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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Mini Vacay part II: Running,Hiking,and the Beach

On to Saturday! After the wonderful evening with friends, I knew it was going to be hard to get up for my Saturday club run. I met the group at 5am for a 5 mile run. I still can’t believe I even made it out of bed with only 4 hours of sleep! The run was actually pretty decent, but I was sleepy by the end. As if running wasn’t enough I had a 4 mile hike with my bootcamp ladies!

moms birthday 059

We had such a lovely climb up, even though I was falling asleep half way up there;) 

moms birthday 020

I am so proud of these girls for getting up so early, when I was in high school you couldn’t have paid me to wake up at 6am on a Saturday! 

moms birthday 060

We all brought up a little something for a potluck breakfast. Once again we all brought the same thing:) But it was all delicious!  I needed some protein ASAP!

moms birthday 116 moms birthday 036

moms birthday 118

After the hike, Hubby and I met up at my Mom’s house to head out for our Birthday(moms) Beach Weekend!! As soon as we got their I did this…

moms birthday 050 moms birthday 121

 ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!! I love laying on the beach and not worrying about anything. Everyone else grubbed a little but I wanted to SLEEP!

moms birthday 043

What a beautiful day it turned out to be. 
 moms birthday 017

When I got up from napping, I had some carrots, “punch” and I munched on a few other things that I didn’t get photos of. I was trying to make as many good choices as possible, but it’s not easy!

moms birthday 061 moms birthday 125












After about 4 hours at the beach we went to go check into our hotel room, which was right next to the beach. The rooms were so nice and very modern. I wanted to just crawl into the bed, man I was tired!

moms birthday 106

Loved the HUGE shower and tub!

 moms birthday 062

I took a bath in this for sure!

moms birthday 123

These chairs were so cute, beachy yet modern and adorable! 

moms birthday 097

We had friends who stayed right next door. 

moms birthday 015

After we took showers and got all spruced up we went out for Mamas Birthday Dinner! My Mom wanted to got to the Huntington Beach Brewery, because she wanted to watch the fight. I am not a big fan of MMA, so I just enjoyed the evening with my wonderful Hubby. 

moms birthday 046

The Birthday Girl! 

moms birthday 148 


moms birthday 009

By this time I was starving! Not a good idea, because instead of a “real dinner” I had a nacho appetizer with the table!!

moms birthday 077

They forgot about my pizza that I ordered so I ended up eating half of Hubby’s sweet potato fries and getting too full for my pizza when it came.

moms birthday 057

This was all so GOOD, but I knew that my tummy was going to hate me later! I also had a glass of one of their infamous beers(can’t remember the name of it). It was ok, nothing special.

moms birthday 018

After dinner we went out dancing! It was so much fun, Hubby and I called it a night early because I was about to fall asleep at 11pm! I know I am quite the old lady sometimes but I couldn’t help it. I made sure I drank lot’s of water and didn’t drink any alcohol after the beer at dinner, because I didn’t want to fell yucky the next day!!!  I knew if anything I was going to have a food hangover!!

What a fun first day at the beach, stay tuned for more….


Jessica said...

The beach looks so relaxing and the sweet potato fries looked delicious! Looks like a great day!

Brandi said...

nice mini vacay! looks like you're having great weather, which is always good.

that stinks they forgot your pizza!

Christy said...

You and your mom look so much alike! And I can't believe she likes MMA. My husband is a huge fan so I have to watch it a lot too. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

Denise said...

I'm heading to the beach for a day this week and can't wait!! Love the beach!

Danica's Daily said...

What a fun Mini Vacay! I LOVED reading both parts I & II. Glad you had a fantastic time and enjoyed some much needed relaxation.

I don't think I could've resisted the nachos or sweet potato fries either - YUM!

Amy said...

Ohh man, am I jealous of your beach day! I think we could all use a little R&R on the beach, with a lovely hotel bed to sleep in!! So pretty! :)

Nobel4Lit said...

I've been reading your "mini-vacay" posts and am totally jealous! Looks like some good, healthy fun. Love the hotel pics by the way... very beautiful!

Miz said...

SOOO loving living vicariously through all this.
and Im with you.

There is ZERO WAY Id have gotten up for bootcamp when I was in highschool


Matt said...

Ah I wish I had access to a beach!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

oh man I wish I were on that beach right now---sleeping :-)

Looks like a blast!

You and your mom are two gorgeous ladies! :-)

Anonymous said...

omg i need a mini vaca like yours! and way to go to the high schoolers for getting up at SIX for bootcamp!