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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fifteen Minute Stir-Fry + Her Next Marathon

Our free lunches at work have moved to Thursday’s, I present to you the smorgasbord!

food 068

I also had a little something new that my co-worker brought in to work from TJ’s!

food 070

Has anyone else tried these? They are not dried more like dehydrated, they are super yummy and would be a perfect wrap for something!

food 072

When I got home I was welcomed with a lovely surprise from
POM Wonderful!

food 073

They sent me four of their POM Tea’s, I couldn't wait to give them all a try. I love the original POM juices so I am sure I will love these too

food 074 

I was inspired by Heathers dinner post tonight, and decided to make something similar. I wanted something quick and easy! I set my timer…

food 075

The ingredients:

This bag of brown rice was a spontaneous by at the market this week.

food 076

food 077

This eggplant is from our Garden. 

food 078

Leftover veggies: bell pepper, zucchini, and squash. 

food 079

I sipped on some of the POM Tea while I cooked, not bad just a light flavored tea. I kind of wish it was a little sweeter, but overall it was refreshing.

food 081

I gave all the ingredients a rough chop! 

food 083

Then threw them in my WOK with a little EVOO and Light Soy Sauce

food 084

This dish turned out beautifully, I love colorful food! The only that was missing peanuts I was missing the crunch, next time for sure.

food 088

food 086

This whole meal took less then 20 minutes take that RACHEL RAY! (I really love Rachel)

food 085

Tonight I wanted to tell you all about the next marathon I am planning on running. I have been debating between three:

>Las Vegas Rock and Roll

>California International in Sacramento

>Santa Barbara International.

They are all three on December 6th and ALL would be a lot of fun. I wanted to do Las Vegas with Amanda, but I am not too interested in running in the desert. I also think that CIM would be great as well, but I would have to fly and I would like something a little closer.

So it comes down to Santa Barbara, which is one of the most beautiful city’s in CA in my opinion. Only a couple hours from home, but far enough to make it a trip!!

I am so glad that I have my coaching job now to pay for my running addiction:) So anyone else doing Santa Barbara? Want to join me?

Off to Thursday Night Group, have a blessed evening!


Whitney@whitsgettingfit said...


You must spread barney butter on those naners and roll them up like sushi So fun, so yum!

Nicci said...

love the quick meal tonight. Any meal under 20 minutes is Awesome, especially when it's healthy.

Lizzy said...

imagine putting peanut butter or some chocolate in there! wow cue the mouth water!

teacherwoman said...

That looks yummy! Nice work!

Nobel4Lit said...

Great choice, I'm sure! I'm already going to be doing the full in Vegas, so I'll review it! =P

Dayna (HopefulRunner) said...

Hey Bobbi!
I'm doing the Las Vegas RNR, it'll be my first marathon! You should totally run that one and we could do a blogger meet n greet. I live in WA, but my cousin lives in LV, so I'm going to travel down there to run it with him, or he's going to run it with me...either way.
Dayna :)

Cate said...

Even though you're not doing it this year, you should definitely do CIM sometime... I ran it last year and PRd by 27 minutes! (only 6 minutes away from a BQ)
I am dying to do Las Vegas RNR sometime in the future!

Anonymous said...

oh yum that meal looks amazing.
i love pom... the teas look so enticing.

Lauren said...

I have a pack of those nanners and I can't wait to try them.

Your stir fry looks speedy and delicious. I love making stir fries for this exact reason.

Good luck on your next marathon. Thats awesome girl!

Anonymous said...

Great meal and even better that it was super fast. Sounds like you picked the right marathon for you. Can't wait to read about your training and goals for the race.

Hope things are going well with coaching. have a wonderful weekend.

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

I love those POM teas!!! :D I had one before and it was fabbo.

And woot on your next marathon!

Niki said...

I really like the POM teas! Yay for another marathon! I am planning on running th St. Jude half on Dec. 5th! Wish I could come run Santa Barbara with you!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

The POM Teas look great!

Congrats on choosing your next marathon! I bet it will be awesome. How do you manage to balance marathon training with your busy schedule??

brandi said...

that's so exciting about your next race! I think all of them would be awesome.

that POM tea looks great! I love the POM juice, too.

Courtney said...

That POM tea looks amazing! Iced tea is my fave and the flavor of POM probably adds a nice zing.
Thanks for letting us know about this product! Hope I can find it in Illinois.

Adventures in Tri-ing

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Yay for deciding on another marathon! I love POM teas and your stir fry looks so yummy!

janetha said...

i love those TJs flattened nanas! good stuff.

Katie A. said...

Awww, I got all excited when I saw CIM is on the list because I am running that one! Oh well, I totally understand the reasons behind SB, I only have a 2 hour drive to do CIM, too.
Mmmm, that POM tea looks great - I can't wait to look for it! Happy Friday! :)

Natalie M. said...

The lychee flavored tea is my fave Bobbi! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

aron said...

I still vote for CIM!!!! But if I wasnt doing CIM I would for sure do SB :) I grew up an hour north of there and LOVE that area!!! so fun... but still CIM come on, we could run together :) :) :)

Ali said...

Dinner looks great! I never seen that rice before. I have seen the steam veggies but not the rice. I will have to be on the lookout for that!

RunToFinish said...

awww sniff!!!

HangryPants said...

I've never had those bananas, but they look sooooo good.

I would have no interest in running in the desert either. :D

Angie Eats Peace said...

If I wasnt doing Las Vegas, I wouls so do Santa Barbara with you. That seems like an awesome one.