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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bad Idea

So instead of going to the gym today I decided to run the thirteen miles I was going to do on Sunday, bad idea. By the time I was on the road it was 11am and already 87 degrees! (edited to add it was 90 by the time I hit noon!)

I laced up my shoes and was very hopeful that I could do it!


The first couple miles were ok, my GPS kept giving me a weak signal so I had a hard time tracking what miles I was on. At mile 7 I took a Banana Hammer Gel, so needed it.


Around mile 8 I was toast, my legs felt ok but I was overheating. I carried along my water bottle and stopped at least twice to ask for water and ice at gas stations. At one point I thought about calling Hubby and having him come pick me up, but I KNEW I could FINISH! At mile 12 I struggled in to get that last mile, and managed to get an average 9:30 pace average..wow I thought I was barely moving.

My victory SMILE!


I am so happy I ran after all even though it was hot and extremely tough. I just kept thinking about having a rest day tomorrow! After my run I headed straight over to Jamba Juice and got a Pumpkin Smoothie! I asked for some Granola and Banana Slices on top, they gave it to me with NO EXTRA CHARGE!


I also picked up my local Competitor Magazine, to check out all the races that are coming up!

I have to get ready for the Halloween Party tonight so I will catch you all later. Stay tuned for some exciting news Hubby and I are going to share with you all soon!!!



Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

87? I would have killed for that weather tonight

maria said...

Yeah! 13 miles, that's awesome. And way to push past being ready to head home!

Niki said...

Wow, girl! Way to go! Great job on pushing through!!

Anonymous said...

way to finish and then be able to have a huge smile on your face! that weather sounds brutal!

Anonymous said...

Glad you rewarded yourself after your run. Your pace was great! :)

Angie Eats Peace said...

Yikes. That does not sound like fun, at all.