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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Monster

Good morning friends :) Thank you so much for the kind words about my last post, you guys are too great!

This morning I couldn’t wait to make my Green Monster, it’s one of the things I crave when I am on  vacation.

monday 001

I topped it with a little unsweetened coconut for fun :) 

monday 003

This week I am taking my running and circuit training up a level. I haven’t been running more then 6+ miles a week and the Wild West Relay is only a couple weeks away!! I will be running a total of 19 miles in some killer terrain.

So here’s the plan:

Monday: PM: Teach Kickboxing
Tuesday: AM: 4-5 mile run , PM: Circuit Training
Wednesday: AM: 3 mile run, PM: Pilates+3 mile Run
Thursday: Circuit Training + Mini Track Workout
Friday: Boot camp
Saturday: 10-12 mile run
Sunday: Teach Kickboxing 

miss my early morning runs :) I know this seems intense, but I need to get my butt back into the groove!!! I

Do you crave any type of exercise?


Molly said...

I truly crave running, I could do cardio every day time permitting! I'm trying to force myself to do some yoga or stregth traing as I'm rehabbing a pulled hamstring, but nothing beats that sweaty feeling of accomplishment after a loooong run!

Jessica said...

Such a pretty green monster!

I crave running, especially when I don't do it enough!

brandi said...

beautiful smoothie :)

i've been craving running lately and it's just not happening! between the crappy weather and getting ready for our trip, it's just been hard to go.

I'm hoping that once we get back, we can get back on a somewhat normal schedule.

Tami said...

i love to lift weights but now that i am training for my (first!) marathon in october, weight lifting/strength training has gone out the window. i am going to try the 30 day shred a few days a week at home and see how it goes.

Andee (Runtolive) said...

I love doing cardio and now that I'm on a running hiatus until training season starts back up again, I have been exploring so many other cross-training activities that it doesn't make me miss running too much!

Danielle C. said...

I absolutely crave exercise, if I don't get in at least 4 sessions a week of intense exercise I feel sluggish.

It's also my stress relief mechanism. :)

buffmuffy said...

i crave running sometimes and othertimes i crave swimming. but not often enough anymore!

Hallie (Healthy Twists) said...

I crave cardio too...not anything specific really, just something that works up a good sweat! I also crave yoga when I feel all tight, but I've been slacking on that a lot lately :-(

RunToFinish said...

ok so I finally made it through 6 miles this weekend. fingers crossed I can kick my own ass and get this dumb injury to stop so I am fully able to do my portion of the WWR!!!

Katie A. said...

Actually, I think my body, mind and soul actually needs me to run! I not only crave it but I demand it! My hubbs can tell when I haven't run, too! He'll tell me to go for a run! HA!
Just read your post on your romantic weekend, looks like you two had a blast! Congrats on 2 years! :)

Lacey Nicole said...

yeahh! way to pump it up:) i would like to work out with you for a week. i would be SORRRRRE! :)

Matt said...

Haha I crave running every single day.

Niki said...

I definitely crave running! My body just feels so wonderful and refreshed after my morning runs!! I love it!

marathonmaiden said...

i guess running is a pretty standard answer. i crave swimming too but i rarely get to indulge!

Lauren said...

My name is Lauren and I'm a running addict. :)

Once you become so use to running everyday, your body really craves it. But I do savor my "rest" days too! :)

GOod luck on your intense workout week. Be sure to get lots of sleep to keep up your energy.

Take care darling!

Anonymous said...

my sister and i just picked up the jillian michael's book. saw that you're doing 'circuit training' this week. how are you liking it?

roseyrebecca said...

Mmmm Lemon Cilanto Hummus. I'm drooling thinking about it!

heyitstay said...

Of course! I crave runs :-) I also sometimes crave swimming. And if I haven't done an intense cardio sesh in a while, I definitely crave sweating ;-) haha