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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Treat Head To Toe

Tonight I went to my favorite Day Spa in town, International Skin and Body Care! This was the first placed I worked from 17-21, best job ever!! Who wouldn’t want to work at a DAY SPA?!


This treatment sounded amazing!! I was just here for a simple brow wax, but I still got to enjoy all the perks they have to offer! They offer a very cozy waiting room that makes you feel right at home. They ask if you would like Organic Apple Cider and or Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.


I went with the Cider!

photo (24) 

You can sit in any of the cozy loungers in a living room type setting, makes you feel right at home.


I got to enjoy a Lavender foot soak while I waited to be called in, the perfect way to finish the day! 


After my brow wax I had the best date with Hubby and Boscers!

photo (18)

He loves the camera :) 


I love SUSHI! 


Bosco loves…


Hubby’s Burrito! 


Chilaxing for the rest of the evening and watching TBL. I need to finish my reading for work tomorrow, we are going through the book, Good to Great. I like it so far very challenging and mind provoking.


Loved all your thoughts about the Dell laptop, I am going to look into the HP Mini too. I got some great emails about it and this will be a wonderful Christmas Gift!

Night ALL, 5:15 am run in the morning gotta hit the hay!!!


Lo said...

you are so inspiring with your 5 AM runs...and now I am craving sushi.... TGIPT (a.k.a thank goodness its payday tomorrow!)


Kaye said...

Hm...Good to Great is a really amazing book. Unfortunately, you may have notice that a couple of the companies studied for the book didn't make it through the financial meltdown. Built to Last(by the same authors) is better read that really helps teach the true culture of successful companies! Give it a shot!

Lauren said...

What a lovely evening. A pumpkin scrub sounds fantastic! We have a very posh spa around here (Hershey Spa, like the chocolate) that offers a full Chocolate Body Scrub where you are actually dipped in decadant chocolate. Holy cow, now that's living!

Great book! We use this at work to train new supervisors.

Enjoy your day today hun!

Niki said...

What an awesome spa! I would love to go there, seems so relaxing!! I would love to have one of those mini laptops too... maybe will look into this :) Haha

Island Girl Eats said...

Sounds like you had the perfect evening!

marathonmaiden said...

oh man! looks like that spa day was fun!

Lacey Nicole said...

wow that is so cool!!!! i have not heard of that book i wonder if my library has it. i will check!

RunToTheFinish said...

That is a really wonderful book.

you know I need to take time for more fun things like a pedi. I'm getting a massage in a few weeks, but it's been a really long time

Angie Eats Peace said...

I got a massage there after my 1st marathon, and loved it! It must have been a great place to work.