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Friday, September 4, 2009

Mrs. Clean

This morning ended up being super productive with the HELP from Mr. Clean. Picture 857

Morning Check List

  • Boot Camp
  • Breakfast + Coffee
  • Blog
  • Make a new play list for work
  • update iPhone
  • Budget Stuff(trying to work on a new budget)
  • Clean Shower
  • Mop+Sweep
  • Finish Skinny Brides, Bridal Shower Invites
  • Work on details for Bridal Shower

I was super set on cleaning the whole house today so that I can enjoy the whole weekend without having to CLEAN!!! I love a CLEAN kitchen, it brings joy to my soul :).

Picture 860

Living Room… 

Picture 863

Picture 862


Picture 864

Master Bathroom…

Picture 865

Oh so fresh and so clean, clean!!! I didn’t get to work on budgeting but now that I have some great advice from all of you I can’t wait to work on it tomorrow.

For lunch I packed a Banana, Honey, and PB Wrap..mmm..

Picture 868

Picture 869

I also had a small Yoplus yogurt with sliced peaches.

Picture 867

Then one of my Co-Workers brought in two large pizzas, and because it was such a stressful long day I ended up eating a slice or two(minus the cheese) even though I wasn’t hungry! Stress eating is the WORSE!

Picture 871

For dinner I packed some Kashi Crakers…
 Picture 874

and an Annie’s Organic Ravioli, mmmm…

Picture 873

I got off at 9:30pm tonight it was so different. I loved going in late for a change it really mixed up the week and I get to do that for the next two weeks!

Tomorrow is all about rest and relaxation, I pondered on going to the BEACH but were trying to save money so I think I will just relax in my CLEAN house!

Off to bed…I have to Coach at 6am!!!! Sleep when your dead right?

Question: What do you find is the best way to relax for FREE?


Anonymous said...

I have found that a lot of yoga studios do a weekly or monthly free community class. It's a great way to relax and try different studios in the area.

Anonymous said...

You have a really nice place. It is hard work cleaning, but I love the satisfaction afterward.

Kristin (Kristin's Nibbles) said...

I agree with wholebodylove! I have a community yoga one sunday a month at my studio and I love it!!
It's a great way to relax for free =)

And your place looks awesome, great job cleaning!




Leianna said...

I love checking out new trails and/or parks since walking is always FREE! Just a good way to know where you live more!

Rosey Rebecca said...

My favorite way to relax for free is just to lay outside my apartment complex's pool and read magazines.

Also laying at home and reading during the winter months is very relaxing.

Lauren said...

I agree, a clean kitchen brings happiness to my entire world. There is just something about a clean and ordered house and leaves me feeling peaceful and content.

I'm sure that felt like such a long day. Pizza is definitely a remedy to these full days sometimes. No worries, you might not have been too hungry, but sometimes we need to feed our stress too! :)
Have a wonderful and relaxing day sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

getting lost in a great book; esp one that you want to be real life and not a book -- thank god libraries are free too and can support my habit :)

oh course running on trails too and just getting lost in nature

lizzy said...

awww I hope this holiday weekend removes the stress!!! your house is amazingly clean, cleaning and removing clutter always helps me de-stress! Swimming laps and then sitting in the spa is a good one too! Hope you get to do something super relaxing this weekend, you deserve it!!

fusionjaz said...

Decompress - Meditate! I go to a meditation group once a week to quieten my mind & take in the group's healing energies. Feels great and let's me take on the new week ahead. With all you do, it's good to make time for a group meditation.

"Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God." ~ Diana Robinson

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I like going to the park on a sunny day to sit & read a book then people watching!

Amy said...

Just found your blog from "The shabby princess" and am glad she directed me here. I LOVE a clean house- it makes such a big difference. I like going to the park and reading to relax... I guess if you consider driving and gas money not free then it's technically not free- but you get the point! :) And, a hot bubble bath is one of the best inventions ever!