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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th, Let’s Celebrate Kurt Warner!

oooo spooky it’s Friday the 13, I am gonna make it Kurt Warner day!!!! Just in case you didn’t know, his jersey number is 13!

I can’t believe all the stinky clothes out there, that need some WIN! Keep the entries coming their making me laugh. I also love the workout tips I am getting, I plan on making a list of them to put together on a post to come!

Yesterday was very interesting. Hubby and I had a meeting to go to in Long Beach, so after the meeting we hit up some lunch together. I don’t remember the last time hubby and I had a lunch date! We didn’t have a date night this week( due to me having lab), so this worked out perfect. We were right next to the South Coast Plaza, the nicest mall ever, so we went inside to find a place to eat. We decided on Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe….ooo yummy!

I ordered the Warm Mediterranean Veggie Melt Sandwich:


I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a out to eat meal, as much as I did this one. I haven’t had this much bread in FOREVER! It was so good, the bread was like pizza crust covered in herbs,olive oil, and parmesan sprinkles.

The sandwich/wrap had warm red peppers,zucchini,mushrooms,sun dried tomatoes,and goat cheese melted inside. I could have just eaten half, but I thought what the heck, if I am going to enjoy this, I better enjoy it all! Thank you WOLFGANG PUCK! I think I shall make this on a pizza soon! photo

Hubby had a lucky break, he ordered a pepperoni pizza and they said it was supposed to be bigger, so they sent him home with another one in a to go box!!!


I had to go to work after lunch, and we got stuck in some major OC traffic! I didn’t end up getting to work until 4pm and I am usually off at 5:15pm, so I went in there and baked with the kids for our Valentines day party, and then was off before I knew it!

I went to AKB last night and tried to work off that heavy lunch, I think my arms were a lot more sore this time, because I was punching like a mad women! LOL…I went to Jamba Juice after class, I thankfully had a gift card:) I got a Z Bar, and a light Strawberry Nirvana smoothie to take to Thursday night group with me.

Group was awesome, I am so loving this book LOVE AND RESPECT. It keeps teaching me more and more about myself, and ways that I respond in certain situations. If you ever want truly love your husbands more then you could have ever imagined pick up this book, it can only better even the best of marriages!!!!

I had snack duty for group and decided to make Tina’s Banana Oatmeal Chip Cookies, I am known as the “Healthy One” at group, so I had to rise to the occasion. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and I happened to have all the ingredients on hand. Love how easy they were to make!


TINA, these were amazing! Everyone ate them up so fast, hubby didn’t even get to try one. They insisted I get there hands in the photo.



Can you believe I am in week 7 of my Boston Training! I can’t, that means I am half way there!!!  I was supposed to have today off of running but since I didn't run yesterday I had to run my 5 mile tempo run today. It took everything in me to get all layered up and out of the house, but I did it! The first few miles were cold and windy and I was having negative thoughts, then I thought of all of you in the Midwest who are freezing your tushes off, and laughed at my 39 degree weather!


Total Miles: 6.15
Time: 49:30
Tempo Average Pace: 5 miles at 7:41
Average Total pace: 8:03
calories burned: 700( estimated)

I have a 15 mile run planned for Sunday, but I hear it is supposed to rain. I could still run in the rain, but is that smart? I mean it’s not as cold as it is in Wisconsin, but is it smart to rain when your soaking wet? hmmmmm…I ll have to check on this.

Tonight I planned a girls movie night with my friends. We are going to see “He’s Just Not that Into You”, it should be cute. Were stopping by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf before to get some energy, it’s a later movie. I get off at 4pm today so my plan is to come home and cook dinner for hubby and I before the movie.


I need some inspiration tonight for dinner, I don’t want to buy anything to make, we have already spent our grocery budget for the week. Here is what I got. Tofu, lots of veggies, all startches(pasta, rice,bread), turkey meat, and fruit. Any ideas!!!! Feel free to shoot me an email with a recipe, marie.bobbi@gmail.com. I promise to feature it on my blog:)!!!!

Alright folks I am out of here, need to make breakfast, oatmeal sounds divine:) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and share love with all that you come across. I am not the biggest Valentines day fan, I think LOVE is something that should be a daily thing, not reserved for just one day. But it is a sweet holiday. I guess I better live it up since hubby and I don’t have kids yet:) Maybe I should at least get hubby a card! Hope he doesn't read this.

Edited to Add: The Perfect Bowl of Pumpkin Cran/POM Oats!

photo22 photo20


Meghann said...

haha stir fry? That whats I had last night so it on my mind.

I'm going to be in Long Beach for April 24th... is there any chacne you can meet for dinner that night?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Denise said...

I LOVE running in the rain. Don't let it stop you!!

Hallie said...

Yeah, stir fry is all I can think of.

I haven't gotten my guy a card yet either and I know he got mine already...I hope the stores aren't sold out! That happened to me on Christmas (hmm...a theme here maybe?)

South Coast Plaza is one monster mall. I've been there once, and woah it's some serious shopping business over there.

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Is the turkey ground? Perhaps some turkey burgers and roasted veggies. Plus a fun rice (like rice with some salsa and extra beans and corn?). :D

Brian said...

That food looks too damn good, time for lunch! haha. I agree with yoru thoughts on VDay too. Hope you get your 15 in this weekend!

Liz said...

Go to recipematcher.com and type in everything you can think of that you have on hand. That website is AMAZING. I found these delicious muffins from there (http://www.recipezaar.com/Apple-Streusel-Muffins-103400), and they even have calorie counts for alot of the stuff.

aron said...

LOL i feel you on the 39 degree weather, its cold for us!!

great job on the tempo run!!! i will be doing 15 as well this weekend. our forecast is supposed to be clear saturday! fingers crossed for you :)

Mark said...

Mediterranean Veggie Melt Sandwich looks so tasty! Wow! Half way there! Awesome! Enjoy the weekend! Happy Valentines day!

Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) said...

Wonderful eats!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Runeatrepeat said...

Hey Bobbi :) I lived in Long Beach until very recently, but I'm still in the area! I didn't know we were so close. The fiance actually lives pretty close to South Coast. Now I have to try that sandwich, it looks amazing!

Missy said...

That Wolfgang wrap looks amazing!! I need to go there!!

I am seeing that movie tonight too! Yay! I am dragging my boyfriend though hahaha.

HangryPants said...

Your sandwich looks delicious!

Oh, and yay for not spending money on presents. :D

Mica said...

Those cookies look awesome. Your group is lucky that you're there--you apparently make healthy AND delicious snacks!

I second Meghann--those ingredients say "Stir fry"!

healthy ashley said...

Sometimes it's nice to go out for a meal. Your dish looks wonderful!


All of these meals sound amazing thanks friends!

Lacey Nicole said...

OMG BOBBI YOUR FOOD IS ALL AMAZING. that veggie sandwich and the pizza,... ahhhh where can i get all of this :) can't believe you're already week 7! guess what?! my sister and i are gonna volunteer at boston!! so excited!

alessa said...

My bf lives in long beach so i am out that way a lot! South Coast Plaza also has a Cosi.. the only one even semi close to me. i love that place!

Matt said...

The sandwich looks amazing! I am seriously sitting her drooling all over my keyboard.

The 15 mile run would be fine in the rain as long as you don't mind getting a little wet! Gotta brave the elements!

Lauren said...

Mmmm, that wrap looks awesome!

I was wondering what your best advice for taking care of sore muscles? My calve muscles have been very tight and sore this week and I'm not sure if I should be applying the heating pad or ice? Also, do you know of any good streches that I could do to help alieveiate the pain?

just me said...

i made it tonight and it was so easy: cold noodle salad! i made mine w/ just the ramen type noodle and some salad and added veggies (i would have liked to have added more but didn't have them available). so easy and quick!

Anonymous said...

That veggie melt looks so good! As long as it isn't pouring out or freezing, I enjoy running in the rain, otherwise it can be miserable! Hope it goes well for you!

Anonymous said...

i love south coast plaza but i never go there bc i spend way too much money! that lunch looks awesome tho.

Jill Will Run said...

Your Wolfgang Puck sandwich looks amazing. After reading about it, I had to go add zucchini and mushrooms to my shopping list, I need to try creating a version of that in a wrap this week!