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Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Shoes + Great Costco Eats

Happy Saturday friends! I was so excited to get get out and run with my students this morning. We did a beautiful 6 mile loop!


We had some pretty tough hills at the beginning, but then the last three miles were a breeze. They all finished strong, I am so proud of them.


After the run, I went to the most wonderful Yoga class. I used to practice Hot Yoga at least once a week and now with my crazy schedule, I am lucky to get it in at least once a month.


The class is in a very small studio that gets about 100 degrees. Check out the description:

“Daniel's power yoga is an intense physical practice that is done in a warm / hot room.  His yoga system was designed to help sculpt the body while keeping one feeling more at peace; a tool that will help students feel better daily. Our classes will make you sweat, tone, increase mobility while also working to release stress and tension. It is truly the best well rounded cross-training experience”.

I love Daniel’s class there is something about the heat that helps my body get into the deepest of all deep. He had us do this pose (this picture is of him)today, and I almost got both feet of the ground, ok maybe not!!


After being one sweaty beast I was STARVING!!! I decided to use my Jamba Juice gift card and had a Chunky Strawberry Topper.



I need to recreate this AMAZING treat! Here is the best part I found today that Jamba Juice is now serving Flat Breads and Wraps, and they were giving them away today with any purchase for only $1!

Picture  871

I gobbled up half as soon as I got in my car! It was ok, I think my wraps at home are a lot more satisfying.


I then decided to go see if I could find some new running shoes. It so great that I get paid to run! ;). It’s funny to me that running shoes are the only thing that I have no problem spending money on. I honestly have never spent more then $20 on any other pair of shoes I own.

I was going to try a Saucony’s different brand of shoes, but i decided to stick with what has been working.I think the Asic 2140’s are perfect for me. I really need a shoe with a lot of stability because I am an over-pronator.

Picture 880

I am sure these shoes will not be white for long, out with the blue and in with the new :). 

Picture 882

Three Generations of shoes…These are the third pair of Ascis I have had this year. 

Picture 883

After shoe shopping I took a trip to Costco( what was I thinking it is a HOLIDAY WEEKEND). As I am revisiting our budget I realized that I am spending a lot of money on things at the market, that I could be buying in bulk!

Here is the best of the Costco buys!

Organic Brown Rice, Fiber One Bars(Hubby loves these), Sandwich Thins, Kiwi, Spinach, Light Laughing Cow Cheese…

Picture 875

Food Should Taste Good Multi Grain Chips, Alaskan Salmon Burgers, Blueberries, Tofu...

Picture 876

and Sliced Apples(the only way Hubby likes them).

Picture 877

oops I forgot the Kashi Go Lean and 

Picture 879

a bottle of my favorite Wine!

 Picture 878

After all the shopping I was craving me some Chocolate Silk!

Picture 885  

The rest of the day is all mine! I am going to finish the budget and do a couple of blogger things while I watch some FRIENDS!!! Still have to figure out DINNER!!!

Question: What kind of shoes do you wear to workout in?!


Katerina said...
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Katerina said...

Can't believe your hubby only likes apples if they are sliced! Too funny, though not surprising after that hilarious post he wrote awhile back.

I still have never tried Hot Yoga, but more yoga is definitely in my must list.

Lauren said...

Great new kicks! I would love a pair of Acis but I am still happy with my Nikies. They've treated me well and I definitely don't want to change with my 1/2 marathon next weekend. Maybe next year, I will give Acis a try.

Haha, my hubby LOVES Fiber one bars too! I buy them for him all the time. Maybe I should start getting them in bulk too.

Enjoy your night darling!

Kim said...

Holy yoga pose!!! That is impressive!

I am an over pronater too, so I have to be picky. I was wearing Mizunos, but the toe box was not wide enough & I ended up with a Morton's Neuroma in my right foot. I am now wearing Nike Triax structure 12+. They have a much wider toe box and are a stability shoe. I like them so much I bought a 2nd pair right away! LOL!!

Leianna said...

That jamba juice mixture look great and easy to recreate!
Never tried Hot Yoga, sounds fun and relaxing! Love the new shoes, Asics isdefintelymy brand too!

Sheri said...

Love Asics too..they are all I wear for running! Great shoe. Too funny my hubby won't eat apples either unless they are cut! I need to try Hot Yoga it is on my list!

marathonmaiden said...

i <3 new balance! it was the first shoe that i was actually fitted for so there's a special bond :)

and my lil' sis is the exact same way re: apples

angieinatlanta said...

I just converted to Asics and I love them so far! Mine are pink and girly!

Man, I am so jealous of that Costco haul! I want to buy in bulk, too!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I was surprised that my hubby actually liked the heat factor in yoga today, I thought he would hate it. But, I agree, there is just something about that makes it so much easier to work through.

Woohoo for new shoes!

Olson Avenue said...

I love that wine!!

katjuska said...

I love Hot Yoga.
It feels like your pure inside after the class. This week i have 3 classes. today is number one.
My favorite for running is Asics Nimbus. :)my feet love them..

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

But can hubs slice his own apples or they already have to be sliced? Cause I only eat sliced apples too (it's too hard for me to bite into one, hurts my teeth :D ) so I just slice them myself.

Love those tortilla chips, my fave!

Brooks adrenalines for running. And when I get a new pair, I use my old pair for working out and walking the dog.

Rio Runs said...

I used to wear Nikes and New Balance, but the last 2 pairs have been Acis Gel Kayanos and I love them! I recently bought Mizunos as a 'back up" pair, but still need to wear them a little longer to see if I like them.

Niki said...

I go back and forth between Asics and Mizunos. Currently I am in the Asics Nimbus.

healthy ashley said...

I am just catching up on your posts and had to comment on this! I have the same shoes! They've been great to me so far! This whole post looks like it could mirror my day: Asics, Costco and Mapmyrun.com!

Devyna said...

Interesting post!! Food are looking so delicious and shoes are absolutely fantastic!!