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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Her Thursday Things to Talk About:WIN SOME WIN!

Hello friends, Happy Thursday! One more day until Friday (can you tell I am super excited about the weekend). Last night’s test is over and done with, I am so relived. The test was ok, but when I sat down to write down the answers my mind went BLANK!!!! Has that ever happened to anyone else? I get hot and sweaty when I take tests and my hands even start to shake, I think I might have some kind of test anxiety???? I hope not!


I have some great eats to share with you from yesterday:

Lunch, huge tofu and strawberry salad: baby spinach,romaine,strawberries,sliced firm tofu,mushrooms,baby carrots,grapes, and lowfat poppy seed dressing.


Study Snack: Carmel Rice Cake, topped with Naturally Nutty Vanilla AB, and a few mini chips.


Before the exam (which was at 6pm), I had 3 chicken Dino’s( childcare snack) a Clementine, and a FiberOne bar. I knew I needed something to tide me over because I was going to the gym after LAB.


So I had my first interval workout at the gym. I normally do these on the track, but it was just too cold. It actually wasn’t that bad. I would do my squats, power jumps, and such in the aerobic room, then sprint on the treadmill. I know everyone was thinking, what the heck is that girl doing she keeps running around the gym! It was fun, kept me moving and not thinking about the treadmill. I ended up with a total of about 3.5 miles on the treadmill, and 3/4 of it was sprinting.

Needless to say I didn’t get home until 9:30pm and I was famished. I was to tired to make any real dinner, and hubby was already passed out. So I made breakfast for dinner!!! I think I could eat breakfast for every meal!


food 002

  • 2 whole grain waffles
    Topped with:
  • Naturally Nutty AB
  • Tj’s Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 banana
  • POM seeds
  • Blue Agave Nectar
  • Flax and Almond Granola

    This by far was the best waffles I have ever made! You have to try:)

WE HAVE A WINNER: Naturally Nutty Giveaway!

WOW 166 entries! I am amazed, and blessed by all the positive feedback I got back about the blog, and the creative flavors. I think one of my favorites that several people said they would like was, Peanut butter Banana Chocolate.

I plugged in the numbers at Random.org, and here are the lucky three winners!!!!!

109	26	57	

Timestamp: 2009-02-12 15:35:55 UTC

109: Kasey Reon(A hook A line and A girl)

I know it's boring, but just the plain natural peanut butter is what I love without anything else mixed in it.

What I've learned from your blog was that you're a self-motivated person and you come quite a journey since your high school days when you were a little "chubby". Good for you!!!!

26: Andrea (Off Her Cork)

Hrmm, I'm not sure about flavor. Chocolate already exists and so does maple. Maybe a butterscotch PB flavor? That could be interesting!

I've learned a ton Bobbi, especially how to be more positive in day to day life. Don't let things get you down, just move along, tomorrow is a new day! :D

57: Ryan (chasing daylight)

Currently, I'm in love with the Chocolate/PB combination that PB & Co. makes but I'd also like to try the toffee kind you're giving away!

From your blog I have definitely learned a lot! Your running tips page was the first page I looked at when first coming to your site and it further inspired me to run my first 5K! Thanks Bobbi!

Winners Email me your full name and address, so Katie can send you your WINNINGS!!!!!



A couple weeks ago I received this wonderful bottle of detergent called WIN. I was a little skeptical at first, it claimed it could get rid of all the stank in my sweaty workout clothes. Honestly I didn’t even realize my normal detergent wasn’t cutting it.


So hubby and I decided to do a SMELL TEST. He washed my gym clothes(that’s right he washed, hubby does the laundry in our family) and then had me close my eyes and smell the two different running skirts, and sports bras. The first one, my immediate reaction was, “WOW did you even wash this!”. Then he put the second one up to my nose and it felt and smelled so much cleaner. I knew right away the WIN had to be the fresher smelling one. I was right, so this product get’s a 10 out of 10 in my book.

“Using a unique technology, Win Detergent's scientifically designed super oxygenated system directly targets offensive odors and stains. This powerful oxy cleaning technology eliminates the embedded sweat molecules and odors that overwhelm the fabric.”

So would you like to try some????? That’s right folks another wonderful giveaway at NHERSHOES!!! This time 4 lucky winners will receive a bottle of WIN Detergent!

Enter to win yours here:

Simply post a comment telling me what in your wardrobe needs WIN the most? Deadline to enter is Thursday February 19, 2009 at Midnight PST.

Ways to get multiple entries in:

  • Link back to this contest post if you have a blog/website. ( I will choose one winner from all the people that link it on their blog)

  • Send me an email at marie.bobbi@gmail.com with a workout tip!!!! ( I will choose one winner from all the emails) the heading of the email should be WORK OUT TIP.

  • The other two winners will come directly from the comments!


I am out of here folks, a long post and I am STARVING!!! Hubby and I have a meeting we have to go to, so no work for me until 3:30. It will make for a short day, then AKB, then Thursday night group. MAN I miss my Thursday night peeps haven’t seen them in almost two weeks!!!! HAVE A TERRIFFIC THURSDAY!!!!

P.S. I have snack tonight at group, I am making some yummy cookies!!!! Can’t wait to post them!


Katerina said...

Definitely my sports bras!!!

Denise said...

I love interval workouts! I do a round of lifting, run, lifting, run...repeat that 3 times with a long run at the end. Keeps that heart rate up!

My poor sports bras need the detergent. :-(

Pearl said...

omgosh - i've blanked out before on tests.. it was so scary. like, i just suddenly couldn't remember anything. i was too stressed out over that class (it was rumored to be one of the most difficult classes with one of the meanest teachers), but that teacher was actually really really sweet to me. my friends were all surprised, too. they kept on spreading the news "[teacher last name] hugged her."

"[teacher] HUGGED YOU?!"

i hope your test turns out well! i'm sure you did fine :)

FitGirl said...

I need this to save my relationship!! My workout clothes are smelly, but my finances running shirts STINK...I can't marry him until we resolve this!!!

Amisha said...

Definitely my socks need the WIN detergent. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My husband's socks!!! hahahah....seriously I need this!

Anonymous said...

It's a toss up between my sports bras and socks! Have fun tonight!

HangryPants said...

My workout clothes could definitely benefit from some extra good detergent love!

Congrats to the contest winners. :D

kristin said...

my sports bras need some love!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea with the waffles! Hope you have a great day. The weekend is almost here.

aron said...

ALL my running clothes need this :) i just tried a bottle and loved it, so if i could win another bottle i would be a HAPPY girl!

Anonymous said...

another giveaway~ yay!

natalie.mclaury said...

ooh either my sports bras or my under armour for sure!!!

thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would love to try this. Hubby & I were just discussing how bad my running clothes needed "something" they just dont ever come out of the wash smelling totally fresh & I have tried 4 different detergents. If this stuff really works , I would be a loyal customer, lol. I will also link to you from my blog.

Aimee said...

We need this in my house!!

denise said...

My tops and husband's tops need some stink relief!!

Andrea said...

My favorite light blue long sleeve nike running shirt (w/out a v-neck, I hate the v-necks which is all I can ever find anymore so needless to say I refuse to replace this one)........anyways, it has seen me through training for 1 full marathon and 3 half marathons. It probably also does not help that I occasionally blow my nose on the inside of my sleeve while running when I forget to take a papertowel with me (that was gross, but also true). Help me and my favorite blue shirt!

Ryan (chasing daylight) said...

Oooo YAY! I've never won any giveaways...I'm so excited! I'm emailing you now! Thank you!

Victoria said...

what's up with the sports bra stank?

Yeah, the could definitely use some Win love...

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

YaY I won! How exciting!! :D I usually run some white vinegar in with my clothes to help get stink and sweat stains out.

What really needs help on my end are all my workout pants! That's where I sweat the most. Yuck!

Meghann said...

I actually just ran out of laundry detergent today and need some more ASAP! I run every morning in the Florida humidity, you should smell how stinky my hampers are!

Danielle J said...

My sports bras and running shorts! My running socks could definitely benefit from them as well! :)

Missy said...

Perfect timing! I just ran out of my huge bottle of detergent! Yay!

lauren said...

I saw this detergent somewhere else the other day and made a note to find some. My sports bras NEED this!!

Julie said...

My sports bras stank!! I need some of that!

Lora said...

omg my sports bar and my socks. yes i am ashamed my room smells of running socks haha. oh well.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure its a dead heat for my sports bra and my socks!!

Carolyn G said...

MY workout clothes need WIN.

LauraE said...

My socks and T-shirts need the WIN detergent!!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Reeva said...

My socks, my hoodies, and my tanks need WIN the most :)

Jennifer said...

All my running gear - shorts, tops and sports bras!

Mica said...

Oh, I have test anxiety so badly. You're not alone!

I'm excited to hear about your cookies. You're such a good baker/cook. That dinner looks awesome. :)

Finally, for the giveaway, I need it for my thermal running shirt, which I wash rather *cough* infrequently. Ewwww.

Anonymous said...

I love breakfast for dinner! I have it probably twice a week!

Kristie Lynn said...

My sports bra needs that detergent... it definitely has the gross sweat stains in it after 3 months of use :( But my running shorts are definitely a close second!

Anonymous said...

my running tights definitely need help from that detergent -- i only have one pair! -- so enter me up :-).

(i also linked back to you on my post earlier today for entry #2, woohoo!)

Anonymous said...

tofu salad = love.
i like the rice cake too!!

Hillary said...

my nice new sports bra from lulumon would be happy to try this new detergent!

Anonymous said...

It's almost Friday!!! Your stay-catation is so close!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Check out my blog to hear how it went! :) I will keep you posted, but I think that the 6 small meals is going to work wonders for me. Thanks again, you are too sweet!

I hope that you're having a great time at your Thursday Night group!

Kaneil, balanceisbest

Mom on the Run said...

Hey Bobbi!

That would work on my husbands sweaty running clothes. He is a runner but sweats a ton. I am researching this product because racing season is here! Since we are a family of runners(even my 4 year old) and we all sweat buckets! Thanks for the great tip!

Lea said...

Yikes!!! My entire gym clothes needs WIN. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I'm a sweater.

T.J. said...

I hate to be that guy you hate, but I love taking tests...

That punk that always blew the bell curve?

Yeah, that was me.

I ace tests.

Oh, and I don't really work out, so I don't need any 'super win' detergent, but I thought I'd comment on the test thing.

Buenos con queso,


Anonymous said...

All of my white clothes could use some Win! I have a tendency to turn white clothes an ugly shade...ew! I can't believe I'm admitting that, but if I had some Win, I wouldn't have to worry!

Thanks for hosting the contest! Great eats, too!!

Have a fab weekend, Bobbi!

Liz said...

My sports bras need it, too.

Mark said...

I have burning my workout clothes! Getting expensive! :)So Win is my solution? Hmmmm.....I will give it a go!

ttfn300 said...

ooh ooh, pick me pick me!! i love this stuff, and it's currently not available on amazon :(

sorry to hear about the test, hope it turned out alright! i'm sure it will :)

Brian said...

Thats a good dinner you had!

The worst part of my wardrobe is un-deniably the pitts of my shirts. Wheewwwww! Laundry detergant just does not cut it, at all. I must have this WIN!!

Elina said...

I just noticed yesterday that my running pants stunk! Thanks for the product review. I hope I win a bottle :)

Anonymous said...

My workout clothes are NASTY! They smell SO bad, even after washing them :o( I am embarrassed at the gym because I stink before I even start sweating!


Kristin said...

I have been meaning to buy some of this stuff after I saw another blogger review it!

My live-in boo keeps telling me I need to get a separate laundry basket for my running clothes, because not only to they stink up the dirty laundry even more, but they also stink up the clean ones in the washer/dryer!

Yeah, I sweat a TON when I workout. Obvi my detergent just isn't cutting it. :)

Sarah W. said...

my socks & bras need that detergent baaaad!

Runeatrepeat said...

I don't even want to talk about how much I sweat while running. It's not cool.

healthy ashley said...

What a wonderful lunch salad!

I would LOVE to win! My workout clothes are expensive and I want to keep them nice!

RAe said...


Lets see....I definiietly need to win some win. :-P I am a triathlete and marathoner WITH a triathlete fiance. Between the two of us, we do about 3-4 loads of laundry a week of JUST workout clothes to fuel our twice a day workout sessions. And surf just aint cuttin it. Help me get UNSMELLY before my wedding!!! :-P

just me said...

my sports bras def need it because i sweat so much and have to wash them every single time i wear them! some I've had for almost SIX YEARS!!!

workout tip: plan your exercise into your day as if it were a meetings...that way you can't talk your way out of it!

Anne said...

My workout tanks definitely need some STRONG detergent! haha

Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health) said...

My sports bra...NO question.

Ryan (chasing daylight) said...

I was so excited that I won the Naturally Nutty contest that I forgot to post about the next giveaway! I could SO use that detergent...my clothes are rank!

Kristin said...

I've linked back a few times, but don't know how to get it to show up here :) I'm blog illiterate. Here are the links:




robinbb said...

My running shirts are the smelliest and could use some new detergent.

Tisa said...

In my wardrobe would be my sports bra although would love to try it on my sons soccer clothes! ~ :) Thanks!

sounders68 [at] gmail.com

Heather said...

Oh do I have something for this product! One of my kids still has accidents (potty accidents) and I would love to get the pee smell out of his underwear.

Marina said...

I need this because I live in a dorm and can't wash my clothes too much because its expensive and people steal when you don't have time to sit down and watch the entire cycle. My clothes start to smell a little bad and they definitely need a pick me up.

Leah said...

Definitely my socks!

...and my fiancés work out tops..
and his socks.

Oh the list could go on! :)

Sarah said...

I have used Win before and it is amazing! Especially on dri-fit material since it holds the sweat (and bacteria) in---sorry tmi! Thanks for the great contest!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

I am intrigued to try this and see how much stink my dri fit clothes are holding in!

The Healthy Hostess said...

I am dying to try this!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Oooo I would love to try some! For some reason my gym clothing just never comes out super fresh!

Anonymous said...

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