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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Live life with purpose and passion


How’s everything going for you all today, are you choosing to live life with purpose and passion??? I am going to try :)

I got out of bed early and got to they gym early for a speed workout on the dreadmill. Well my speed workout turned into a recovery run. The minute I stepped on the dreadmill my hamstrings said, “YA RIGHT”. So I listened and did an easy 3 mile run and then did some weights. Love getting to the gym early I have the mini weight room all to myself!

photo (25)

I had to swing by the market after my workout (doing great so far on our Thanksgiving Challenge)and pick up a couple things so I decided to grab a Rouibus Tea to start my day off right! 

Picture 170

I couldn’t wait to make some Oats this morning with some fun ingredients

Picture 171

I got this free sample of Yogi Walnut Spice Crunch in my Half Marathon Swag, I thought it would make a nice crunch in my oats.

Picture 173 

Oh and it did! Love me some Crunchy Pumpkin Oats!

Picture 177 

A lovely couple.

Picture 179

Here is an adorable picture of Bosco this morning, he never wakes up with hat hair! 

Picture 168

Not sure if you noticed but my 30 Day Detox is OVER. I am writing up a full reflection post for this afternoon, so stay tuned.

Have a beautiful Tuesday Morning!

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Angie Eats Peace said...

I definitely think I live with purpose and passion, especially for my day job.
I doubt I would drive the crazy commute, so early in the AM, if it was not for that passion for the kids I work with.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I totally missed that the detox was over but can't wait to see the reflecting thoughts!

Anonymous said...

i love that article! so true. thats awesome how you listen to your body on workouts!

Anonymous said...

the best part about hitting the gym so early is definitely having rooms/equipment to yourself!

Katie said...

I'm finishing school and running. I'm still working with both, but life is so much better and richer then a year ago. I sometimes lose sight of my goals, but I'm getting better at coming back to them faster. Excellent quote really makes you think!

Anonymous said...

aww your dog looks like my boyfriend's... so cute!!

hahahah dreadmill... but it's good you listented to your body

and i agree that it is so importnat to life with purpose/passion-- it makes life so much more worthwhile


Lauren said...

What a beautiful way to start this post... I truly think we should remind ourselves each and every day to live the day on purpose! It seems so mindless but it's essential.

Is that still the jar of Apple Butter that I sent you? :) I just realized that I haven't had this Apple Butter in months and told my Dad to pick me up a jar when he is back in Amish country. Love this soo much. You should try the Pumpkin Butter...I think I may even like it more than Trader Joes! (Gasp!) :)