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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Breakfast Club

Hello friends, Happy Hump DAY!

Natalie was so sweet to send me this wonderful article about Bike Month, 10 Reasons to Love National Bike Month. Check it out, it’s some great stuff!

I stayed up way to late last night to watch the TBL finale, it’s the only show I watch so I feel a little connected! I sure paid for the late night when my alarm went off at 5am!!! Even thought it was hard to pull myself out of bed, I am glad I did, because I had a great 5 mile run with Fast Jill and Mr.Rick.


This morning I was so blessed to have breakfast with one of my dearest friends Teracita. I promised her some of my yummy French Toast. I hope I delivered!!

food 147

I dipped 4 slices of bread in a batter made with 2 eggs, 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk, pinch salt, cinnamon and vanilla.

food 137

For a topping, I simmered a handful of blackberries in 2-3 tbsp water and 1 tbsp honey until they were warmed up. I then topped the bread with a tbsp of my last jar of Naturally Nutty PB, I can’t believe it’s lasted this long!!! This by far is my favorite of them all!

food 145

I had 2 slices cut into halves with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a little banana.

food 144

food 139

With some 100% OJ.

food 142

And a nice bowl of colorful fruit.

food 141

I love cooking for others like I said before, but I think my favorite meal to cook for others is breakfast by far! I think I should start a breakfast club!

What’s your favorite meal to cook for people?

Teracita was so sweet to drop me off at work (carpooling=1 point for TSL)! I have a long day ahead of me, and I am getting tired already and I am only half way through!!!

See you tonight!


Brandi said...

what a beautiful meal! breakfast is my favorite meal for myself AND to make for other people :)

hope you have a good day!

Anne said...

That breakfast looks so pretty! Breakfast is also my favorite meal to make for people. I love making an extra oatmeal concoction for my Mom. It's just such a great way to start the day!

itsawrapteacher said...

I really like making enchiladas for people!

Tea Time said...

I also love making french toast for company. But I only make it once in a long while as I make the naughty version w/ challah bread and all the good stuff that you cannot eat everyday. ^_^

3T Heppenstall said...

You TOTALLY delivered!! It was SO good!
If you guys think it looked good in the pictures, imagine how looked and tasted in person!! Mmmmm!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love surprisingly my parents with brunch! But I love cooking dinner too if I have time to plan it out.

Matt said...

Mmmmm a good breakfast is the best way to start the day!

Tami said...

brunch...i would eat it every day! i love love love it

Michelle said...

Mmm your brunch looks soooo good! Have a great day!

Runeatrepeat said...

Great presentation!

Alison said...

My favorite meal to cook is dinner. I'm not as skilled at most breakfast foods.
Excellent breakfast!

RunToFinish said...

TBL is seriously the one of the only shows that could get me to stay awake to see the end.. I fall asleep during murder mysteries!

Denise said...

Want to make breakfast for me??