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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Seis De Mayo!


Last night I babysat for the beautiful Stein family of four, so there was no margaritas or Mexican food for this girl:( Hubby and I will have to celebrate Seis De Mayo tonight!  

I was surprised yesterday by many baked goodies, breakfast, and plants from all my wonderful students and parents, because it was Teacher Appreciation Day here at our school!


I am so excited about the Gerbera Daisies my favorite flower! As you can see I got plenty of sweets as well, that I will be having a little bit pacing through, throughout week! Let’s see how long I can make them last;)

Yesterday’s eats were much better them Mondays! I want to express a great big THANKYOU to everyone for giving me such beautiful comments of love and prayers! I am feeling a lot better today after venting to a good friend, and being in God’s word I feel so much better!

Here is a pic of the afternoon eats, minus the bag of Sun Chips I ate:)

Lunch: Yummy Turkey and Avocado Sammy with strawberries, carrots and rice chips(chips look weak because it was the bottom of the bag).





Mug of TJ’s Low Sodium Tomato Soup


Yummy desserts Snacks!

photo6 photo7

Dinner: The free breakfast we got at school, I saved it! Veggie Burrito filled with eggs, squash broccoli, and other yummy veggies!


I got home super late last night(well for me anyways). Hit the hay around 11:30pm so needless to say didn’t get in my morning run, but it’s all good I am actually looking forward to doing it after work.

Made two batches of oats this morning, first attempt I FAILED! I added way to much Whey protein and they were so gritty and disgusting I had to start over! The second batch was sooo much better!


With a mug filled with an AM Misto!


I am excited the week is almost over because I have two fun dates this weekend! In honor of the TSL challenge, I invited my Cousin over for dinner on Saturday night to treat her for her birthday, and I am having Skinny Bride over for Brunch instead of going out for breakfast. We are also celebrating Mothers day at my Aunts house who has a pool, and were doing it potluck style. This means two things, get to spend time with those I love, but also I get to COOK!!! Any healthy brunch recipes I can make for Skinny Bride, or how about the Mother’s day Potluck?

I ll be back this afternoon for something fun I am sure!

Happy Hump DAY!


Brandi said...

those kids are so cute - I love gerbera daisies! they were my wedding bouquet flowers.

Brunch Ideas:
baked french toast casserole
fruit salad

Moran said...

I couldn't go on my morning run either - RAIN!
And it still hasn't stopped! I should live in California like you!

Run Sarah said...

The kids are adorable! I love quiche for brunch with tons of veggies, beans and no cheese!

Amanda said...

I was going to say either healthy french toast with egg whites, skim milk, etc. or a healthy quiche (fitnessista had a great one a few weeks ago), with fruit salad for your skinny bride brunch!

For the potluck, maybe you could make healthy deviled eggs or some kind of make your own yogurt parfait or something!

FitFoodie said...

How cute! The carmel apple looks yummy :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you are feeling more positive, talking to the good ol' G-man does that for me too :D I don't remember the recipe- but I made whole wheat waffles a while back and froze them, then I had them this morning and they were SOO good...i definitely recommend if you have a waffle maker!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

That's great you are feeling better!

I am also doing an end of day run *(as per usual).

Kids are sooooo cute! It's fun to have them around.

Breakfast ideas: omelettes with tonnes of veggies and cheese
blueberry pancakes
turkey bacon

Pearl said...

Bobbi - hi dear, i would love to help you arrange for a san diego blogger meet up. however, i only know of one other blogger who's located in san diego. do you know more?

Laura said...

Love your blog!!! That carmel apple looks awesome!!