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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It’s About Time

This morning I got in an unanticipated 13 mile run!! Let’s back up a little..

Last night I was going to grill up some yummy salmon and chicken, but then I got a call from Hubby letting me know he had a friend over that may stick around for dinner. I decided to pull out the #1 Wifey Card and pick up some pizza and beers :).


Then I called some more friends to come and join us, quite the impromptu Friday night dinner, I loved it! I had two pieces of veggie pizza with pineapple and no cheese. I also made a quick garden salad for balance.

monday 023

I tried a Fat Tire for the first time, not to shabby!

Fat Tire History:

Named in honor of our founder Jeff's bike trip through Belgium, Fat Tire Amber Ale marks a turning point in the young electrical engineer's home brewing. Belgian beers use a far broader palette of ingredients (fruits, spices, esoteric yeast strains) than German or English styles. Jeff found the Belgian approach freeing. Upon his return, Jeff created Fat Tire and Abbey Belgian Ale, (assuming Abbey would be his big gun). He and his wife, Kim traveled around sampling their homebrews to the public. Fat Tire's appeal quickly became evident. People liked everything about it. Except the name. Fat Tire won fans is in its sense of balance: toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness.

monday 024

After dinner I went downtown to meet up with an old friend to have coffee, it was so nice to sit outside and just chat. We ended up talking for three hours and which meant I went to bed 11pm and I had a 4:30am wake up call!! I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!

It took everything in me to meet up with my running group at 5am to run 10 miles. Well somehow I ended up running with Fast Franny and we did 13 miles of HILLS!!! Good thing my Garmin died because I wasn’t staring at it wondering when we would be finishing. I felt ok, my legs were super tight. I haven’t run more then 6 miles in about a month so it was most needed especially since I will be running the Wild West Relay in less then 13 days from now!!

For those of you who don't know about WWR, here's the rundown:

  • 200 miles, 24 hours
  • 12 runners per team
  • 36 legs total
  • 3 legs per runner
  • From Fort Collins, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO
  • 2 SUV's packed with granola bars, peanut butter, stinky people & G (that would be Gatorade now apparently)
  • Lots 'o hills
  • Lots 'o elevation
  • Really, really challenging terrain but it promises to pretty amazing

I will tell you all more about the race soon, right now I have to get ready to meet my BFF Danielle for Brunch at Martha Greens .We may even do a little shopping :).

Have a terrific SATURDAY FRIENDS!!!

Oh ya I did get a little something from Starbucks after the run, to hold me over before brunch!

Banana Chocolate Vivanno Smoothie with added espresso!


Gotta Run!


RunToFinish said...

I made it through 8.5 this morning!!! I am now offically ready for WWR...let's just hope I mentally keep myself there...way to go on your run!

Amy said...

Good job on the 13 miles! Wow! I hope you're stretching like a crazy person, haha, I would be tight too after running that much on hills. You are so good though...you'll be ready for that race, which looks like a lot of fun!!

Jessica said...

Good job on the 13 miles this morning! I did 7 and I'm pretty tired.

That race sounds like a ton of fun - I can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

I made an amazing veggie pizza last night and I'm never ordering in again!! The smoothie from Starbucks looks good but I was a little put off by the sugar count!

Lacey Nicole said...

WAY TO GO BOBBI! that run musta been super hard, but boy are you tough :) one tough cookie. i love that you refueled with banana choc vivanno w/ espresso- one of my faves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i didn't realize the wwr started in fort collins!!!!! that's where my first half-marathon was last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's beautiful there, such a small town, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Danielle C. said...

Way to go Bobbi! The Wild West Relay sounds insanely fun (or maybe just insane? ;)).

Anonymous said...

oh my that relay sounds crazy..
great job on the 13 miles with hills! awesome! I can't wait to run that many ... lol.

Island Girl Eats said...

Good job on your 13 mile run. I find that some of my best long runs have been after very little sleep, a bit too much alcohol and eating crappy! Go figure?!!

Sassy Molassy said...

Wild West Relay sounds fun. Found you through trials of training, btw. I'm running the Hood 2 Coast Relay, which sounds similar. It's about 200 miles. You have 12 team members. Each has two legs of the race. So much fun! I need to ramp up my mileage here soon. The race is the end of August!