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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Prep Day

Sunday’s are my prep days. I like to sit down and plan out everything for the week: workouts, meals, social events, and more. I know that things can and will come up, but I still like to be prepared. To me the key in helping ME live a healthy lifestyle is planning! Do you prep?

I did a major shopping trip today and spent $70.15

monday 004


monday 003 


This weeks meals:


Green Monsters
Egg Sammies

Veggie Sandwiches
Hummus, Crackers, Watermelon
Sweet Potatoes with black beans


Monday – Protein shake, or bowl of cereal( I teach AKB Late so small meals are better).

Tuesday – Angels Baseball Game( I am going to pack a lunch or take in Subway).

Wednesday – Date Night Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken

Thursday - Chicken & Feta Tabbouleh for me, Walking Taco’s for him.

Friday – Picnic at the bowl, pita chips, hummus, watermelon, veggies leftover Chicken & Feta Tabbouleh, and wine :)

Saturday – Trip to the beach!!!

Sunday – Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 


Monday-Teach Kickboxing
Tuesday- 3mile run + Circuit Training
Wednesday- 4 mile run
Thursday- 5 mile run+ Circuit Training
Friday- Boot camp
Saturday- 10+ mile run

I am really trying to stick to “Making the Cut” with Jillian, I wish I could do exactly what she wants me to do, but time and running does not allow me to do so, but I am trying. I also am going to cut back on the sweets this week, somehow they have been creeping a lot more then normal!!!

I will announce the winner of my Anniversary Giveaway first thing in the morning!!

Hope you all had a wonderful and refreshing weekend, tomorrow we start a new beginning to a wonderful week!


Mandy said...

Great meals and work outs!

Do you have a "method" for planning your meals? I finally sat down today and planned things out... honestly, the first time in a few years that I made myself do that, too! But I was so frazzled.. I felt all over the place with it! I'm thinking once I get back into the groove of it, it will be easier... but I was a mess today!

And I'm with you on the sweets! I am going to join you this week on cutting back! I've had TONS of sugar in the past two weeks!

Matt said...

I don't really plan meals. I eat what I get a craving for and sometimes things come up. A friend might want to go out or something. I live on the edge!

Betsy said...

I love your typed grocery lists... so organized! I usually have 2 or 3 post its stuck together that I've collected throughout the week as I plan meals.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some intense planning! And 2 dollars for 4 avocados? That's a steal

Mica said...

Love your Sunday planning and prep! You're so organized (and speedy)!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am absolutely obsessive when it comes to planning anything. It is my specialty!

Becky said...

That is a great idea to plan your meals for the week. I feel like that would save my boyfriend and I the 20 min. deciding what we're going to have! haha. I would probs stray a lot though, as I might crave something totally different. Different folks different strokes right? :)

I'm with ya on the sweets, I need to cut back!

mgaltier said...

Yep, I prep!!! On Sundays DH & I usually make sure we have everything in place to have healthful meals during the week, which usually means having stuff to take for lunches and to heat or quickly cook for dinner.

Today I made a baked pasta dish, ginger-carrot soup, roasted veggies, and banana bread. The soup, veggies, and pasta were meals today and will provide a couple more lunches during the week. I also packed tomorrow's lunch (salad and turkey sandwich) and soaked some mung beans for sprouting. I usually bake a loaf of sandwich bread on Sunday, too, but we still had some left from a loaf I baked late last week. DH usually does things like cut up any big fruits that need it--e.g., cantaloupe or watermelon. He'll also cook sometimes, too. Last Sunday he made a great Pad Thai that was Sunday lunch and Monday dinner.

We also hit the Asian market yesterday (seaweed salad, squid salad, and kabocha!) and did the usual grocery run. We've also done 4 loads of laundry today and cleaned cat boxes.

We're usually pressed for time on weeknights, so things run much more smoothly if we can get these chores done on Sunday. Plus, I typically go to the gym right after work, so I'm starved when I walk in the door, and I want something that will come together quickly. We also usually cook things like skettie sauce and beans in big batches and freeze small quantities for quick meals.

And yes, I realize that things will come up and we'll end up going out or to a friend's house at least once a week. I really enjoy these nice surprise outings. However, I also like having a rough plan for the week; I feel like it helps me control my waistline and my wallet, both of which need to be watched!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

wow! you're good! I definately need to prep more!

Leianna said...

I love how everything is planned out, makes it easier during the week. I need to start planning out meals!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Groceries!! Looking forward to seeing your meals for the week!! :-)