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Friday, September 18, 2009

National Run@Work Day

“On September 18, 2009, the Road Runners Club of America will promote the 4th Annual National Run@Work Day®. The purpose of National Run@Work Day is to promote physical activity and healthy living through running or walking.
Running clubs, events, company-based wellness programs, human resources departments, and individuals nationwide are encouraged to plan fun runs and/or walks with their employers throughout the United States. Or, simply get out with a friend, coworker, or family member for a 35-minute run or walk.”

Wish I would have heard about this sooner, I would have loved to organized something at my work place to support this DAY! Next year I am all over it!

My Friday morning has been so relaxing, except for having to get up at 5am for Boot Camp. This morning was quite the struggle to get out of bed, but of course the workout kicked a$$! We did some major bootie strength training( squats, lunges, one leg hops) I am going to be so SORE tomorrow.

After Boot Camp I headed to Sbux and spent some time reading my new Cooking Light Magazine, and some Scripture.

Picture 140

I love the new look of Cooking Light, I always get encouraged to try new recipes when I read this MAG. I also am writing my own article to submit to a magazine and I love getting inspired! I enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee with 2 pumps of pumpkin syrup and a Turkey Bacon Sammie.

Picture 141

They had some Cranberry Scone’s Bites for everyone to try. MMMM..enough said!

Picture 142

I have a lot to get caught up on before work today so I better hop to it!

How do you get inspired to eat healthy and try new things?


marathonmaiden said...

i feel like i heard about this last year, but thanks for the reminder. while i'm a student still i'm going to try to encourage lots of ppl to run today

and i usually don't get inspired to try new things. my friends have to poke and prod me haha

brandi said...

I have never heard of this day! Wish I had known! :)

Reading through new magazines AND going through the cookbooks I already have always gives me new ideas.

Have a great day! starting out with coffee, a good breakfast, the Bible, and some good recipes is a great way to start :)

Rose said...

Aw, wish I had known about this day too. Shoot.

I read blogs! Blogs always inform me of new and healthy things, and I get really inspired.

Katie A. said...

I love this month's addition of Cooking light! There is some great 20 min fast meals in there and the first receipe for the Beef Provencial looks good for the hubbs! Have a great Friday! :)

Leianna said...

I get inspiration from other blogs for sure, but Cooking Light Magazine is amazing too!

Lauren said...

What a fantastic day to honor! I also wish I would have known about this sooner.

I think at the end of the Month, there is a National Women's Health and Fitness Day. I will look into it and let you know, but that might be a good opportunity to plan an event for.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday Bobbi!

Steph said...

I'm constantly inspired by food blogs. Some of my daily staples were found on the blogs!

I used to buy all sorts of magazines, but I've cut back to save money. I figured I can save about $20 a month by looking up recipes online.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I think ingredients is the best way to get motivated. I love picking up something I've never had at the grocery store and figuring out what to pair it with the make the best food I can

Allison (Balance in Bites) said...

I love reading health magazines - Self, Fitness, Cooking Light, Women's Health, etc etc. I definitely love the recipes so I can get new ideas for healthy, delicious meals =)

It's nice to do something other than "eh, I guess I'll put another frozen veggie burger on the skillet tonight for dinner..."

RunToFinish said...

i know I missed the running day too, only heard about it yesterday night! It woudl have been fun to drag these bums out

Niki said...

I think reading food blogs and healthy magazines makes me want to stay on track with healthy living! I'm totally gonna try getting a sbux coffee with pumpkin syrup! Love the pumpkin spice lattes but they are too many calories to get often:)

Taylor said...

I get inspired to try new things through TV sometimes, blogs and sometimes friends or family. Have a great weekend. :D


Glam said...

I love reading about other ppls success's and culinary creations. Always makes me want to try em out!

Sept. 18, 2010 it is! Can't wait to bring this up at work for next year. Thanks for the tip!

Kaolee Hoyle said...

I get inspired to eat healthy by reading blogs like yours!