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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lunch Dates + Birthday Dinner + Wine Bar!

Evening friends :) , it is currently 10:20pm and I have an early circuit workout at the gym tomorrow so this is going to have to be quick!

Today for lunch Hubby and I decided to have a “lunch date” at the creek :)


We hiked down to the perfect little spot in the breezy shade, best lunch date ever! I brought leftovers, so I was pretty excited! This turkey sausage is super easy to make, cut it up, throw in a sauce pan and cook with organic BBQ sauce!


Hubby, always keeping hydrated!


I have been bringing watermelon to work everyday for the girls to snack on, a better choice then cookies or candy!


My Hubby’s coworker Evan does not make the same choices :( But I still love him!


After work I quickly hustled over to my dear friend Carly’s house, to help her set up for our friend Jen’s birthday dinner. We decided to make it a festive Italian birthday dinner celebration. We cooked stuffed shells, Caesar salad, and French bread.

The Chefs


The decor






Carly is amazing. She came up with a quick and easy ice-cream cake!!! She layered the pan with cookies and cream ice-cream sandwiches, then topped with cool whip, and then sprinkled with Oreo pieces!! It was amazing!!!


After dinner we headed to the new wine bar in town called, Time In a Bottle.

1 054

It was a casual yet nice wine bar, very chill.

1 046

Hubby contemplated on what we should order, then Evan decided for all of us. Thanks Evan :)

1 052

I had two small glasses, first one was a Friends.Red.

1 058

Second one, which I didn’t finish was a Syrah. I like Syrah’s, but I have to work in the morning :)

1 059

Classic Bobbi face, one tired girl tonight!

1 062

Alright, time to hit the hay. I am getting excited about the weekend!! Only one more day until our romantic anniversary get-away!!!

If you have celebrated an anniversary share an event/gift that you treasured the most??

Nite Nite


buffmuffy said...

HAHA The pic of your hubby's coworker is hilarious !!! LOL!

Matt said...

I love stuffed shells!

Jessica said...

That dinner looks great - especially dessert. Yum!

Mica said...

Your lunch date is adorable!

redhead75 said...

You two are cute :)

I have celebrated 9 anniversaries and the 10th one is next month! The one I remember the most is when we went to Niagra Falls. It was so romantic and we typically aren't the romantic type. Plus there was a Hershey's store ;)

Of course I remember cutting the top of our wedding cake on our first anniversary too!

brandi said...

what a fun day! I love having lunch dates :) and dinner looks great!

this past May, hubby and I went to a log cabin on our anniversary and it was so much fun - no one else, in the quiet of the forest with our own little cabin. It really made me want my own cabin!

Dee said...

Every anniversary, my husband and I light our unity candle from our wedding as we dance together for the number of minutes of the years we've been married. So this year we danced 17 minutes (well, a little more until the special songs we've selected to dance to ends) because we've been married for 17 years! It's super romantic and my very favorite part of every anniversary.

Have Anniversary!

marathonmaiden said...

cute lunch date. from what i can see, you work at such a beautiful place!

Spencer's said...

Hey Bobbi,
Where is the new wine bar?

Laura said...

I love your blog. You're a good cook and super fast! I hope you don't mind if I follow you to learn some of your running secrets.