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Monday, June 1, 2009

SDRNR Part III: The Celebration

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All weekend I had been saying how all I wanted after the race is some GOOD Mexican food and a giant Margarita! I actually never eat Mexican food when we go out, because I am always afraid of what might be in it. I also rarely get Margarita's because that’ how I gained 20 pounds in college, but I just ran 26.2  miles, so I didn’t care!!!

After taking a super fast shower and checking out of the Hostel, we picked up Derek and Meghann and met up with my Aunt and Uncle  at the Old Town Mexican CafĂ©.


There was a little bit of a wait when we arrived so we hit up the street for some homemade tortillas made right in front of us!


Fred’s is really good, and I just love me some warm and gooey tortillas!


In celebration of the marathon I began my meal with a Mango Margarita and a few chips and salsa!!





Derick and Meghann, aren’t they so cute!!! Look Meg’s has a halo over her head!!


For dinner I was super indecisive and finally decided to go with a wet Lobster burrito(minus the cheese). When they brought out my jaw dropped because it was the size of my forearm, seriously!


The burrito was actually a little bit of a let down for me, it was too salty for my taste, and the lobster was not that flavorful. Oh well I ate half and then Hubby gave me some bites of his chicken burrito, which was AMAZING!

I was so excited that I didn’t eat my whole meal because that left me with some room for dessert! Amanda and Meghann, had never had self serve ForYo, and here in CA it is a staple. On Saturday night we saw Yogurtland in Little Italy and we headed straight there so these ladies could have their first slef serve experience!!!


It’s pretty simple you grab a cup and fill it with a mix of any yogurt and topping you want and then pay for the ounce.


I of course sampled every flavor!!! I ended up getting 3 different kinds, Double Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Wafer Cookies n Cream & Peanut Butter fro-yo with Almond Slivers, Strawberries, Brownie Bites, and a little peanut butter cups.


We all sat around chatting with each other and our significant others about the race. It was so nice hearing them talk about their experience and being excited to already be ready for their next! After the Fro-Yo it was sadly time to say our good byes.


It was one of the most amazing racing weekends I have ever experienced, these ladies are truly amazing and beautiful inside and out! I am so glad that I got to do this race, and I can not wait to run again with Amanda in the Wild West Relay in August, and hope to do another race with Meghann in Florida one day!

Once again I want to thank Ashley and my blogger sponsors; Kristin, Melissa,Leslie,Sara,Jennifer,Monica,Lacey,Shannon,Danica, and Janetha for supporting me financially in this race, it meant the world to me!!!!

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@RanchoVibe said...

Excellent blog Bobbi. Thanks for sharing your journey on this marathon. I liked the tip you gave when going up the steep hill, to keep arms down, take shorter steps, and look down (I think that's what it was). There's a great hike trail at the base of Mt. Baldy in the Claremont Hills that has some steep areas that I have trouble on. After each mile I take a breather and look up. Seems the path keeps getting steeper and steeper. Frustrating. Great blog though. Enjoyed reading it.


thanks Rancho! I would love to check out those Claremont hills!!!!

Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

Congratulations, Bobbi! I loved reading about your marathon experience :)

The self-serve place looks really cool!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again. I think it was so nice that you helped pace Meghann. Great report.

Meghann said...

*Cough* Disney *cough* January 10th *Cough* ;)

I had SOOOOO much FUN with your this weekend! Thanks for running the race with me! You are just as amazing in person as you are on your blog! Remember you always have a friend in florida so come visit any time!!!

Island Girl Eats said...

I loved reading about your marathon adventure. Well done!

Rose said...

Your recaps are great!! I have really enjoyed reading - and I loved the vid you and Meghann did together. Great job!

Lacey Nicole said...

what a GREAT recap!!!!!!!!!! omygosh you are SO tech savvy bobbi!! i can't get over your phone on teh race course, lol. i'm so glad i could help get you there!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo!!!! :) i love all your pictures too and your food commentary is hilarious (matching your forearm seriously that burrito is huge! l,ol!). :) congrats on a wonderful weekend!!!

Brandi said...

great recaps :) I love reading about this from different viewpoints, and I'm glad you guys had such a great time and great race!

MaryBe said...

Thanks for the recap! You are amazing!

Pearl said...

love the photos!

Matt said...

Wow a lobster burrito? Never would have thought of that! Sorry it was a let down though. At least you made up for it with some fro yo!

Danica's Daily said...

I LOVED reading all the recaps ~ You did a great job at the race and sharing the experiencing with all of us :)