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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Today at work I thought about all the fun things that are coming up in the next month, it got me in a GREAT MOOD!

  • Fall Couples Retreat with the Hubby
  • Mission Inn Half Marathon
  • Father and Daughter Conference with my Daddy
  • Lighting the Way 10k
  • Work Retreat in Santa Barbara
  • *Thanksgiving in Tennessee
  • and something fun that I will be announcing next week!!!
    *We bought our tickets this week to go to Tennessee for Turkey Day! I can’t wait I love going to Tennessee. Hubby’s family is wonderful I always feel so loved when we go there. I love California but there is something about the South that is just so sweet.

On to the eats….

For Lunch I enjoyed a HUGE salad!

Picture 402

Lot’s of veggies, fruit, avocado, and a little balsamic vinegar. 

Picture 404

After work I had HILL REPEATS with my cross country team. We did a wonderful 5 miles of HILLS and my IT band was fine! Gotta keep rolling! When I walked through the door I saw this on our Kitchen Bar…MAIL!!! I love getting mail :).

Picture 387

The wonderful folks over at POM sent me their new Spiced POM Cider, HOLY YUM!

Picture 388

I also got a package from Vega!!!!!

Picture 389

I have heard so many wonderful things about their products and I can’t wait to try them. “Clean and green, Vega bars contain no refined sugars, oils, gluten or soy and are GMO and pesticide-free. Moist and delicious, Vega bars are available in chocolate, berry and natural flavors.”

Picture 391

Their Vega Energy Bars sound great as far as all the ingredients go…. I will have to give them a taste to see if they live up to what they say.  

Picture 393

After all the fun package opening I made a quick and Healthy Buffet! I decided to make a little bit of all the goodness I was craving.

I threw some Tofu in EVOO and Chili Powder and grilled it on my George Foreman.

Picture 397

Mashed up some sweet potato with a little honey, sliced up an avocado, and warmed up some lentils. 

Picture 398

I also threw a little of my massive zucchini on the George too.

Picture 399

I warmed up some corn tortillas and dug right in!!!! 

Picture 400

I also enjoyed a glass of Orange Flavored Soda Water from my Soda Stream Machine.

Picture 401

My bags are all packed and I am ready to take off tomorrow after work for our mini-vacay!! Hubby and I are soooooo excited to get away from life for the weekend and catch up “US” time!

Gotta finish the second chapter in the new book I have to read for work, “Good to Great”. Have any of you read it? What do you think?



Angie Eats Peace said...

Dinner looks great.
Do you just nuke the sweet potato in the microwave? I never seem to make them right.

Lauren said...

What great things you have to look forward to! Thanksgiving with the family sounds like such a great time. Hope you are having fun getting excited for eveything.

Hodge Podge dinners are the best some night, arn't they?

Have a lovely Friday love!

Island Girl Eats said...

You got spoilt!!!!

Have a great weekend. Sounds like fun.

Jessica said...

Enjoy your mini-vacay! It sounds like you have SO many great things coming up! Isn't this time of year wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun stuff ahead! Aww i remember i first started reading blogs last september-ish, so I totally remember reading all about your trip South for Thanksgiving :D Should be so funnn!

Courtney said...

Yay for Tennessee. Born, raised, and living still. I have traveled all over, but I can't find places that live up to my home state. You get to experience every season and I love it.
Have fun on your mini-vacay.

Lindsay said...

Enjoy your mini-vacay! You've got so many great things to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic weekend! Your dinner looks good, I love smorgasbord dinners!

Terecita said...

Oooh!! Lots of things to look forward to. I love this time of the year!! I love getting together with family and friends and all that good stuff!! This time of the year is so cozy for me.

You always get all the goods!! I see POM juices in the store all the time and always want to try it but never can bring myself to spend the money. One day I will have to break down and do it!

RunToTheFinish said...

oh can't wait to hear what the annoncement is!!

Lizzy said...

yay for packages! i'm anxious to hear if you like the Pom cider!