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Monday, June 15, 2009

My Mini Summer Vacay Has Come to an End

What a wonderful three days! From wine tasting to hiking, lazy beach days and today I laid by the pool in Palm Springs and got PAID for it because it was our staff retreat!

Let me take you back to yesterday’s beach trip ending! We slept in until 9am!!! Latest I have slept in, in forever!!! First things firs I had my Starbucks and said good bye to our beautiful room and the view! Thanks MOM:)

moms birthday 152

After checking out of the hotel we went in search of some good morning eats! We decided to try Killarney Pub & Grill, were “Irish” why not?!


I ordered the Spanish Omelet. It had many substitutions, all egg whites,no cheese and extra tomatoes. It came topped with salsa and yummy avocado! I tried to be good but it came with Irish potatoes, how could I turn these down!

. 3

After a very filling breakfast we headed back to the beach to do some more lounging!

moms birthday 016

I did a lot of reading;) 

moms birthday 079

I was soon inspired to do a little Bikini Body Workout! 

moms birthday 107

moms birthday 040

moms birthday 127 

Hubby was not as inspired;)

moms birthday 027 

For lunch I was craving FRUIT and something HEALTHY! So we went over the Jamba and I got a Regular Berry Fulfilling Smoothie and some how it came in a LARGE, no complaints here!

moms birthday 080

We said goodbye to the beach and headed out to our last Mini Vacay meal! My Mom wanted Seafood so we tried out Crabby’s , she had heard it was pretty good.

moms birthday 115

I wanted fish and some veggies, this was a very easy choice!

moms birthday 085

I went with the Ahi Ahi burger with more substitutions of course. I changed the bun to sourdough bread, and had it dry leaving the tarter side on the side. Instead of french fries I asked for veggies, oh this tasted soooo amazing! It’s funny how my body craves fruits and veggies if I deprive it, you could say I am addicted!

moms birthday 082

I was sad to leave the beach but today I got to go right back to lounging in Palm Springs! At the end of the year our whole staff takes a retreat to Palm Springs to relax and unwind after a crazy busy year!!!

Some of us first laid out in the pool, and then I got restless go figure and decided to be adventuriouse! Two other teachers and I decided to go for a 4 mile walk to get some ice-cream!!!


We had heard how Lappert’s gourmet ice-cream shop is a wonderful Hawaiian treat! Lappert's Ice Cream is classified as "Super Premium" which means it is the smoothest, richest tasting Ice Cream money can buy! We were all about it, especially after our hour walk in the 90 degree heat!!!


There were so many flavors it was soooo hard to choose!!! I sampled like every flavor before deciding to go with the Cinnamon Carmel, and Kaui Pie!



Great choices!


We enjoyed our ice-cream on the patio and then headed home!


Wowzers it’s been a great three day weekend!!! I got home early today and was able to clean house!!! I love vacations, but I hate all the laundry and cleaning that comes when I get home:( I am glad the house is clean because now I can relax, well after I teach kickboxing tonight!

I will be back to regular posting tomorrow. I have some exciting news to share with you all tomorrow morning so stay tuned!!! Can’t wait to catch up on all of your blogs, what’s going on in the blog world?!

P.S. Did you do your squats,pushups, and sit-ups today?!!! How’s the challenge going out there???!


janetha said...

ahhh i LOVE lapperts! i go every time i am in hawaii. i didn't know they had any locations other than hawaii.. maybe i will have to take a trip ;)

i love that you did a workout at the beach!

Croughwell said...

I have never heard of Lapperts and never knew we had some in Hawaii. I will have to find one.

Niki said...

What a fun filled weekend! The ice cream looks GREAT!

Anonymous said...

The ice cream looks especially amazing! What a great day!

Christy said...

I just met a guy who plays the bagpipes at Killarney's! What a small world! And we used to have Lappert's in Hawaii all the time. YUM!

Mica said...

Sounds like a great mini-vacay, especially the ice cream and the BEACH!

Melody said...

The challenge is going great for myself and my husband. The push-ups are so hard for both of us! When we finally finish our push-up sets, we collapse on the floor laughing at how weak we are! :-) But, we can feel ourselves getting stronger, so we love it!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

looks like a blast! so funny! we just left palm springs sunday. we were there for our 5 year anniversary for the weekend!

Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

Those ice cream flavors sound incredible.

I'm glad you had a nice mini vacation!! And I love your beach workout! I'd work out all the time if I could do it with such a lovely backround :D

Anonymous said...

Another amazing time. Super cute bathing suit. All the food looked so good too, especially the ice cream!

RunToFinish said...

looks like a fantastic vacation! You come up with some very creative ideas and I love it!

i have a jamba juice $5 card I'll give you in august cause we don't have them here

Jessica said...

Your mini-vacation makes me so jealous! I want to go swimming and to the beach right now! Silly Indiana! :)

I looooove Jamba Juice and the Berry Fulfilling is SO good!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Looks like you had a great time! haha I love that you did the "bikini beach workout" ON the beach! :)

Nobel4Lit said...

Sounds like it was a great time. I hear Jamba has a new blackberry smoothie. I can't wait to try it.

Brandi said...

what a fun mini vacay! that ice craem sounds awesome!

Fitzalan said...

Hehe, I always taste all the flavors at ice cream shops before I can chose. My husband wants to kill me!

I have done my situps and pushups. WOOZERS! It is definitely a challenge and I am definitely already seeing some definition in my abs. They feel rock solid on the sides already! Can't wait to see what they look like by the time I hit 200!

Happiness Awaits

Fitnessista said...

looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!
haha i love that you did the bikini workout on the beach- my hubby would have been crashed out, too :D
have a great day!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

So awesome!! Looks like you had a super amazing time!!

Matt said...

Sounds like a great end to a great weekend!