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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rest, Refresh, and Recharge

I am truly loving my new Wednesday night schedule. I didn’t have enough time to workout or bake, but I needed a day to rest anyway. Thanks everyone for the great baking ideas, I plan on making something in the morning!

After work Hubby and I headed over to our favorite pizza joint, the Gourmet Pizza Shop! I ordered my favorite, “That’s a Gouda” minus the cheese. Basically a BBQ chicken pizza with cashews.

Picture 385

We ordered two larger pizzas, because they were having a special and Hubby is all alone this weekend and can use the leftovers :).

Picture 386

I ended up eating one too many pieces, and got TOO FULL!!! I haven’t felt that stuffed in a long time. Thankfully it was early enough so my body could let it settle before the night was over.

Picture 384

After our pizza date I headed over to the BFF’s for Scrapbooking time! Sadly I got a flat tire on the way, but no worries it was fixed in no time (love USAA). I actually got some pages done tonight!!

Picture 388

Picture 387

Picture 389

I love hanging out with friends and doing something productive as well, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Wednesday nights!

It’s almost Friday, I am excited because my Boss and I are going to a Women’s Retreat called Time Out for Women”.

“Wouldn't it be nice if life had a pause button and you could spend a couple of days relaxing in the beauty of God's creation? Take a time out from dishes, carpools, work and the busyness of the everyday and escape to the mountains. Enjoy a walk by the creek, sit at the fireside, pamper yourself with a massage or pedicure, soak in encouraging teachings and participate in uplifting worship. We have what you need to rest, refresh, and recharge.”

This retreat couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! I love staying up in the mountains for the weekend it really helps me to refuel and refocus, I can’t wait.

I am Fasting from some sleep tonight by setting the alarm clock for 2am to wake up and pray. This fasting thing is really teaching me a lot!


Danielle said...

i love you, dear friend. :)

Diana said...

That pizza looks good.
And aw, that retreat sounds amazing!

Have fun at the retreat. :)

Leah @ Simply Fabulous said...

I adore the scrapbook so far!! It is something I would really love to do with all of hubby and I's photos from different trips and things... it's a really great way to have beautiful memories in one place!

Lauren said...

I love seeing this pizza on your page. It always makes me crave BBQ chicken pizza. :)

Have an amazing weekend retreat! Sounds like it will be so inspirational.

PS- You ROCK! This fasting experience is not only teaching you so much, it's also teaching me as well and I couldn't be more grateful for your inspiration!

Matt said...

Good looking pie!

I totally forgot to set my alarm last night. Hopefully I can remember tonight!

brandi said...

your pages look great!

that retreat sounds like a great weekend :)

Katie A. said...

That is so cool you have pictures from your first date! What a blast it will be to show your little bambino's some day!
Sounds like the retreat will be awesome!
And I swear, I know I am going to win the soda giveaway! ;)

Tyler said...

I LOVE USAA! They are amazing!

Heather said...

You are such an amazing scrapbooker. I love to scrapbook and need to do it more often!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

What a fabulous scrapbook. I was thinking about making one for me and my boyfriends 5 year (!) anniversary this month. After seeing yours I think I definitely will!

Lindsay said...

You are a fantastic scrapbooker! My pages never turn out that cute!

That retreat sounds amazing!

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

That pizza sounds perfect, even though I'd never in a million years think of those toppers

Laura said...

That pizza looks so good!

Have fun at the retreat!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I love GPS! Have fun at your retreat!

Melissa said...

Your scrapbook is so cute!!!

Lizzy said...

that pizza looks to die for! :)

I think its such a great thing your doing by waking up at 2am and praying.amazing! :)

Bekah said...

Oh- I love that you find scrapbooking productive!

Seriously- scrapbooking is such an art (like food) and I always love crossing it off my to-do list when I finally complete a book. :)

And everyone has a day when we have one piece to many. ;)

Rosey Rebecca said...

Love the scrapbook! I made my boyfriend one a couple years ago for Valentine's Day.

Your pizza looks great! Have fun at the retreat!