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Saturday, March 7, 2009

18 Miles Done Before 7am!

Yes folks I can hardly believe it myself, I ran 18 miles this morning before 7:00am. Let me back up just a little bit and show you yesterdays EATS.


Morning Snack 11am: Apple and String Cheese
Lunch 1pm: Jamba Juice Berry Fulfilling Smoothie with Whey Protein and a bag of Popchips. I only went to Jamba Juice because IA.I had to run errands on my lunch break and B. I had a gift card, I will never have a smoothie for lunch again! My tummy was mad at me the rest of the day,

1 2

Snack at 4pm: 1/4 of this Clif Bar and an orange, forgot to take pic of the orange.


TEMPTATIONS!!!! I didn’t even smell them just looked away, how do I avoid temptations at work someone asked, I make sure to have on hand a healthy alternatives.


GNO(Girls Night Out)

Lat night I met up with some ladies for dinner and shopping at Victoria Gardens last night, it was the perfect way to start the weekend!!!!

We shopped a little, O’ how I love Anthropology!

7 18

Then we had dinner at PF Chang’s. I started with some citrus tea, isn’t this little cup and tea pot adorable!?!!!


The Ladies!


We all split lettuce wraps for an appetizer, yummers I had 3.


For my main course I ordered the vegetable and tofu curry, but I asked for the curry on the side so I could dip it in as I wished. This was a light and very filling dinner!



NOW here is a SERIOUSE dieter!!! She even brought her own measuring cup to dinner! How cute is she??


I got a fortune cookie but only took out the fortune, was so tempted to eat the cookie too:)


Then we went for Dessert, I refrained even though they were giving away free samples of DARK Chocolate.


Being Goof Balls! HaHa. Is it just me or is everything that is in style straight from my 1982 WARDROBE!!!


I didn’t get home until 11pm and I had to wake up at 3:15AM! When I walked in the door I found some more fun packages waiting for me. I got some Oikos coupons for some free yogurt and three yogurt samples from Better Whey. THANK YOU FRIENDS can’t wait to try them!

20 21


I can not believe that I got out of bed this morning at 3:15am and was not dead tired. I woke up threw on all my running gear and had a cup of joe to get the blood flowing. I wasn’t too hungry,because it was so early, so I just packed an extra Gel just in case. I met up with 4 others in the Panera Bread parking lot at 4am, and took of down the streets of Redlands. One of the ladies that was running with us was my 7th grade HISTORY teacher, and I was here TA(teachers assistant) in 8th grade! How funny is that! There was also a girl there who is running Boston this year too, and she is super speedy. We kept a really good pace for the first 12 miles, and then I had to wave goodbye and finished the last 6 on my own. They were going out for a 20 mile run, and I only needed 16-18miles, I do not want my legs to be trashed.

The last 6 miles were quite peaceful and fast. Around mile 14 I started to really get into a groove. If there was any pain at all it was my butt and my hips. That whole area for some reason always feels VERY TIGHT!!! Does this happen to anybody else???

When I got back to my car I stretched for a bit and drank a Whey from Hammer immediately. It really helps with the soreness.


When I got home I jumped right in the shower, I should have taken an ice bath, oh well. I then made myself some Whole Wheat Waffles with strawberries and cranberry sauce on top. I also put a dollop of Greek yogurt and pb.


I also tried on of my Better Whey Yogurts, Acai and mixed berry, it was great and FILLED with protein, I will give a full review soon. Of course I mixed in some blueberries and the last of my cranberry sauce.

26 22

Now I am going to finish my grocery shopping list for myself and Skinny Bride. I am also picking up some fresh fruit and vegetables from an Organic Produce Meetup in town. Has anyone ever done one of these?It is so cool you pay $20 and get a ton of in season stuff. I can’t wait to show you all the goods. I also have a Fashion Show Luncheon to go to at 11am, for a friends sorority. I can’t wait to EAT! I know I will be doing a lot of that today! How is your weekend going so far?? My house is a disaster, but I know I will get to it soon:)


P.S. Make sure to get your comment in for some FREE BBQ SAUCE!!! Also Bella Eats is giving away a bottle too!!!


Christina said...

Bobbi, you are incredible! Let's touch base soon about Boston - I want to be sure and help you get the most out of your trip (you know, besides the marathon).

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

you are an animal!!

my hips get tight too - i do LOADS of stretches!

Fair Weather Runner said...

Wow nice work, and so early. I'm going to remember how you did your 18 so early when I'm doing mine tomorrow. I'm going to try to find that "Whey" stuff, anything to help the soreness I'm going through training for my first marathon!

Brian said...

You just convinced me to get up early to run my 15 tomorrow, not THAT early though hah.

I LOVE pf changs and the lettuce wraps, soo good, hah

Denise said...

Isn't it the best feeling to have the long run out of the way before most people are even awake!

helensjourney said...

Great pictures, it looks like you really had some fun:)

Lance said...

Okay, you officially ROCK Bobbi!

RunToFinish said...

ok maybe i missed it...why did you have to meet at 4 am? I love my early morning runs...but that's a tad too early..

Way to go on a rockin run, you are going to have such a great marathon!!

Mica said...

Oh my gosh, 18 miles before 7am. That is SO HARDCORE! I was congratulating myself for 10 before 11am. Woohoo, Bobbi, you never cease to be an inspiration!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Holy cow you are a serious rockstar! 3:15am, good lord that is some very early running! :D

Child's pose in yoga after my runs totally helps open and stretch my hips. Love it!

Leah said...

I am in awe! How in the world do you do it! I need to know! :)

Matt said...

Nice 18! Your training seems to be coming along quite nicely.

I'm with you, my butt and hips are the first things to tighten up on a long run. Not sure why, but it always happens around 16 or 18.

tnl634 said...

Holy cow!! That's a LONG run!! And so early!! That's awesome!!

Laurel said...

My hips and upper legs get super-tight too at the end of a long run. Hip strengthening exercises and stretches usually help.

I LOVE See's Candy. My in-laws always bring it out when they visit from CA.

Mom on the Run said...

Looks like you had a great time last night.

Your run sounds great...Congrats!

just me said...

dang! you were up wcoast time when i was up working ecoast time! we're hard core! great job w/ the run!

Marianne said...

18 miles?! That is...intense. Especially for someone who doesn't run. But good on ya!

Girl on Top said...

Been missing your posts since I can hardly get online nowadays. You are such a warrior getting that 18 miler done before 7am!

sweetandfit said...

I love pf changs! and actually work there! the lettuce wraps are the most amazing thing on the menu.