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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boxing + Pedicures= Stress Relief

There is nothing like boxing and a pedicure to feed my soul. Tonight I went to a bags class at my kick boxing gym, I was one SWEATY BEAST! It was nice to just punch away at the bag, there is something so soothing about boxing(sure you haven’t heard those two words in a sentence).

When Hubby picked me up after class he surprised me and told me we were going to get pedicures! (yes I said we).

Here are my grubby feet before I went in. I only get pedicures maybe twice a year because I like my feet to be rough for running :), but these are a little too rough!


There were so many color choices but I always go with some
sort of shade of pink.


It felt so great to soak my feet, something I need to do more often for sure! Once it get’s cooler I can’t wait to give my self more foot baths. 


Hubby was chillaxin and twittering :). 


I was just “soaking” up every moment. 



TA-DA!!! Wow I feel like a women again :). One small step for women, one huge step for this runner!


Tonight I made some Salmon Burgers for dinner that I picked up at Fresh and Easy.

Picture 005

I layered my burger on top of an Arnold’s thin bun with lettuce, garden picked tomatoes, and avocado.

Picture 006

Why have I never had a salmon burger?! These things are so wonderful, I think I could eat these forever in place of a regular beef burger!

Picture 010

I was too hungry to bake my sweet potato fries so I nuked my potato for 6 minutes in the microwave and then drizzled with some brown sugar and agave nectar. What a great alternative!

Picture 007

I also had a small glass of Red to wash down all my lovely eats with.

Picture 009

Such a balanced and delicious meal! 

Picture 008 

After dinner, the AMAZING HUBBY gave me a massage :). He knows that I have been feeling a little stressed about this whole fire thing, and he sure did pull through, THANKS HONEY!

Fire Update: Looks like the fires have calmed down a lot more now, and we should be safe. I will keep you all updated if anything changes. Thanks again for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers!!!!

I am off to bed early I am going to try and hit the gym at 5:30am before anyone else get’s there. No running outside tomorrow the smoke is too bad.

I think I would really like to go on a spa retreat for my next vacation or at least host one myself, want to come?

Sleep tight friends!


renee said...

So great to hear the fires have calmed down!

Spa retreats are so fun!! =)

Lizzy said...

sigh of relief knowing that the fires are slowly slowing down! :)

its always nice to pamper yourself, and girl you deserve it!

have a super fab night!!!

Tay said...

I'm so glad that the fires are better :-)
I know how you feel about pedicures. Those calluses are precious for running. But sometimes (especially after a marathon) pedicures are a-mazing!

Leianna said...

A Spa retreat sounds amazing, especially some place like Canyon Ranch!
Glad to see things are calming down and cute toes!

Lauren said...

What a fantastic treat. Hubby is the best, he really know exactly what you need. And the toes look super cute!

I adore salmon burgers. I picked up some at TJ's and can't get enough. Mine are just plain but I love to spice them up with Teryki sauce and I think this week I will try BBQ Salmon Burgers.

So good!

Rosey Rebecca said...

That so cute that your husband got a pedicure too!

I've never had a salmon burger but maybe I'll try one!

I'm glad that the fires are getting better. That's really scary!

Mica said...

Your feet look rockin'....but where are the pictures of the hubs' toes?

D10 said...

A spa retreat sounds fabulous!! Good for both the body and soul.

Katie D. said...

The pedicure looks wonderful!!! My hubby just suggested that for our next vacation, we should go with another couple to a resort area where the guys can golf and girls can go to the spa! I totally agreed!

Lacey Nicole said...

wow your hubby is a genius!! :) i need a pedicure-- i also never get them. and my brother would t]otally go with me but not elliot. i would say you guys have some GREAT coping mechanisms!!!!!!!!!!! :) xoxo

Angie Eats Peace said...

Gosh their polishes are so unorganized, that drives me crazy. I am so obsessive about those kind of things though.

Glad you were able to get in a little relaxation, you definitely deserve it!

A spa retreat sounds awesome. Have you ever been to Glen Ivy?

Mrs. LC said...

I love how hubby got a pedicure with you!!

marathonmaiden said...

i've never had a pedicure before! glad the fires have calmed down a bit but i'm still sending more good vibes your way

gwenniepie said...

Yeah for pedis! I got the best one ever a couple weeks ago! And happy to hear the fires are getting better.

Plus I have to thank you for turning me on to Arnold's Thins - the man and I love them. In fact our planned dinner for tonight looks very similar to your's last night - Turkey burgers, arnold thins and sweet potato fries from Trader Joes!

Kate said...

I have to say, for being a runner you really have very lovely feet. I've seen plenty of runners feet that shouldn't even be in sandals, much less pedicured. And I love it that Hubby got one too. What a man! Mine wouldn't even consider it. Ever. And the massage rocks too. Glad to hear the fire danger has lessened.

discombobulated said...

Would love to meet you for a spa retreat!!!! And I am glad to hear the fires have calmed down!

platipus329 said...

Glad to hear the fires have calmed down

I loveeee salmon burgers. I think I'll have one for lunch today lol

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Hope you'll be able to run outside soom. I love sweet potatoes and yes, Salmon burgers are the best!

brandi said...

aw, what a fun surprise!

I hope the fires calm down soon.

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

I love pedicures! They always make me feel so much better!

Great news about the fires!

Lisa said...

Hi Bobbi, I've been lurking for awhile and love seeing all the healthy meals that you prepare. The salmon burger looks amazing. I decided to finally leave a comment because I want to ask... you mention Arnold's thins a lot. What are they and why have you chosen that particular product as one of the staples in your diet? Thanks!

Oh She Glows said...

I'm so happy to hear the fires have calmed down. I saw them on the news the other night and it was scary stuff. I hope you guys make it through ok!

Also- You wouldnt believe my feet after this summer of running. Ok maybe you would lol. Its awful the condition they are in!

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