

I hate doing weights at the gym. I'll do them all day long at home, but when I go to the gym, I stick to cardio. Usually, though, it's because I get intimidated by all the crazy-fit people there and think they're going to laugh at me or something if I do it wrong hahaha.

Lynne said...

Love The Biggest Loser! I want Tara to win, as she is the one I relate to most (similar starting weights, emotional stuff, etc). It will probably come down to her and Mike (if he's voted into the finale).


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FoodsThatFit said...

I struggle with weight lifting as well. I actually bought the P90X videos about 6 months ago and those were great because I could do them at home and I had someone telling me EXACTLY what to do. Sometimes at the gym I just lift sporadic weights and feel like I don't have a plan.

I wish you were running St. George too!!!

A Toronto girl out West said...

I have to admit Tara has worked her behind off so she probably deserves it (out of the people left). But I would love to see Mike win - unfortunately I think Ron will ride the pity train into the finale.

Too bad my favourites (Sione and Filipe) are long gone. I'm pulling for one of them to win the at home prize! And for BOTH to look smoking hot!

Brandi said...

so exciting about the new training!

I love oatbran, but I wasn't so sure about the texture the first time I had it either. It grew on me!

I haven't watched TBL this season - I think I just always forget that it's on! I'll have to try to catch the finale tonight.

Christina said...

ME TOO! Team Tara all the way!

I finished the coffee you gave me in less than two weeks - it was so deelish, I drank it every morning. I am stocking up at CostPlus next time I'm in Redlands. THANKS again!

RunToFinish said...

can't wait to see TBL tonight.. I think I want Tara to win I mean she has been such a rockstar.

glad you are feeling better and kicking butt on the track

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

I am soooooo excited for the Biggest Loser!! Tara would be a nice choice!

Lovely breakfast and great training schedule!!

Janie said...

I'm SO excited about TBL finale tonight!!! I'm sad that my favorites are gone like Kristen, Sione and Filipe and I hope one of them wins the at home prize. I like Tara and her ability to work so dang hard and come out on top of most all the challenges, some which were extremely difficult. Ron and Mike are so not my favorites but I am glad they have lost so much weight and Mike looks incredible! Helen got on my nerves even more than Ron with her constant whinning. I guess Tara would be my pick now.

Amanda said...

AHH I can't wait for TBL tonight! This is the first season that I have really followed it, and other than The Office, the only show that I watch regularly. My boyfriend asked me if I had plans tonight and I told him that "Yes I do!!!"

Anyways, I either want Helen or Tara to win. They have both been completely inspiring for women!

just me said...

can you believe i've never watched an episode of that show? well, i don't have a tv...so i guess that's why. :)

glad you started off w/ lots of sleep and a better day!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see someone else was let down by oat bran. I just was not a fan yet I see so many other food blogs that love this stuff. I was thinking it was me.

Happiness Awaits

Niki said...

Just wanted to say I am enjoying your blog, Bobbi!

And I LOVE TBL! I want Tara to win too! Can't wait to chill and watch that tonight! :)

Matt said...

Never watched TBL. Just never saw the point in the show.

Striving for Balance said...

I cannot wait for the finale tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

I definitely want Tara to win on TBL!

Alison said...

I love light coconut milk from TJs. Healthier and cheap!

Runeatrepeat said...

I love the skin of potatoes too!!! I don't know if Ben realizes this, so he can leave them for me...

HangryPants said...

If you ever want more D&D coffee, let's do a blogger exchange! There is D&D everywhere here!