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Friday, January 23, 2009

Her Friday Fuel: The Perfect Snack

It’s Friday!!!!

Dinner last night turned out so yummy, in fact I must have it for leftovers today:)

Haystacks Gone Healthy:

food 010

  • organic corn chips
  • Ground Turkey with McCormick Seasoning
  • 1 c black beans
  • chopped tomatoes and green peppers
  • low fat shredded cheese
  • a dollop of low fat sour cream

food 007

I also received a special package last night from a company called WIN.

“Using a unique technology, Win Detergent's scientifically designed super oxygenated system directly targets offensive odors and stains. This powerful oxy cleaning technology eliminates the embedded sweat molecules and odors that overwhelm the fabric.”

food 003

food 004

I know that a lot of my work out cloths could sure put this product to the test, I’ll be trying it out this weekend. I ll let you all know how it does!!!!

Her Friday Fuel

Ok folks I have truly enjoyed Nature’s Path products so much, there hasn’t been anything I haven’t liked. But there is one product that I now can’t live without!!!

Peanut Choco' Granola Bars

peanut_choco_granola_bars_productlarge peanut_choco_granola_bars

It has been the perfect healthful snack to grab on the go and it tastes so much like a rice crispy treat with all the fixings!!! I have it as a pre-work out snack and it hits the spot Everyone must try these, hubby loves them too!!! Has anyone else tried these before?


Alright peeps I am off to class today is our first lecture in A&P, HAPPY FRIDAY…I have a speed workout tonight at the gym, the treadmill is starting to sound less scary, and then coffee with my beautiful friend Kelly!


Mica said...

I've heard of that detergent. You'll have to let us know how it works.

Hahaha, at first, I thought that was a picture of your oatmeal. I was thinking, "Oh no! She put ground beef and tomatoes in her morning oats!"

Lacey Nicole said...

McCormick Seasoning!!! hehehe is that yours personally?? :) and OMG THOSE GRANOLA BARS look amazing, i haven't seen them around here at all! are they new? the nutrition info looks great for such a treat and i wonder what the ingredients are?? TGIF!!

ttfn300 said...

Love that detergent!! It does wonders on my smelly gym clothes (no wait i smell like roses:)), I actually posted about it awhile back!

have a great weekend!

brienne said...

WIN detergent is fabulous!!!!! you will LOVE it!!!!! :)

just me said...

omg i heard about that detergent on someone elses blog and thought I HAVE TO FIND THIS! my clothes sooooooo need that detergent!!! i can't wait to hear what you think!

HangryPants said...

Oh definitely let us know about the detergent!

The choco bars look like a great snack.I haven't seen them yet.

Have fun with your friend Kelly.


Kita said...

Great Blog. I am going to be reading past posts today and keeping up with you on my journey to healthy.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your review about the detergent! My workout clothes could use some. My husband's gym duds could use it even more. :)

Those haystacks look like a great, quick meal. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your dinner looks great! Those bars look tasty!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Peanut Choco' Granola Bars do look like a great snack. Seems like everyonw is testing out the detergent. Can't wait to read your review.

RunToFinish said...

tooo funny I just posted a review on that. we shall see what you say... and now I think I need to eat some mexican food

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips on the freebies! i need all the $ help i can get

love the healthy haystacks!

Elina said...

That looks like kind of like chili. I love chili :)
That detergent sounds interesting. I definitely have some clothes that could put it to the test! lol
I love Nature's Path products!!

Samantha said...

I haven't tried that flavor yet. Have you tried the Cranberry Ginger? They are sooo good!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

Im excited to get cofee with you!


Have fun!

Kelly Turner