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Friday, August 28, 2009

Energizer Bunny Needs New Batteries

Is it bed time yet? This weeks festivities have taken a toll on my poor little body. Sometimes I feel like a robot and then all of a sudden my batteries just run down and need to be recharged. It’s only 8:30pm on a Friday night and I am going to bed. But first….

What a wonderful Friday I had, the Boss let us off at 2pm!!! What a wonderful surprise. Later some of us met up at Hanger 24, a local Brewery in town that I have been dying to go to.



I went with my favorite beer they serve which is an Orange Wheat, the perfect summer drink. Crisp, Tangy, and Refreshing. The citrus aroma, light airy mouthfeel, and tangy finish are this unfiltered beer’s trademarks. This is accomplished by adding whole locally grown oranges throughout the brewing process, which perfectly coalesce with the wheat and barley base.”


The girls went with some darker beers that I am not a big fan of, to each his own.


If you purchase one of their 2L Growler (equivalent to a six pack – those big bottles in the background) for $32 and then every time you bring it back to the brewery it only cost $10!


For dinner Hubby and I decided to hit up Red Robin, we are not big fans of chain restaurants, but it sounded fun. I ordered the Salomon Burger on a WW Bun, AMAZING!!! I also got a side salad instead of fries, but I did manage to steal a couple of Hubby’s GARLIC FRIES!


After dinner we went to a meeting for the BLESS REDLANDS, a community service project that Hubby and I are taking part in tomorrow morning at 7am. I will make sure to fill you all in on what Bless Redlands is tomorrow after it is over, I think you will all be inspired!

After the meeting they gave out MORE FREE ICE CREAM!! The 4th time I have had it this week, WTF I am on a roll!!!


Ok I am going to bed with Tylenol, good night beautiful friends.

Quick question, when was the last time you did community service???


Anonymous said...

I helped with a United Way event a few months ago. My company does A LOT of United Way events. In fact, we have one next week again :) no free ice cream though. But, we do have an occasional free lunch.

Kelly said...

I have not done community service in a long time but sometimes I feel like teaching is community service sometimes, even though I get paid haha. I can't wait to hear about what you are up to this morning :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love that you and the hubby do community service together! What a great way to spend quality time together AND give back!

Niki said...

I really like doing community service but I haven't done it in a while. Can't wait to hear about ya'lls project:)

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Friday! I love brewery tours...if I'm ever in your area, I'll have to remember this one! Also...you salmon burger looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

I worked at a nursary home in April and May for school. It was actually pretty funny talking with some of the patients who would just make childish jokes all the time

allijag said...

MMMM that Orange Wheat sounds fabulous! :)

I love RR - I can't control myself around their fries :)

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

YUM! I love salmon burgers.

That is so nice that you and the hubby do community service together. I'm slowly starting to get back into it and it feels great!

RunToFinish said...

i love seeing the boss and carly, it's fun to know these people!! You know I am awful about giving my time, I am great with giving to charity...but bad about my time. thanks for the reminder!

Ada said...

I attended a Quaker high school, so community service has always been a significant aspect of my life. I currently volunteer in a public emergency room once a week, which is actually quite fun and interesting. I can't wait to hear about your project!!!

Angie said...

That Orange wheat looks good and i dont drink. :D
The last time i did community service was 3 weeks ago. A bunch of us from my base bought tons of school supplies for a local children's home. then we went over to the home one saturday and gave the kids a big pool party and bbq. then we handed out the school supplies. I got one girl a backpack she liked and a bunch of supplies, plus a dora movie since it was her bday. It made me feel sooo good. I put in paperwork to be able to volunteer there once a month.

Rosey Rebecca said...

I went to TWO local breweries this weekend! They were both awesome! I like Red Robin occasionally too!

Angie Eats Peace said...

How awesome that you went to the Hangar brewery! I have to make it out there.

Toshiba Laptop Battery said...

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Courtney W. said...

What an awesome community service. You're one of the sweetest bloggers - ever, and so busy! :D It's so great that you're hubby is doing it with you, too.

Megan said...

I love Hangar 24. We checked out their brewery about a year ago.. they were still super small and didn't sell six packs anymore. But now they are on tap all over the place! And They have 6 packs at a few stores (Gerrards, some random liquor store by our house). Oh and my in laws did Bless Redlands too. We were busy with my parents, but I'm glad you all got to do that!