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Monday, December 8, 2008

One Tired Girl

Pooped Pooped and Pooped!!! I am beat! I am going to leave you with two things:


December 1: I took a scenic route to work, it was beautiful and neat to see new things!

December 2: Crawled into a tiny princess tent full of stuffed animals, it was cozy and made me want to be 7 again!!! lol..I never had a pink tent when I was 7 shoot or 8 or 9 .....!

December 3: My friend gave me a Rod Stewart CD I listened to it, and I LOVED IT! My first Rod Stewart experience, I have been missing out!

December 4: I let two of my students drink out of my cup yesterday!!!! I am a stickler about letting people drink out of my cup I kinda have a big issue about it, but I was going to let it go in honor of trying something new (lets hope I don't get sick). A first for me!

December 5: Well there were a lot first today, making a new meal, and drinks.

December 6: I had a subway breakfast sandwich, and it was GOOD!

December 7: Hubby and I rode our bikes to a a fun new restaurant (new to us), WE LOVED IT! We can't believe we have never been there.

December 8: I tried some burpees in my AKB class tonight for the first time, check out the video of me practicing on Friday night (this was after I had already done a million with the bro I was a little tired). Most of the class loved them, but I did get some ugly looks...lol..

#2. Bootie Buster Challenge Day 1!

I didn't run my 15k because I was a little under the weather this morning, and so was the weather!

But I did do 25 minutes of abs, stretching, and pushups=1 point
1hour 15 minute AKB class=5 points
Total points for today= 6 points! good start

tomorrow I am running 9.3 miles that's 9 points + weights 1 point + AKB one hour 15 minute 5 points= 15 is the GOAL!

Goodnight friends, I am pooped and And, if you would like to win a free blender, head to Jenn’s site and enter her Vita Mix Super 520 giveaway.


MizFit said...

feeling better today?
for some reason Im feeling the burpees lately.
loving to loathe them.

here's to a GOODTIRED tuesday?
a notired tuesday?


Denise said...

Geesh, I'm not sure I'm going to have a chance at winning this challenge!

Mica said...

Oh my gosh, you're already so far ahead of me in HBBC. You rock!

Catherine said...

Hope you're feeling less tired today! You're totally kicking my butt on the HBBC - I only have 5.5 points for Monday & Tuesday combined.

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Oh I hate those things! We call them squat thrusts in MT and do those on conditioning days. When we come back up, we have to jump in the air as high as we can and you better do it too, or else you'll get yelled at! LOL

I got my run in this morning before the rain started! Whee!

RunToFinish said...

man those things are hard!! Ok so you're going to have to tell me what AKB is.. I don't know..sorry!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better! Wow, burpees, they're a killer! Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Love your jam for the burpees ... you rock, muscle woman. Those are tough!! Rest up!