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Monday, September 14, 2009

Delicious Autumn

Happy Monday, or not, you choose :).

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about my first 5k of the season, you really know how to make a girl smile.

This morning I slept in, and it felt so wonderful. I need all the rest I can get, because tonight , I have two killer workouts; a tempo run with my x-country team, and I am teaching kickboxing! Let’s hope all that rest holds me over.

For breakfast I decided to honor the gloomy weather outside and make a divine bowl of Delicious Autumn.

"Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth  seeking the successive autumns."

-George Eliot

  • 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup vanilla soy milk, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana 
  • Vanilla + pumpkin spice + flax seed stirred in while cooking
  • Picture 078

    I then tossed together 1 small apple chopped, 1/4 cup fresh blueberries, and a little brown sugar and cinnamon together and nuked for one minute and thirty seconds.

    Picture 076

    I poured the delicious mixture over my bowl of oats, and it just sank right in. 

    Picture 079

    I also through a little Bobbi’s Granola Greatness on top for a little crunch. 

    Picture 081

    Such a beautiful way to start off my day.

    Question: If you could be stuck in one season forever which would you choose?

    I think I would want to be stuck in fall, but I would miss summer so much!


    Anonymous said...

    That looks delicious! Way to capitalize on fresh fall produce on a fresh fall day!

    Kathleen said...

    Your bowl looks yummy!

    I would be stuck in fall...it's definitely my fave season with the changing leaves, the smell of woodsmoke and sweet apples, the cheer of candles and pumpkins on someone's porch...so much to love!

    Matt said...

    I would pick fall too!

    Leianna said...

    I think Midwest spring season is my favorite, all the snow melting and it getting warmer!

    Anonymous said...

    I think I would go with summer, grilling all year round would be great :-)

    Katie A. said...

    FALL ALL THE WAY! It has been a wicked hot summer up here in Nor Cal and I am so, so, so ready for the cooler temps!
    BTW, just read your 5k post and great job on the run! Very inspirational - I've never run a 5k and now I'm itchin' for one! Happy Monday! :)

    Samantha~ said...

    I would LOVE to have fall all year round, it is by far my favorite season. I love the crisp weather and the fact that I have to wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt. Staying in and snuggling on the couch doesn't hurt either!!

    Kristin (Kristin's Nibbles) said...

    I LOVE autumn! I love the sights, the scents, and especially the flavors... apples + pumpkin and warm comforting bowls of oats, pie and root vegetables. Yum! I also love sweaters and jackets =)


    Anonymous said...

    love the bowl! it may be my computer, but it looks like you have tomatoes atop your oats???? o.O Lol!

    Anonymous said...

    awesome job on the 5k!! and as much as i'm going to miss summer i love the changing of the seasons so i'm looking forward to the transition to fall

    X-Country2 said...

    That looks like dessert!

    Pam (Highway to Health) said...

    Definitely fall. I love it so much. I do agree though that I would miss summer. I love the beach!

    Shannon said...

    congrats on the 5k!! hope you had a fabulous weekend :) I am with you, fall is my fav season!!!

    Lizzy said...

    that bowl of oats looks amazing! i love warming fruit up in the micro, it gives it the most unique taste!

    If i were stuck in one season it would def be spring or summer, because i love the heat, and the smells of spring

    Anonymous said...

    hey! just stumbled on your blog and how funny-- i worked at Forest Home in college :) I was definitely a Tribal Chief.

    Anyway, great job on the 5k and those oats look amazing!

    Anonymous said...

    That's a tricky one, but I think I would choose summer. I feel as though I can do so many more things and the summer season always keeps me motivated to be active and exercise.(Winter sets me into hibernation mode, which is not good!)

    Anonymous said...

    I love your pumpkin bowl :)

    teacherwoman said...

    Love fall. Absolutely LOVE fall. Especially up here in ND. Changing colors, cooler temps. Great for running... but I am sad I am not running for the time being. *sniff*

    just me said...

    ohhh...love the breakfast!

    and i'd def stay in summer; i HATE COLD!