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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coach Bobbi’s Hill Repeat Tips

Tonight we did hill repeats at my Cross Country practice. I thought I would share some of my coaching tips with you all….

Tips for running hill repeats:

Tip 1
Find some hills in your area that are between 60-90 seconds long. Steep enough that it’s challenging but not KILLER!

Tip 2
Make sure you warm up first. My team and I always run a 1-2 mille warm up first at about a 10 minute mile pace.

Tip 3
When Running the hills make sure you lean a little forward and keep your back tall.

Tip 4
Make sure to always keep your shoulders low and relaxed and keep your arms down by your hips.

Tip 5
Don’t forget to breathe!!!

Tip 6:
Shorten your stride and stay on your toes. You don’t want to wear yourself out, think baby steps..Hills are so mental, think to yourself, “THIS HILL WILL NOT BEAT ME!”

Tip 7:
Depending on how steep the hill is and your current conditioning, do 3 to 10 repeats, totaling 20 to 40 minutes of hill repeats.

I love doing Hill Repeats, they have made me such a stronger runner. My team is starting to reap the benefits as well.

On my drive home I created the most wonderful dinner masterpiece. I was craving a little bit of everything, and that’s what I got.

Picture 306

Healthy Hash

The Layers…

  • 1 small potato nuked and chopped
  • Steamed Red, Green and Yellow Peppers
  • Steamed Cherrie Tomatoes
  • 1/2 an Avocado Mashed Up
  • Pepper
  • One Egg

Picture 303

mmm..the best dinner yet! 

Picture 304

Picture 305 

Lunch today was leftovers from last night, forgot to take pics, and look what Hubby picked from the Garden that I enjoyed for dessert!

Picture 274

Didn’t know that we could grow Cantaloupe in our BACKYARD! This will probably be are only one this year :( It was super sweet and amazing!

So far all my SUPER CLEAN EATING, has paid off. The caffeine headaches are getting better, and no tummy problems..still crossing my fingers.

I have a 8 mile run in the morning, and a 5am wake up call so I am going to call it a night EARLY!

Oops! I do have a kitchen to clean up and some reading to do, gotta run!


maria said...

Thanks so much for the hill tips. I need to start working some hill repeats into my running schedule maybe one or twice a month, at least. These tips will be handy.

Anonymous said...

great tips. i definitely need to be smarter / more efficient with my hill work

Terecita said...

Man! That cantaloupe looks SO good! I had no idea we could grow cantaloupe here. Now I want some!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Great tips! Glad your clean eating is paying off, you are definitely inspiring me to clean up my eating.

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting the hill repeat tips. I want to incorporate them into my training eventually and this is good info to have. I've starred this post in my reader.

Wendy said...

I think this might be my first time commenting here, but I wanted to add another mental tip for hill running...imagine a rubber band stretching between you and something at the top of hill, and pulling you up the hill. Sounds silly, but it really works for me!


Wendy Great tip, I will have to tell that to my team!