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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Night full of surprises!!!!


December 8th situps and pushups 20minutes- 1
December 8th AKB 1:15 -5 points
December 9th run 7.45 1:02:14 -7.5 points
December 9th situps and stretching 20 minutes- 1 points
December 9th AKB class 1hour -4 points

TOTAL POINTS as of today: 18.5


The running part of my morning included a 7.45 mile run!!! I was up and energized this morning, and considering how tired I was last night (and that I had a dopio espresso before class) I don’t know how I got up to EARLY, but I did! I thought I would try an old highschool cross country route this morning, it’s funny too me that this 8 mile course was our LONG run. I was at the top of the hill so I did the course backward, BIG MISTAKE! Thank GOD I had my heed and gels, otherwise I would have died out there! The first 4 miles were all DOWN hill, and you know what that means that on the way back I had to run up hill. I thought it was just a GRADUALE down hill but I was wrong, it was STEEP. Man I stopped looking at my pace, not to get discouraged and trudged up those hills. The last half mile was down hill so I sprinted in and finished hard. I don’t think I have breathed that hard on a run in a LONG time.

Run Stats:
Distance: 7.45 miles
Time: 1:02
Pace: 8:46 ( I was proud considering half the run was HILLS)
Calories: 975

Abs and Stretching -20 minutes
50 straight crunches
50 one leg crunches on each side
50 toe touch crunches (laying on back legs up touching side to side)
50 bicycles
25 lower ab leg lifts
2 minute plank moves


After that killer run, I made the best bowl of pumpkin oats!!!

The combo:

½ c of oats
½ c soy milk
½ c H2O
¼ c of pumpkin
½ banana
Pinch of pumpkin spice
1/8 banana PROBAR
Handful of flax seed
Handful of Almonds
2 tablespoons mini chocolate chips
Sprinkle of brown sugar

with a spoonful of apple butter


Why not burn some extra calories this season by shaking your bootie to some Holiday Music!!! I found a fun work out CD here to get you moving. You don't have to make time for the gym to burn off extra calories you can dance around the house to your favorite sounds of the season. Check out this CHART below that tells you how many calories you can burn from DANCING. I will be struttin my stuff every chance I GET!


To encourage you all this season, I am throwing out some mini boot camp tips. If you don’t know this already I teach AKB (Aerobic Kickboxing) and I consider myself a motivator in the gym and at home! I am going to post some videos these next few weeks to show you some moves you can do at home, that take so little time but get you ready for the NEW YEAR. I want you all to look and feel your best for 2009, it’s your time to SHINE!

This move is real simple. You just need to put your feet under a couch and come up and do four quick air punches side to side. If you have someone to do this with have them hold a pillow in front of you s you can punch it! Do this for 2 minutes and you will feel the burn!


What I want for Christmas is to be able to do the inaugural Kaua’i Marathon!!! I absolutely love Kauai, hubby and I went there on our honey moon, and we found our second home away from home. I would love to save up for this marathon, it’s my next marathon goal after the Boston Marathon. Anyone want to go with me????!!!!


Well I did it I registered for my first college class since 2006! I am on a journey to become a Registered Dietician ( and RD). I am so excited about starting in January!!! I will be taking 3 prerequisites in the next 6 months, before I start my Masters in Dietics. So these next months are going to be a true test to see if I am ready to be back at school. I am taking one class at a time, which I NEVER did in college, I always had 20 units and worked 2 jobs! I know that Anatomy and Physiology will be tough, but it’s only 2 days a week, so I think and hope I can handle it. The class is Friday morning 8am-11am and Saturday mornings 8am-11am (no more sleeping in on weekends). I can’t wait to start; I know this is what I need to be doing to get to where I want to be!


December 9: I ate a GUAVA!!! I have never had one of these and a co-worker brought them in, of course I had to try them, VERY good but A LOT off seeds.


The judges are still working at it stay tuned, promise to post the winner tomorrow.


Well hubby did a great job of designing Christmas Cards! I am so glad we went with Bosco on them, it is so cute. I am going to finish stuffing them and putting them in the mail tomorrow (only 3 days later then I wanted to get them out).


When I got home tonight I made a yummy whole wheat butternut squash qusedilla. I mixed butternut squash puree with s little Colby cheese, black beans, and spread on top of a quesadilla with a little sour cream of course. Then on the side I had a cranberry feta salad. It was the perfect amount of carbs, protein and fats!!!

Then I saw that I got a package from the lovely folks at LARABAR (thankyou!), it included a ton of LARABARS of course and a cute T-shirt ( I be wearing this to work tomorrow!). Along with my new Runners World Magazine I can’t wait to read!


Well I did my AKB tonight and I was pretty exhausted, I am taking tomorrow off and doing some yoga in the AM. I KNOW my body needs it! I am teaching AKB in the evening so I need to be refreshed. RANDOM THOUGHT: I want to do a half marathon in January I have decided, I think it will be a great way to start the NEW YEAR, and kick off my Boston training, anyone know of any good ones close to SO CAL? Ok I am going to head to bed and watch a little TV and stuff envelopes. Hope you all had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment for the PROBAR contest!!!!


The Three T's said...

Hey Bobbi!
I just wanted to say that I am so amazed that you are able to keep your blog updated practically everyday. You are SO busy yet you still have the time to write everyday. Amazing! I know I'm not nearly as busy as you but I can't always keep mine updated. So impressed! Good job girl! And congratualtions on going for your Masters! That is so awesome!

Pearl said...

oh my gosh - i love your posts! i'm always so energized after reading them! LOL (i should stop reading them late at night) :)

HangryPants said...

Congrats on registering for your class! That is wonderful news! And yay for freebies from larabar. :D

renee said...

Good luck with school...wow, how do you have time for it all?

girlrunningaround said...

What a great post! You are totally kicking some bootie at HBBC! Way to go!

Congrats on starting school! I'm sure you're going to be a great RD. And your Christmas cards are adorable!

RunToFinish said...

Let's see the code you need to reigster is Rock70, I need to go try a Larabar as much as you all talk about them and wow AKB sounds just like what I need!

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

Way to go registering for your class! How exciting to start a new journey!

And shout out to the free Larabars - awesome!

Denise said...

I have to tell you, I REALLY struggle with the eating thing. It's been a battle since I was a teenager. I currently see a nutrionist (even though nutrition is my passion and I know what I *should* be doing). Anyway, your blog has really helped me. I'm scared to add variety to my diet but your recipes are changes I know I could do without freaking out. You are going to be a GREAT RD!!!

Meghann said...

If I had the money to fly out there, I would run that Marathon with you in a heartbeat!

Congrats on signing up for your classes, thats so exciting!

I love the Holiday card! If I did a card Abbie would be the star of it as well :)

just me said...

dang, too bad i'll be in fl in january...booo!

congrats on the classes!

and whoo hoo for the christmas card! so cute!

Anonymous said...

I am reading your post and there are so many things I want to say! Well I will get some down! Way to go with your Masters! Thats AWESOME! I loved the Christmas card, way too cute and I LOVE Guavas too! They don't have them here but they do in Israel and they taste GREAT

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbi! That's so amazing that you're going back to school! Congratulations on taking up a new challenge in a new year!

Your quesadilla looks FANTASTIC...I might have to try that!

I wanted to ask you how you got your hands on Larabar samples? Email me if you can: chasedaylight.blog@gmail.com

Thanks, Bobbi!

Girl on Top said...

Wow! So many awesome things! You're going to be an awesome RD!

The oatmeal looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great day! Wonderful run, yummy oats, cute Christmas cards of your doggie, Larabar surprise, and a great dinner!

Mrs. LC said...

I think I've been to your blog before, but I just spent some time looking around. LOVE everything! Love the story of your journey, love your running tips, your blog...haha I even saw your husband's blog. Looks like you found a great guy!!

I'm sure I'll be back to your blog. :) And congrats on starting your journey to become a R.D.!! Something I'm thinking about myself!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join you in Kaua'i! Not for the marathon, though - just to chill.ACTUALLY, according to your chart, I could dance for 4+ hours and burn at least 1088 cals while you're running! Then we could go get food. :)

Mark said...

Kickin' some serious buttage! Great job!